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Two Halloween stories are on this page.
The second is the darker sequel to the first.

"Never Monkee Around with a Monster"

By: Mickys411 and Lisa   Rated PG

It was Halloween night, and the guys had planned to go to the amusement park that evening.

They loved to go, but due to expenses, the fellas could rarely afford to visit.

However, Peter told them that if they go to the park in costume, they get in for free.

A few days before the event, the guys all went to get costumes at the local shop, except for Mike, because he thought it was rather silly for four grown men to dress up for Halloween.

He then thought since he could get in without paying, he went along with the game.

Unfortunately, Mike waited until the last minute to get a costume, and told the others that they couldn't see it till Halloween.

And tonight was the night.

Micky was the first to be ready to go.

He slid down the staircase with a perfect landing, and went to the nearest mirror to see how his werewolf costume looked.

He then let out a loud howl, when he was satisfied with the way he looked.

"Hooooowwwwwwwl! Micky yelled, “Man do I look creepy or what?"

"Not half as scary as me, blah," said Davy walking down the stairs dressed as Dracula.

He had a bit of trouble talking with the fake fangs in his mouth.

Just then, Peter hopped down the steps in his rabbit costume.

"Out of all the costumes in the shop and you choose that one? It's not scary at all," said Micky.

"Don't listen to him Peter, it brings out your personality," said Davy.

"Thanks, Davy," said Peter fixing his ears.

Davy then called Mike, who was in the bathroom, getting ready.

"Come on Mike, let's get going."

"I've changed my mind, I'm staying home," Mike said poking his head out of the door.

"But the park won't be fun without you." said Peter.

"You guys aren't seeing what I'm seeing."

"Come on Mike, it can be as bad as it seems." said Micky.

It took a few minutes, but Mike decided to show his costume anyway.

He went downstairs, where the guys got to see his Princess costume.

Davy, Peter and Micky stood in silence for a few moments before they burst out laughing.

"Come on fellas, give me a break, said Mike, This was the only thing they had in my size."

After about 15 minutes of laughing, give or take a second, the guys went downtown to the amusement park.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

When the guys got to the ticket booth, a lot of people, including the ticket seller, gave them an odd look.

The guys looked to see that the people their age were dressed in regular clothes, while only the kids were in costume.

Mike cleared his throat, and went up to get the tickets.

"Four tickets please," he said to the ticket seller.

"That will be 40 dollars miss," the ticket seller.

"No, this is my costume, and I thought if guests wear costumes, they get in free."

"I think you mis-read the sign."

The ticket seller pointed to a sign on top of the ticket booth's window in which it said "Halloween night- guest under 13 who come in costume get in free"

Just then, the guys came over to see what was going on.

Mike explained the situation to them.

After that, they turned their heads to Peter, who gave them a sorry I made a mistake smile.

Micky, Mike and Davy shook their heads at Peter, disgusted. They really wanted to go into the park. It seems they had wasted their few dollars on costumes for nothing! The ticket seller started talking quietly to another man, the owner of the amusement park, Mr. Karloff. Mr. Brian Karloff was an older man with graying hair and always seemed to be looking through you, not at you, when he spoke. He gave the ticket seller the creeps, but Karloff signed his paycheck, so he said nothing. Right now, he was eyeing the four Monkees with interest.

"Who are those boys?" Karloff asked in a deep voice. "Why are they dressed like that in public?"

"We…well Mr. Karloff, they thought the 'wear a costume, get in free tonight' was for everyone, not just kids under thirteen." The ticket seller stammered.

"No, how could they make such a mistake?" Karloff answered. He turned his attention to Peter in his rabbit costume. Such a nice innocent-looking boy... "They must be looking to work here tonight." Louder he said "Hey young fellows, come here!"

The Monkees looked over and gave Karloff a 'who us?' look and walked over to the ticket booth.

"My name is Karloff, Brian Karloff, the owner of this amusement park.

"How…how do you do?" Micky replied. Man, this guy is creepy. He thought to himself. A quick glance to the others told him they felt the same.

"Are you related to Boris Karloff?" Peter asked.

Karloff gave Peter an understanding smile. Such innocence...perfect. "No, son, we're just good friends. I noticed you four had misread the advertisement about the costumes...

"Actually, it was my fault." Peter said quietly, looking down.

"No, that's quite all right. It would seem such a shame for the four of you to have wasted your money on costumes and not be allowed in. It turns out that four of my workers failed to show up tonight. If the four of you want to, you can work in their places. I'll pay each of you $10 apiece...the cost of admission for just a few hours simple work, and you can stay in costume. How about it?"

"Can we talk it over for a minute?" Mike asked. He didn't like the way Karloff looked at Peter.

"Of course, take your time."

The four men walked a short distance away.

"I don't like this at all." Mike said as soon as they were out of earshot. "This Karloff guy gives me the creeps."

"Same here," Davy replied, "But here's a chance to make some money and use our costumes."

"Davy's right." Micky said, "We haven't had a gig in a few weeks and we really don't have anyplace else to go tonight except back to the pad and watch monster movies."

Mike glanced back at Karloff, who was looking over at them with a benign smile on his face.

"I don't know...Karloff seems weird." Mike said.

"I think he's just a nice old man trying to help us out." Peter said with a smile on his face. "It would've been hard to ride on the rides with these costumes on anyway."

"C'mon Mike, it'll only be for a few hours." Micky said lightly, "When the park closes, we'll still have some time to find a party or three."

"And find a girl or three…” Davy said.

"OK, let's do it." Mike said, not totally convinced, but if he had to wear a silly princess costume, he might as well get paid for it. "But let’s try to stay in pairs at least and we'll meet back at the gate when the park closes. Agreed?"

"Agreed!" Micky, Davy and Peter said together.

As the four walked back to Mr. Karloff, a slight rain began to fall.

"OK, Mr. Karloff, we'll do it."

Mr. Karloff flashed a big smile. This was most excellent indeed! "Very good, boys! Follow me." Karloff walked past the ticket booth and the Monkees followed. The ticket seller went back to his job, relieved that Mr. Karloff was gone. He just hoped he treated those four guys better than the ones that had quit earlier today

Just then, Mr. Karloff came back with a piece of paper in his hand.

"Here you go boys," he said handing the sheet to Mike.

"Excuse me Mr. Karloff, but what's this?" he asked.

"Oh, this is just telling you were you'll be entertaining the guests this evening.

"Well, I'll entertain at the kissing booth," said Davy.

"Not if I get there first, said Micky, or the bumper cars, just surprise me.

"But I like the bumper cars too," said Peter with a playful pout.

"It's says, were going to be spookin' people in the fun house," said Mike.

"What do you boys think about that?" asked Mr. Karloff with a strange grin across his face.

"Sounds groovy to me," said Micky.

"Are you sure there isn't a kissing booth here?" asked Davy before getting a punch on the shoulder by Mike.

"That hurts you know, and you just bruised a gin."

"Bruised a gin, very clever young man," laughed Mr. Karloff while Davy rubbed his shoulder and gave a mock laugh.

"Well gentlemen, I'll see you later to give you your payment."

Mr. Karloff walked away with a laugh.

Micky did a mimic laugh, but stopped, when Mr. Karloff turned back and gave him a stern stare.

"Well, come on fellas, said Mike, let's get to the fun house."

"I don't think I'm gonna like this," said Peter who was starting to get nervous.

"Peter, fun houses are…," said Micky.

"Not me, I had a bad experience with one many years ago."

"What happened," asked Davy.

"I got lost in one for 3 hours, it was scary running into those green shields."

"Uh, Peter that's a garden maze, not a fun house," said Micky.

"Then in that case, I'm not scared anymore."

"Oh Peter," sighed Davy rolling his eyes.

At that moment, the guys arrived at the fun house.

They were greeted by a person dressed as a clown.

"Uh, hi,” said Mike, “We’re here to entertain at the fun house."

"There must be some mistake, Mr. K told me to work here," said the man dressed in the clown suit.

"No, here's the paper telling us where to go."

Mike handed the sheet to the funny clothed worker.

"I like the costume," said Peter.

"Yea, whatever, manager said to wear this, and by the way, you guys are supposed to be at the haunted house, not the fun house."

The not so clownish employee pointed to a spooky looking place in the left direction.

"Guys, I'm feeling scared again," said Peter looking at the creepy house.

The four men started to walk towards the haunted house. They had only gone a few steps when they heard the man in the clown suit call them back. He was now talking to a tall muscular middle-aged man. The Monkees walked back over to them.

"Hello boys," the older man said in a deep voice, "I'm Mr. Chaney, Louis Chaney, in charge of the fun house. I just found out I'm a few workers shy. Why don't you two.." Chaney pointed to Peter and Mike, "Come with me and work in the fun house. You're dressed for the parts anyway, while you other two head over to the haunted house."

The Monkees looked at each other. They didn't really want to be separated, but they had to do what the boss told them. Peter looked relieved, though, so that convinced the others that it would be OK. Mike would be with Peter anyway, to (hopefully) keep him out of trouble.

"Sure, Mr. Chaney." Peter said cheerfully, "Oh, are you related to Lon Chaney?"

"No, we're just good friends." Mr. Chaney replied patiently.

"See you guys soon." Davy said with a wave as he and Micky walked over to the haunted house.

"This way boys." Chaney said with a wave of his hand, indicating that he wanted Peter and Mike to go into the funhouse first. Peter and Mike did so, and so didn't notice Chaney look behind him and nod to Karloff, who had been hiding behind the funhouse sign. Karloff smiled and nodded back. Now there was only one other with the innocent one the others called Peter. Karloff walked off toward the haunted house.

Micky and Davy slowly walked over to the haunted house. The crowds got larger as they got nearer. It seems this was the main attraction tonight. No surprise, since it was Halloween night. They walked over a drawbridge and over to a guy dressed as a mummy standing near the door.

"Hi there!" Micky said, "We're the new workers and we were told to come here."

The mummy just growled and pointed inside the door. Micky and Davy got of whiff of musty old rags from the guy.

"Ah, thanks!" Davy said quickly and pushed Micky before him and inside the haunted house. "Boy that guy sure is into his role!" Davy remarked.

"Yeah but his costume needs washed." Micky replied, "Whew!"

They stepped further into the house, careful not to jostle the little kids as they ran inside to be scared. Off to the side, they met a man and a woman dressed as Vampire and a torturer, respectively. Instinctively, Davy looked the woman over, and probably for the first time in his life he was put off by her, frightened, if truth be told. Micky, however, thought she was gorgeous, with her long blond hair tied in a ponytail and her body shown off by the leather clothes she wore. Too bad she's wearing a mask. Micky thought to himself. The woman returned Micky's gaze and seemed to like what she saw too. The vampire brought everybody back down to Earth.

"Good evening, boys," the vampire said slowly, with a slight accent. “My name is Alucard, Ben Alucard, and this is Domina Smith."

"How do you do boys?" Domina said, but kept her eyes on Micky. Davy looked over at Micky. It almost seemed as if Micky had stars in his eyes. But Davy had met many beautiful women and could tell that this one was going to be trouble, and not just because of her costume. He nudged Micky slightly.

"Oh, we're fine, Ma'am." Micky said quickly, "I'm Micky and this is Davy. We were told to report here for work."

"Oh excellent." Alucard smiled, his fangs showing slightly. "We need help down in our dungeon. Domina will show you the way down, and what to do."

"Thanks, Mr. Alucard," Davy said looking at the stone walls, "This really does look like a haunted house. Real stone and all that."

"Oh but this is a real castle." Domina said. "This castle was built by Mr. Karloff's ancestors when they came to California. Come this way."

Domina led Micky and Davy through a door which led down to the dungeon. The two men unconsciously held on to each other as they walked down the steps. They both were thinking the same thing. If this castle is real, would the dungeon be real too? They hoped Peter and Mike were having a better time.

It turns out Mike and Peter was having a much better time at the fun house. Their boss Mr. Chaney seemed to be a nice guy and quickly showed them what to do. Mike was put in a fake castle turret a few feet above ground and played the role of Repunzel. The kids kept asking him to 'let down his hair', but of course his 'hair' was too short. He thanked the kids for trying to rescue him by throwing down candy. At first Mike was embarrassed in his role but he saw how the kids loved it, and quickly got into the swing of things. He put on a high-pitched voice and waved his hanky around. Mike started to have a good time.

Peter was having fun too. His job was to stand outside the entrance to the hall of mirrors. The kids coming through loved his rabbit outfit and Peter acted like a rabbit by hopping up and down and pretending to eat a carrot. What Peter didn't know was that some of the mirrors were two-way, and that Karloff was behind one of them watching Peter's every move. Karloff had just come from the haunted house via a secret tunnel beneath the earth, seeing how the other two new workers were doing. Chaney came up behind his Karloff.

"Everything OK boss?" He asked. "It'll be closing time soon."

"Oh yes," Karloff replied, still watching Peter talking to a small boy. "Everything is prepared in the castle. It must be a sign that someone so...innocent...has come to us. Someone that will finally put all of my dreams into motion!"

"What about his three friends?" Chaney asked, "What do we do with them?"

Karloff smiled evilly. "I'll let you do what you want with the 'Princess'. Drac..I mean Alucard and Domina will take care of the other two. But wait...don't kill the 'Princess' just yet. I might need a hostage in case something goes wrong."

Chaney didn't want to kill Mike at all, but was important that his boss finally get his 'project' done.

"OK, boss. I'll wait 'til its almost closing." Chaney then walked away. Karloff's eyes never left Peter.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Domina led Micky and Davy down some back hallways and into the haunted house's dungeon. Micky and Davy gasped in fright. If this wasn't something straight out of a nightmare, something was wrong. The room was lit with flaming scones and had several instruments of torture strewn around. Skeletons hung in chains on the wall. A brazier fire was lit in the center of the room, next to a rack and a table with straps on it. Something large was covered in one corner of the room, but neither Micky nor Davy could make out what it was. Micky and Davy held on to each other and looked at each other. This place looked TOO real.

"What's wrong boys?" Domina asked, smiling, "Haven't you two ever been in a haunted house?"

"Yea..Yeah, but not like this!" Micky squeaked.

Domina laughed. "Mr. Karloff loves authenticity. This room is a copy of dungeons in castles all over Europe. Now let me show you what to do before more people arrive. Micky, you can crouch on that table and act like a werewolf. Davy, you can stand by the door as people come in and say 'Welcome, may I drink your blood?' or something like that. Something scary."

"Where will you be?" Davy asked.

"Oh, I'll be right upstairs." Domina replied. "I'm rather dressed for the part." She smiled and walked over to Micky. She took Micky's arm and led him over to the table while Davy positioned himself by the door. Micky gingerly got onto the table-it seemed sticky-then crouched down on it.

"Let me hear you howl, wolf man!" Domina asked.

Micky let out a blood-curdling howl.

"How was that?" Micky asked.

"Very good! Wait, I think I hear people coming." Domina walked over to a wall and picked up a whip. She cracked it a few times, making sure it didn't come near Micky. "Don't worry, Micky." She said, seeing the fear in Micky's face, "It’s only for show."

Micky nodded numbly.


Meanwhile, back at the fun house, Mike and Peter were trying to keep the crowds under control.

As a boy about 12 dressed as a pirate was about to enter, he looked up at Mike and said, "Nice costume lady."

The boy laughed and went in.

Peter couldn’t help but snicker at that.

"Very funny, shotgun," sighed Mike.

"Come on, Mike,” said Peter “you had to admit, it was kinda funny."

Just then, a girl about 7 dressed as a princess gave Peter a surprised stare.

"Wow Bugs Bunny, You look taller in person," she said.

"Actually, I'm Peter Cottontail," said Peter.

The girl then screamed ‘Fake!’ then ran into the funhouse.

Now it was Mike's turn to chuckle.

"I hope things are going better for Davy and Micky then they are for us," he said.

Back at the haunted house, Davy and Micky were about to enter the dungeon.

"It's pretty dark down there," said Davy.

"That's not the only thing that's pretty," said Micky looking at Domina.

"Here, let me get some light," she said lighting a torch.

She led the two downstairs.

Micky and Davy couldn't help, but stare at the deep, dark dungeon.

It had a strong smell, worse than the mummy man, covered with cobwebs, and had a creaky staircase.

Domina stopped when they reached the bottom.

"You boys stay here, I'll be back soon," she said going up the stairs.

As soon as Domina went upstairs, the door slammed shut behind her.

Micky and Davy waited for her to come back, but she never returned.

"You know, I have a feeling she tricked us," said Davy.

"No we haven't," said Micky.

"How do you know."

"Look, you’re just jealous, because she noticed me and not you."

"That's not it."

"Look you want to get out, I'll get us out."

Micky climbed up the stairs and tried to open the door, but it was stuck.

He turned the knob, and banged on the door, however, it still wouldn't budge.

Just then, the stairs turned into a slide and Micky slid down back to Davy, landing on his backside.

"Are you OK?" Davy asked him.

"Yeah,” Micky answered, “But do you remember when Mike gave me the cars keys, cuz his costume didn't have pockets."

"Yeah, what about it?"

"I just remembered what pocket I put the keys in."

He then got up and rubbed is rear end.

Back at the fun house, it began to quiet down a bit.

Mike was rubbing his knee, where a child had just kicked him, and Peter was a bit upset, because another kid ripped the tail off his costume.

"Now I can't get the 10 dollar deposit back on my costume," said Peter.

Just then, a woman ran up to them, it was Domina.

"Excuse me, but are you two Mike and Peter?" she asked.

"Yes, we are, said Mike, but who are you?"

"No time to explain, your friends Micky and Davy are in danger."

"Where are they," asked Peter was getting nervous now, which was followed by some hiccups.

"What's with him?" Domina asked.

"He always hiccups, it was getting near closing time, when he's scared," Mike answered.

"Doesn't matter, just come with me."

Peter and Mike followed Domina to the haunted house.

Little did they know, she had something in store for the two.


Mike noticed as his looked his watch. The time seemed to go fast tonight. He had to admit he had fun talking to the kids. He figured Peter, in his rabbit costume, would go over well with the kids too. Finally, Chaney came over to Mike. “Its closing time, Mike." Chaney said. "You and Peter did a fine job."


Davy and Micky frantically searched the dungeon for another way out. The door Domina originally led them through was locked too.

"I don't like this." Davy said, frightened. "Why hold us prisoners?"

"I wish I knew, Davy." Micky replied, trying not to look at all the instruments of torture in the room. He had a sick feeling that all stuff was real too.

Just then, Karloff, Alucard and Chaney came into the dungeon from the door Domina had led them through. They were no longer wearing business suits, but black clothing. Karloff had a white smock over his clothes. Alucard and Chaney were also holding very real-looking guns.

"Hello boys! Glad you could make it!" Karloff cackled.

"What's going on?" Micky demanded. Why can't we leave?"

"We don't want you to find your friends missing and go to the police. Not when I'm so close to finishing my work."

"Missing? What..what have you done to Mike and Peter?" Davy asked, getting very scared now.

"Nothing...yet." Chaney said. "But Domina should be bringing them over here soon, and we can get started!"

"Started on what?" Micky asked.

"Enough questions!" Karloff snarled. "Chain these two up!"

Alucard and Chaney went over to Micky and Davy. Alucard grabbed Micky's arm and forced him over to the rack, while Chaney pushed Davy over to the chains on the wall. Fighting back was out of the question as Alucard and Chaney kept their guns on them at all times. Karloff helped Alucard chain Micky to the rack, and Chaney quickly chained Davy to the wall. Sadistically, Karloff tightened the rack a notch, stretching Micky out tautly.

"That's for imitating my laugh earlier." Karloff snarled, then reached over and roughly pulled part of the fake werewolf hair off Micky's face.

"Ow!" Micky yelped. "You coward! You only pick on people who are helpless!"

Karloff simply shrugged and tightened the rack another notch. Micky gasped in pain.

"Hey boss," Chaney said, "Maybe we should put the short one on the rack instead! He could use a few inches!" Karloff and Alucard laughed.

"Very funny!" Davy growled and spat his fake Dracula fangs at Chaney. They hit Chaney in the eye.

"Oh you wanna play, shorty?" Chaney shoved Davy's head against the wall.

"Enough of that..for now." Karloff intoned, serious again. Let’s get things started."

Satisfied the Micky and Davy were secure, the three men moved over to the covered object on the wall.

"Ah, pretty soon, all my work will be complete!" Karloff cackled. He pulled off the cloth. Davy and Micky gasped.

It was a Frankenstein monster.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

Domina led Mike and Peter into the haunted house.

From the second they stepped inside, not only didn't they like it, but they got a feeling something was fishy to them.

"Come with me gentlemen," said Domina, "I'll take you to your friends.

"Thank you, that's very kind," said Peter.

Mike then leaned over to Peter and whispered into his ear.

"Try not to be too friendly, this seems weird." he said.

"What's that you just said?" wondered Domina.

"Oh, nothing, nothing at all."

Domina stopped at a door, took a key out of her pocket, unlocked the door, and opened it.

"Follow me down here." she said in a wicked tone of voice.

Mike and Peter just shrugged their shoulders and followed her anyway.

The three went downstairs where they were greeted not only by Karloff and Chaney, but Micky and Davy as well.

"Fellas! Are you OK?" Mike said rushing to his friends.

"We're just hanging around you know," said Davy.

"Except for the fact I'm lying on top of the car keys, I'm cool," said Micky.

"Shut up!" Karloff shouted at the two.

"Let me guess," Mike said pointing to Domina, "She led you here?"

Davy and Micky shook their heads in a yes matter.

"What do you think you're doing now?" Chaney asked Davy.

"Well you said we couldn't talk, so we nodded our heads instead." said Davy.

With that, Chaney tightened Davy's chains.

"Oh, me arms, that hurts."

"Hey Chaney, I don't like the way you're acting," said Micky.

"What are you, a talent scout?" asked Chaney.

"Shut up all of you!” Karloff shouted once again . "Or I'll have Frankie get you boys."

"Frankie?" Mike wondered.

"Is it Frank Sin.." said Peter who was interrupted when a giant, green monster approached them.

"That is definitely not the Jolly Green Giant." said a quite surprised Mike.

It was indeed Frankenstein.

Just then, Davy sneezed, but when he covered his mouth, the chains that were attached to the wall broke off.

Everyone gasped in shock.

"It's all fake." said Peter.

Mike looked behind the monster to see that it had a wind up key.

"So much for your so-call Frankenstein," he said.

Micky broke free off the rack as well, but once again, landed on his back end.

"Ow." He said.

"Are you OK there Mick?" Peter asked helping his friend up.

"Yea, never better, except I landed on the car keys again."

"You've ruined everything!" yelled Karloff.

"Let's split!" Mike shouted to the guys.

The guys saw that the door was opened and made their escape.

"Well, don't just stand there," Karloff said to Chaney and Domina, "After them! They're destroying my plans!"

Domina and Chaney headed upstairs, and went off after the guys.

Chaney and Domina ran through the door and after the Monkees. Alucard stayed behind and helped Karloff get the Frankenstein monster back into position. It was almost midnight and it was raining harder than ever, with occasional lightning.

Chaney pulled out his gun and Domina pulled out her whip. She was going to make those men, especially the 'wolf man' suffer for ruining her fun.

"They couldn't have gone far." Chaney whispered to Domina.

"Yes, but lets try to get the one called Peter first. Karloff seems to want him the most."

The Monkees had run over to the main door of the haunted house, only to find it locked, and the drawbridge pulled up.

"Oh man, we're stuck now!" Micky said, rubbing his sore wrists. "There's no other way out!"

"There must a secret passage somewhere." Peter replied. "All castles have more than one entrance."

"How do you know?" Davy asked.

"I saw it in the movies." Peter said simply.

Before anyone could answer that, a bullet lodged itself in the door above their heads.

"Hold it right there!" Chaney yelled, Domina right behind him.

Instead of holding it, the Monkees took off down another corridor, bullets hitting the stone walls around them. They threw themselves into a side corridor and stopped.

"I got <pant> an idea.." Mike sputtered. The other three looked at him, expectantly.

Chaney and Domina ran down the corridor after the Monkees. They stopped when they saw Mike's princess costume down one of the side corridors.

"They must've gone that way." Chaney muttered and he and Domina went that way.

Meanwhile the Monkees had been hiding in another corridor opposite from where Chaney and Domina had taken. It was with great relief that the guys saw the two move away from them.

"Sure am glad to get rid of that costume." Mike breathed.

"Yeah, but you're going to lose your deposit." Peter replied.

"Better that than our lives." Davy commented.

"Lets keep looking for that secret passage." Micky said. "Karloff had something planned with that wind-up Frankenstein but needed either Mike or Peter to start. Oh by the way, Mike, here's the car keys."

Mike nodded and took the keys, and they all moved off down the corridor, hoping they wouldn't meet up with Chaney or Domina.

Meanwhile, downstairs in the dungeon, Karloff and Alucard finished preparations for the Frankenstein monster. Frankie was strapped to his board again and wires run from a skullcap he wore to a machine set inside a wall and then to another skullcap lying on the table with straps on it. They had pushed the table closer to Frankie, and pushed the rack off to the side. Now all they needed was Peter.

"Why aren't they back yet?" Karloff said, exasperated. "The storm isn't going to last forever!"

"Maybe those boys found the secret passage." Alucard said somberly.

"Let us hope not." Karloff said slowly. "Come on." The two left Frankie where he was and made their way to the secret passage.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

"If you built a castle, where would you build a secret passage?" Mike asked.

"In a secret place." Peter answered.

Mike rolled his eyes, but said nothing. He was used to Peter's answers.

The Monkees found themselves in a storage area, filled with boxes of stuffed animals and such stuff used in an amusement park, but nothing useful as a weapon. Walking around the area, Mike began to tap on the walls. All he got back were sore knuckles. The others felt the walls too, trying to see if there was a secret door or switch. Nothing.

Meanwhile, Karloff and Alucard came upstairs and started heading for the secret passage in the back storage area. On the way there, they met Chaney and Domina.

"Did find them?" Karloff demanded.

"No boss." Chaney said sheepishly. "One of them dropped their princess costume and we followed that, but no luck."

"Fool! They're probably looking for the secret passage out of here!" Karloff raged. "Lets go!"

Karloff led the way to the back storage area.

The four Monkees had just about given up hope of finding any way out of the castle. Peter pulled the top part of his rabbit costume down onto his back and sat down on a box, ready to cry at any moment. Micky sat down next to him.

"Aw, don't cry big Pete." Micky said lightly. Maybe we can hide in here until its light and try again."

Mike sat on the box, too and was about to say something, when the four heard a <click> and the box Peter, Micky and Mike were sitting on lowered slightly. Next to the box, a small hole in the floor appeared slowly. Davy jumped out of the way before he fell into the hole. The other three immediately cried out in triumph. They found another way out!

"C'mon, lets go!" Davy said happily and began to slide himself into the hole. There was a short ladder and soon Davy found himself at the beginning of a long passageway. Fortunately, it seemed high enough to let the other three taller men walk through easily.

Not too far away, though, Karloff, Alucard, Chaney and Domina heard the four cheering. They ran into the storage room just as Mike was making his way through the opening.

"STOP!" Karloff thundered.

"Don't think so slick!" Mike smiled and dropped through the hole.

Micky pushed Peter over to the hole. "GO, Pete!" Micky yelled. Peter needed no further encouragement and started to go do the ladder. Unfortunately, with the weight taken off the box, the hole started to close up.

Chaney lined up his gun to fire at Peter. Karloff knocked his hand aside.

"I need him alive!" He spat.

"I want the other one alive too..." Domina said evilly and shot her whip out. The end wrapped itself around Micky's ankle and he fell heavily to the ground. Domina started to pull Micky away from the hole.

"Oof!" Micky breathed.

Peter saw his friend fall. "Micky!" He yelled. The hole was closing up....Peter started to pull himself out of the hole.

"Peter, what are you doing?" Mike yelled, “We have to go!"

"They got Micky!" Peter yelled back and pulled himself fully out of the hole. Peter tried to pull the whip off of Micky's ankle.

"Get out of here Pete!" Micky yelled, "Save yourself!"

Just then the hole completely closed up, trapping Davy and Mike below and Peter and Micky above.

"Oh how nice!" A sarcastic voice boomed above Peter and Micky. "Sweet innocent Peter comes back to try and save his friend." The voice belonged to Karloff. Peter looked up to see the butt of a gun connect to his head. His world went black.

Peter had no idea how long he had been out, only that he had a headache. He tried to put his hand on his head only to realize he couldn't move either. He had been strapped spread-eagle to the table Karloff and Alucard had prepared earlier. His rabbit costume was gone too. He pulled on the straps, hoping against hope they were fake, but no such luck. The straps were real, this time. Nothing fake. Peter slowly raised his head. Where was Micky?

"Micky?" He called out.

"Over here Pete." Micky said quietly.

Peter turned his head and saw Micky kneeling on the floor, his hands tied behind his back and tied to his bound ankles. No fake bonds for him either. Domina stood next to him with a satisfied smirk on her face. Micky's werewolf wig was gone and his face was red in places where someone-probably Domina-had yanked the rest of the fake werewolf hair off his face. He looked scared and in pain.

Karloff came into Peter's view.

"Finally you're awake." Karloff smirked.

"What do you want with us?" Peter demanded.

"Actually, I just want you, Peter. You are going to help me bring my monster to life. Your innocence is just what I need to make everything happen. Your kindness will keep my monster docile so that I can control him.

"I won't do it!" Peter said angrily.

"I don't think you have much choice. And don't think your friends will get help, I took the precaution of disabling your car." Karloff laughed.

Peter put his head back down on the table, and suddenly realized Karloff was right. Peter had no choice.

Davy and Mike got out of the hole, when they realized that Peter and Micky were missing.

"Those thugs got them," said Davy, "We gotta go back and find them."

"We need to think of a plan first." said Mike.

Little did the two know they were being watched on a screen in a part of the house by Karloff and Alucard.

"Those fools will learn never to mess with me," said Karloff

He then turned to his henchman.

"Alucard, pull the switch that releases the swing mallet."

"Right boss," said Alucard.

With that, he pulled one of the switches on the board, which opened a wall to where Davy and Mike were.

"What's going on here?" wondered Davy watching a bit of the wall open.

Just then, a metal mallet came out of nowhere and was headed for the two.

"Davy! Look out!" Mike shouted.

He pushed his friend out of the way, but while doing that, he got hit in the face.

"Mike, you OK there?" Davy asked.

"Yea, but that whatever it was hit me in the nose," Mike answered with one hand on his nose. "I think it's broken."

Davy then took a handkerchief out of his pocket and handed it to Mike.

"Here, he said, use this for awhile."

Mike placed the handkerchief on his nose.

"Thanks, but right now, finding Micky and Peter is more important than my nose," said Mike.

The two began to find a way back to the dungeon.

Meanwhile back in the dungeon, Domina and Chaney were thinking of what to do with Peter and Micky.

"Try to ruin our master plans will you?" Domina said to Peter.

"Yea, ruin our plans will ya!," said Chaney almost repeating what Domina said.

"Oh shut up!" she yelled at him.

"Tell you what, you let us go, and we'll let you settle this just between the two of you," said Micky.

Domina turned her head to him.

"We'll settle it, when we're done with you.” she said, “Chaney, is the monster ready yet? We haven't got all night."

"Just about," Chaney said turning a key and pushing a button on the back of the Frankenstein monster.

With that, the creature almost ready.

Back in another part of the house, Davy and Mike were still searching for a way to the dungeon.

"Maybe we should have made a turn. "said Davy.

"Let's hope were not to late to save Micky and Peter." said Mike.

The two continued to walk, however they stopped, when they noticed the ground felt awkward.

They took another step, when all of a sudden they fell through and landed in the dungeon.

"Mike, Davy?" said Micky and Peter.

"Peter, Micky?" said Mike and Davy.

"Beautiful, the whole gang is here," said Karloff coming down the stairs, followed by Alucard.

"Chaney, release the monster!" ordered Domina.

Chaney pressed a button, and the monster was heading towards Mike and Davy.

However, the monster turned and headed to Karloff, Alucard, and Domina.

"Chaney, you idiot you got the monster to attack us not them!" yelled Karloff.

While Chaney was trying to help his boss and the other henchmen and hench lady, Mike and Davy were trying to free Peter and Micky.

"What happened to your nose?" Peter asked Mike.

"I'll explain later," said Mike.

It took awhile, but the two saved their friends and managed to escape.

*****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****     *****

While the monster chased Karloff, Alucard, Domina and Chaney around the dungeon. The four Monkees managed to get out of there by the secret door which Karloff had again left open. Peter put his arm around Micky and helped him walk since his legs were stiff and weak from being folded behind him and bound. Mike still held the handkerchief to his nose, but it wasn't bleeding as much now.

"Where are we going?" Micky asked.

"Back through the secret passage." Davy replied "They'll be too busy with their monster to follow us now."

"But they disabled our car." Peter said

"Oh no.." Mike moaned.

"Don't worry," Micky said confidently, "I can fix whatever they did."

The other three said nothing, but they weren't as confident about Micky's mechanical skills as he was. The four men walked as quickly as they could to the secret passage.

Karloff finally got behind the monster and pushed a button on his back. The monster stopped dead. Panting, Karloff walked over to Domina and Chaney and gave them a double slap across the face, just like Moe often did to Larry and Curly of the Three Stooges.

"Who told you two you could release the monster?!" Karloff roared. "It isn't complete! By now those four are probably going through the secret passage!"

"But..but boss you disabled their car!" Chaney blubbered.

"They could go anywhere in the park using that passage! By the time we find them again, the storm will be over and the employees will be coming back!" Karloff yelled. He pointed at Alucard.

"Put the monster back in place. Lets see if something could be salvaged tonight. You others come with me."

With that, he turned on his heel and stormed out of the dungeon, Domina and Alucard close behind him. They had to at least find Peter, or there would pay.

The guys kept running, however, Davy stopped suddenly.

He turned to see that his cape was stuck on a sword hanging on the wall.

"Fellas, my cape's stuck," he said trying to break free with no luck.

"I'll help," said Peter giving his friend a hand.

But when Peter tried to get the cape free, he cut his hand on the sword.

He whistled in pain.

"Peter, let me take a look to see how it looks," said Micky.

He saw that Peter's hand was bleeding, but not a lot.

"Just what we need, the car's broken down, my nose and now Peter's hand. What else can go wrong?" said Mike.

Davy then ripped of a piece of the cape and tied it onto Peter's hand.

"Thanks Davy," he said.

In another part of the castle, Karloff, followed by Alucard and Domina were still in search of the guys.

"Can we take a break sir?" Asked Alucard, "We've been searching up and down this place forever and no trace of those Monkees."

"Not yet," said Karloff, "Since they have no car, they have no way of getting the police. So that's a good thing."

"We gotta find them and soon," said Domina.

"Don't worry my dear, we'll find them, then you can do whatever you want to them."

The guys searched everywhere, but they still didn't know where the secret passage was.

"It's hopeless, we'll never get out of this place," said Peter.

"Don't worry fellas, I'm sure that passage is around here someplace," said Mike.

"That's what you said about a half hour ago," said Micky looking at his watch.

"Come on guys, at least we got away from those creeps," said Davy.

They continued to walk, when all of a sudden, they noticed the floor was a bit shaky.

"Not again," said Davy.

"What do you mean?" wondered Peter.

There was no time to answer, for at that moment, the floor began to collapse.

But this time the guys ended up outside, instead of back in the dungeon.

"Is everyone OK?" asked Mike.

"That was quite unexpected," said Davy rubbing a bump he got on his forehead.

"You're telling me," said Micky rubbing his backside, which he fell on.

"I don't get it,” Mike said, “Why didn't we suffer any major injuries?"

Micky picked up a few pieces of stone. One crumbled in his hand, while the other one he was holding didn't.

"Half of the castle is made of plaster board and styrofoam, the other half is real stone," he said.

As long as everyone was OK, that was fine with the guys, as they made their way to the car.

"We're safe now," said Peter with a cheery look on his face.

"Not for long," said a voice.

They turned to see that Karloff, Domina, Alucard, and Chaney were behind. The guys saw that Chaney had a remote control in his hand.

"Now Chaney!" Karloff ordered.

With that, Chaney pressed a button, and the Frankenstein monster appeared.

The guys began to get frightened.

"And now, all I have to say to you boys is.."

"Cut!" yelled Karloff

As soon as Karloff made the statement, Chaney pressed another button on the remote and the monster shut down.

"That was perfect, you boys were great," said Karloff.

"Wait, what the heck is going on here?" said Mike who was now more confused than scared.

"You guys were just what I needed for my monster movie."

"You mean, you were shooting us in a movie the whole time?" Said Davy.

"So, the monster, the castle and everything else was all a set-up?" asked Micky who was a bit peeved by all this.

"Shame on you, said Peter shaking a finger at Karloff and his henchmen and lady, “Scaring us half to death, that's not very nice."

"Not only that, but dangerous as well," said Mike who changed his tone of voice to more stern.

"You know, we nearly got very injured by you little stunt," said Davy was now just as angry as the others.

"Please, don't rub it in." said Micky rubbing his sore backside.

Just then, everyone heard sirens, and saw some flashing red lights coming up ahead.

It turned out to be police cars.

The cars parked near the Monkee mobile and some officers got out.

Which one of you is Brian Karloff?" asked one of the officers.

"I am officer." Karloff answered

"Looks like we showed up in good time." said another officer.

Mr. Karloff pointed to the Monkees.

"Yes you did officers, these young boys were trespassing on my property."

"You mean your former property."

"What are you talking about?"

"You haven't been paying taxes or rent to that old castle in ages," said the first police officer.

"Plus, guests have been complaining that you disturbed them on visits and even endangered a few as well." said the second officer.

"This is all a big lie!" said Karloff.

"Seeing how these kids look, you're the one who's doing the lying," said the first officer looking at the guys and spotted their injuries.

"We didn't mean to! Cried Chaney, “It was all a big shame! We need the money to keep the house, so we made monster movies with the guests! We didn't mean any harm!"

"Shut up Chaney!" Domina shouted at him.

"Traitor!" yelled Alucard.

"All right, it's all true," said Karloff, "And I would’ve gotten away with it, if it wasn't for those Monkees."

Karloff and his gang were arrested for not paying back taxes and rent, as well as disturbing the peace, and endangerment to others.

After that, the officers called a tow truck for the Monkees car, but made a suggestion that they see a doctor for their injuries.

The guys took a trip to the clinic, an all night emergency health center.

Mike's nose was broken, so he got a bandage placed on it, Peter got some stitches placed in his hand where he got cut, Davy just had a small bump on his head, which would heal in a few days, and Micky was given an inflatable cushion.

The next day the guys were hanging round the pad, trying to forget about what happened last night.

Mike was reading the paper, when something caught his eye.

"Hey fellas, he said, come take a look at this."

Davy and Peter, who were in the middle of a card game, got up from the table, as did Micky, who had to stand up carefully, due to his situation.

"Hey, it’s Karloff," said Davy pointing to a picture in the paper.

"What does it say?" asked Micky.

"Brain Karloff, ex-owner of the haunted mansion at the local amusement park, must sell  his estate to pay back payment.  The house will be closed for repairs to make it safer, and not as scary as it was before." Mike read.

"I wonder what's gonna happen to Karloff and his gang?" wondered Peter.

A few days later, the guys went back to the park.

The police and park owner was so pleased to see what they did, that the owner gave the guys passes to get in the park free, for a year.

"It was nice of the owner to give us free entrances to the park for a year." said Peter.

"Yea, we don't even need to wear a costume to get in.” said Micky with a laugh.

As they entered the park, Davy spotted some familiar faces.

"Hey, guys isn't that Karloff and his gang?" He said pointing to the petting farm.

They looked to see that it was really the no-gooders cleaning up after the animals.

"Looks like they got what they deserved." said Mike.

The guys laughed as they head to the now re-paired haunted house.

"Hey Peter, you're not scared about going in the haunted house are ya?" Micky asked his friend.

"Na, after what we went through, nothing seems so scary anymore." said Peter, “Besides, it's make-believe, just like in the movies.”

The End.


Unpleasant Monkeebusiness

By: Lisa and Mickys411  Rated PG-13

Domina Smith grumbled as she cleaned the pony stall. How could one pony make so much mess? She shoveled the last bit into the bucket and looked up. What she saw made her blood boil-again. It was those four musicians who called themselves the Monkees. Every time she saw them she raged at how they had put her and her boss and two co-workers in this situation, and it seemed she saw them a lot. The Monkees had been given free one-year passes to this amusement park where she was now forced to work, cleaning up after the animals in the petting zoo. Her former boss, Brian Karloff and Alucard and Chaney had been forced to do this demeaning work too, for a year.
It all started last Halloween eve when Karloff had lured the four men into the park with the promise of work for a night. Then, when they had tried to film another of their horror films, with the Monkees as unwitting extras, they refused to co-operate. The Monkees repeatedly escaped from the dungeon and finally made it outside, when the police came. Domina, Karloff, Alucard and Chaney had been arrested on a number of charges, including failure to maintain a safe park, plus unpaid back taxes. Things hadn't been going well for Karloff for years and he had been using the castle to create films to make money. With their arrest, Karloff had been forced to sell his beloved castle and they had been forced to work cleaning up after the animals. How humiliating! Karloff tried unsuccessfully to buy his castle back, and to add insult to injury, since the castle had been made safer, it quickly became the biggest attraction in the park! It hurt her former boss to see his castle being trampled by visitors every day.
Karloff came over to where Domina was standing near the pony stall. He quickly saw what Domina was glaring at. Karloff's anger at the four Monkees was greater than Domina's. But as the year went on, he slowly thought of a plan to ruin them as he himself had been ruined. Pretty soon his sentence would be up, and he'd be free to carry out his plan. Domina, Alucard and Chaney need no persuasion to help Karloff in what he intended to do. He might not be their boss anymore, but they really had no-one else to follow. Karloff had been good to them over the years, especially Domina and Alucard. Without Karloff's family's help, they would've been dead many years ago.
That's right, many years ago.
Domina and Alucard might look young, but vampires age slowly.

Alucard and Chaney joined Karloff and Domina near the pony stall. They also detested the Monkees for putting them through this.
"I can't wait until we get out of that half-way house and into a place of our own boss." Chaney said, still calling Karloff 'boss' which Karloff didn't bother to correct.
"I agree." Alucard replied. Since it was getting dark, Alucard felt more comfortable stepping outside the animal housing. Contrary to legend, Vampires could be out in daylight, but only for short periods of time. Alucard didn't take any chances, not when he was close to being free and taking revenge on the four humans.
"Patience, my friends, patience." Karloff soothed, "I've arranged to rent a small house nearby that we'll use after our sentences are up. I've done some exploring of my former house, and found that the new owner hadn't discovered the secret passages leading to and from the castle. Better yet, he didn't discover the other torture chamber deep inside the castle."
"Another dungeon?" Domina's eyes went wide with delight.
"Yes, my dear. But it won't be enough to just torture them; we have to make their lives rough too. And that's where you come in."
Domina's evil smile pleased Karloff and Alucard, but chilled Chaney to the bone.

"C'mon Davy, quit looking at the Marx Brothers over there and lets go!" Mike said. "Yeah, Davy," Micky chimed in, practically hoping up and down in excitement, "We've only got a few days left on our year-long passes so let’s have fun!"
"Ok, fellas," Davy said a little reluctantly, "I just like to make sure those four are still doing the job they were assigned to by the judge. After what we went through with them, I can't help but think they got off lightly." Davy was referring to the horrible night almost a year ago they were chased around the castle by Karloff and his cronies. They had all sustained injuries running through the castle, not to mention being tied up and threatened.
"Forgive and forget, Davy." Peter said quietly. "Let’s put it behind us and hope they have too." Peter was the quiet one of the group. His innocence and kindness often made people think he was dumb, but Peter was an excellent musician and a loyal friend.
"Yeah, I suppose." Davy conceded and walked away with his friend. Micky was already far ahead of the others, his hair, now curly instead of straight, bouncing in the air. Mike was close behind Micky, still easy to spot in a crowd, despite no longer wearing his wool hat anymore.
"Let’s go before Micky eats all the hot dogs!" Peter laughed as he and Davy ran after their friends.

A few days later, Karloff and company were given the pleasant surprise that their sentences were cut short by a few days since they had performed their work satisfactory. The new owner of the park, John Price, offered the four jobs in his park-cleaning up after the animals in the petting zoo. Domina wanted to tear Price apart, but Karloff stopped her. He and Alucard had discussed this possibility, and now Karloff nodded over to Alucard. He walked calmly over to Price and stared right into his eyes.
"Why don't you let the four of us work at the castle again, Mr. Price? We know the castle very well, and we won't bother any of the guests."
Price couldn't tear his eyes away from the awful red/violet eyes of Alucard. He suddenly felt compelled to do whatever Alucard told him to do.
"Yes…yes, the castle would be the perfect place for the four of you to work."
"At double our current salary."
"At double your current salary." Price obediently replied.
Karloff smiled evilly. Things were starting to fall into place.

The black bat winged its way through the night air. Occasionally stopping to feed on an insect or two for the blood, the bat never lost sight of the car carrying the four Monkees back to their pad. They had visited the park one last time before their passes expired and didn't know they were being followed. Soon enough, they stopped at a beachfront home. The bat perched itself upside-down on a tree and watched as the four made their way inside. After waiting several seconds to make sure they didn't come back out, the bat hoped to the ground. Then with a small puff of smoke, the bat took human form. It was Domina. She quietly walked over to the door and made a note of the address. Now she knew where the Monkees lived. She couldn't follow the Monkees home before since she had to be back at the half-way house by a certain time. Breaking any rules would've landed her in jail, something she didn't want at all. Now free to stay out as late as she wanted, she left the house she shared with Karloff, Chaney and Alucard and by good fortune found them as they left the park for the last time. She took to bat form again and flew over the house to land on the railing of the back patio. Now she could see into their house!
"We better get to bed, guys," Mike said to the other three, "We have to rehearse tomorrow all those new songs for that record exec coming to our gig at the Club Cassandra in a few days."
That pronouncement was met with three groans, but they knew Mike was right. If this exec liked their material, he might sign them to a record deal! Maybe this is the break they needed to break out of the club circuit and onto better things!
Domina's ears twitched at Mike's announcement. It seems this was big news for the Monkees! This was something Karloff could use against the Monkees as well. What if one of the men didn't show up for this big break? Domina watched as the four men trudged to their bedrooms. She took wing and flew as fast as she could back to Karloff house. A very productive night this has been.......


The next day, the Monkees were strolling around town, since they had some time to spare, before the gig.
Little did they know, someone or someones were watching them.
The guys walked passed a couple sitting on a bench.
The one on the bench, one who had their nose in a newspaper poked his head out; it was Karloff.
He then turned to the woman sitting next to him, who was Domina.
"Now remember,” he said to her, “Go for either the short one or the curly haired one."
"I'm so ready," Domina said with a light laugh.
With the snap of her fingers, she transformed into a bat once again and took off for the Monkees.
Domina then spotted Micky, and dove down towards him.
She then began to fly around him, however, he gently shooed away with a wave of his hand.
"Gee, that was the biggest fly I ever seen," he said to Mike.
Domina wasn't going to give up, instead, she headed for Davy.
She quietly flew behind his neck, and nicked him.
"Ow," said Davy feeling the sharp pain on the back of his neck.
"You all right there, Davy?" Peter asked his friend.
"I'm ok, expect I think something bite me."
"Let me take a look," said Mike.
He saw that Davy had what in appeared to be two small bites.
"Looks like something did bite there."
"Must have been that giant fly." said Micky.
"I didn't see any giant fly, and I didn't think they bite." said Peter.
"It was probably another type of bug," said Mike.

Meanwhile, Domina flew back to where Karloff was, changed back to a human, and told him what she did.
"Good,” he said, “Those boys are in for a real surprise now.”
"If they think what happened last year was scary, they haven't seen nothing yet," said Domina who as well as Karloff began to crackle.


The four Monkees went back to their pad. The walk had cleared their heads a little after all the rehearsing they had done over the last several hours. They had worked especially hard on the song 'Star Collector' which was going to be the last song they performed tonight. Davy was going to sing the lead, and the Monkees hoped it would be the song, with its rocking ending, that would impress the record exec coming to see them tomorrow night. Another new song the Monkees had been working on was a gentle rocker that Peter had been working on. For lack of a better name, he called it 'For Pete's Sake'. After singing it though, Peter realized he didn't have the vocal range to make it sound good, so he asked Micky to sing it instead. Micky was surprised, since Peter didn't sing much to begin with, but Peter insisted, so Micky took the lead. It turned out the song suited Micky perfectly, but Micky wanted to rehearse it some more.
As the Monkees walked back into their pad, he said, "Can we do 'For Pete's sake' one more time? I wanna make sure I got it right, for Pete's sake." Micky smiled over at Pete.
"Ok, let’s do that." Mike replied.
"Let me put some antiseptic on this bite first." Davy said as he went upstairs into the bathroom. He opened up the medicine cabinet and pulled out a bottle of antiseptic. Then he grabbed a small mirror so he could look at where the bites were. Mike was right, it did look like a bite, two small holes on the back of his neck. Davy wondered what kind of insect could make such a bite as he put the mirror down and applied the lotion. Maybe a vampire bit me. Davy thought with a laugh. The holes didn't appear too deep and didn't sting too much from the lotion, so Davy figured nothing serious was going to happen, though he did feel a little thirsty right now....
The other three Monkees were waiting patiently for Davy to come back down.
"That was some big fly we saw earlier." Micky said taking position behind the drums.
"Pretty big for a fly," Mike replied "Maybe it was a bird or a...bat?"
"Bats don't come out until dark, right?" Peter asked, "It’s only just starting to get dark."
Domina, in bat form and hanging outside on the balcony, laughed to herself at that remark. This bat can come out almost anytime, human.
Davy came down the hurricane stairway. The bites didn't hurt now, just itched a little.
"Do we have anything to drink in the fridge, guys?" Davy asked.
"Just tomato juice I think," Peter replied, "But you don't like that stuff."
"I'll take anything right now." Davy replied. He opened up the fridge, pulled out the bottle, poured himself a full glass and drank it straight down. "Very good!"
The other three Monkees looked puzzled at Davy. He never even went near the tomato juice before, now he's chugging it down...and liking it! Must've been those spicy tacos they had for supper earlier.
Domina was happy. Thirst for something thick was the first sign that Davy had been infected with Domina's vampire saliva. She knew she hadn't gotten a good bite on his neck, but she would have more opportunities to bite him better. Contrary to myth, a person didn't become a vampire right after being bitten. Human blood had antibodies that fought off the vampire saliva, but only if the victim was bitten once. If the victim was bitten several times, then the body couldn't fight off the foreign bodies and the victim became a vampire forever. Davy will soon be a vampire like her, but not yet. Karloff had much more planned for Davy and his friends.
"Can we get started Davy?" Mike called over.
"Huh? Oh yeah, sorry!" Davy said sheepishly. He walked over to the bandstand and took up his tambourine.
Micky counted off by taping on his sticks and Mike started on the riff that began the song. Micky began singing 'For Pete's Sake' in his clear, cool voice..
"Love is understanding, don't you know that this is true.."
Domina looked over to see Alucard, in bat form, join her on the balcony.
"How are things progressing?" Alucard thought to Domina.
"Very well" Domina thought back. "The little one is showing signs of my infection. Another bite or two, and he'll be one of us!"
"I'll tell Karloff the news and we'll be waiting at home for the second part." Alucard replied. He then flew back to Karloff's house.
The Monkees had finished their song, and were now packing up their gear. Domina watched as they loaded their gear up into their car and took off for the Club Cassandra. She followed them as they drove along the highway and finally stopped at the club. The Monkees picked up their gear and headed in the back door. Domina noticed the car Alucard had 'asked' Price to leave at the club so she could leave with her victim. Dropping down to the ground and making sure nobody could see, Domina became human again, dressed in a green and white mini-skirt and white go-go boots. She fingered her long blond ponytail. She couldn't let the Monkees see her hair. They would recognize her instantly! Looking around, she spotted a costume shop and walked over.

Davy was on his third glass of milk in less than an hour. The others began to wonder what was wrong with him. They had finished setting up and now sat on the edge of the bandstand, waiting for club to open.
"How are you feeling, Davy?" Peter asked as Mike quietly bent behind Davy and looked at his bite marks. The marks were still there, just a little pink around the edges. " Maybe that bat, fly, or whatever it was infected Davy Mike thought to himself.
"I'm fine fellas, really I feel great, just...thirsty." Davy replied.
"Well, I hope you don't have the middle of the set." Micky said mischievously.
Davy lightly punched Micky in the side as everyone laughed.
Suddenly the doors to the club opened and the patrons, mostly teenagers started to come in. The Monkees got off the bandstand and went backstage to await their intro. Soon the club was crowded and the MC came onto the stage.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, the band you all have been waiting for.....THE MONKEES!!"
Micky, Mike, Peter and Davy bounced onto the stage, to the cheers and claps of the audience. The Monkees were pretty popular at the club and their presence always guaranteed a near-sellout. That's why the club owner had arranged the record exec to come here tomorrow night to listen to the band. The Monkees started on "Last Train to Clarksville" and the club started jumping. With all the activity, nobody paid any attention to the redhead in the green and white mini-skirt and white go-go boots walk in. Well, almost nobody. A few guys looked her over, but when they saw here angry red/violet eyes glaring at them, they backed off to find nicer girls.
After several songs, the Monkees took a break. The four walked off in different directions. Davy immediately walked over to the bar for another glass of milk. He found himself sitting next to a beautiful redhead. Davy looked into eyes..and was repulsed by their color. Yet he couldn't take his eyes off of them. He vaguely remembered another woman whose eyes turned him off almost a year ago, but somehow couldn't remember her name. She was a blond anyway....
"Hello there." Said the redhead, "I'm Diane."
"I'm Davy."
"I really am enjoying your show," Diane lied, "Why don't we go out afterwards and make our own music?"
Deep down, Davy wanted to run away, but those eyes told him to accept. "Sure, why not?" he said.
"Fine," Diane said, kissing Davy on the cheek, "I'll be waiting."
Davy heard Mike calling him back to the stage. When Davy turned back to Diane, she was gone.
The rest of the set went fine. Davy couldn't wait for it to be over and be with Diane and those eyes of hers (The rest of her body was beautiful too.)
As the Monkees tore down for the night. Davy approached the others.
"I'll see you guys later, I've got a hot date."
"Another one?" Micky smiled knowingly.
"Yeah, but this one seems special."
"So was your last date." Mike said laughing.
Davy got a little annoyed at that. "See you later, fellas." Davy said curtly and jumped off the bandstand.
"Davy got a little hot under the collar that time." Peter remarked.
"Well it’s true." Mike replied. "He has more dates in a month than I have in a year."
"Hey, look who's he got this time." Micky said pointing.
The three looked up and saw Davy walking out hand in hand with a beautiful redhead. As Davy and Diane walked out the door, someone bumped into Diane and her wig came slightly off to the side. The other three noticed that.
"She's got a wig on." Peter said, "She's really blond underneath."
"Lots of girls wear wigs, Pete." Mike said. "Lets load this stuff up and go home."


Davy and Diane got into 'her' car and drove off. She quickly drove through the city, going past the amusement park the Monkees had been frequenting of late. The house she drove to was near the park. They went inside and Diane gave Davy a kiss.
"Why don't you help yourself to some wine, while I slip into something more comfortable."
"Sure babe." Davy smiled. He was thirsty again anyway.
Diane walked away and Davy poured himself a large glass of wine from the decanter she had on the table. He drank deeply and looked around at the living room. He didn't think much of the decor. Diane seemed to like mostly dark furniture and rugs and the walls held pictures of castles and other eerie scenes.
"I'm back." Diane said seductively.
Davy turned around and froze in horror. Diane had slipped into something comfortable all right. Gone was her red hair and mini-dress. It was replaced by an all-leather ensemble, black mask and long, blond hair. A whip was in her hand.
"Domina!" Davy gasped.
"Right the first time!" She laughed. "Remember my friends? The ones you and your buddies ruined?"
Entering the room behind Domina was Karloff, Alucard and Chaney.
"Oh no..." Davy moaned. He had been set up! Suddenly he didn't feel good. He felt dizzy and lightheaded. He realized too late it was the wine.
"Poison?" Davy whispered as he no longer had the strength to hold the glass. It crashed to the floor.
"No, no, dear boy." Karloff said. "Just drugged. We need you alive for a little longer yet."
Davy's legs could no longer hold him up. He joined the wine glass on the floor. From what seemed far away he heard a voice mocking him.
"Get your rest now, little boy, you WILL need it."
Blackness covered Davy like a blanket.

Davy slowly came to. He realized right away that he couldn't see, but then felt a cloth covering his eyes. He tried to move but finally figured out he had been strapped down spread-eagle to a table. The coolness of wherever he was made him realize he was without a shirt or shoes. The events leading to him ending up like this came back to him in a rush. He tried again unsuccessfully to free himself.
"Hello Davy!" Someone shouted in his ear. Davy would've jumped out of his skin, if he'd been able to move.
"What do you clowns want? I won't be in another of your sick movies!" Davy said thickly.
The blindfold came off. Davy saw Karloff, Alucard, Domina and Chaney standing over him, leering. Davy looked around as best he could. He realized he was in another torture chamber.
"We want revenge!" Alucard said. "Simple revenge! And you will help us get back at your friends too."
"Never!" Davy roared.
"You already are!" Domina said. "You're going to prevent your group from getting that recording contract by not being at the club tonight. I'm sure you and your friends have been trying to get a contract for years!"
"They'll be other times!" Davy snarled, still trying to free himself.
"He can't free himself yet, can he?" Chaney said worried.
"He won't have vampire strength until he becomes a full vampire." Domina replied.
"What are you talking about?" Davy said getting worried himself.
"Remember that bite this afternoon? That was me!" Domina said.
"You're crackers!" Davy yelled.
Domina reached over and slapped Davy hard across the face.
"A little more respect for your new mistress, slave!" She said.
Davy's mind reeled. He was a prisoner of a bunch of loonies. One who thought she was a vampire! Still, if he didn't get out of here, the Monkees would lose the chance of a lifetime!
"What do you want?" Davy asked again. Maybe these loons could be reasoned with. "An apology? Do you want me to say I'm sorry for not going along with your movie the last time?"
Davy's four captors smirked at each other.
"No, slave," Domina said, "This time we just want you to scream." She placed the blindfold back on Davy's terrified eyes.


The guys were very concerned when they awoke to next morning to see that Davy didn't get home from his date.
"Hope Davy's all right," said Mike seeing that Davy's bed was still made from the day before.
"Maybe he eloped." Peter said.
"Why do you say that?" Micky asked.
"You're right, he won't."
Just then, they heard the front door open, and the guys headed downstairs.
There, standing by the door was Davy.
"Davy! we were worry about you," said Mike.
"Hi fellas, I'm just fine," said Davy in a low tone of voice.
The guys looked to see that Davy was dressed in all black and not the grey pants and red eight button shirt he wore at the gig last night. They also saw that his eyes looked rather bloodshot with dark rings under them, and his skin was pale as a ghost.
"Davy, you you're ok?" asked Peter who was pretty concerned.
"Of course, everything's ok, Peter. What makes you think something was wrong.” asked Davy, “If you guys won't mind, I like to get some sleep.”
"Davy, it's eight in the morning," said Micky looking at his watch.
"No, it's ok Davy, go ahead, we'll see you later," said Mike.
Davy then headed upstairs for the bedroom.
"Man that must have been some date last night," said Micky.
"I hope Davy's all right, he didn't look quite well," said Peter.
It turns out Davy slept a good amount of the day, they assumed he was coming down with something and they let him sleep the rest of the day.
That night, while everyone was asleep, Davy finally woke up.
However, his eyes weren't his brown color, but they were now a bright red.
He then looked around to see that his band mates were fast asleep.
"I feel quite dry," he said to himself.
Davy then turned to Micky was peacefully sleeping and snoring.
A wicked grin then appeared onto Davy's face.
He crept quietly up to Micky's bed. Davy then opened his mouth, and fangs began to grow into his teeth.
"Soon, you'll be one of us," he said into Micky's ear.
Just as Davy was about to do the unthinkable, Peter, who was getting up for a glass of water saw what was going on.
"Davy! NO!" Peter shouted.
The yell woke up Micky, who then shouted at the top of his lungs.
"Davy! Stop, what are you doing?!" he screamed.
That woke up Mike, who then turned on the lamp next to his bed.
The bright light, shone on Davy's face. He hissed, and in the snap of his fingers, he turned into a bat as if it was out of a movie. He then flew out the open window in the room.
"Did you guys see that?!" Said Mike was very surprised to see what just happened.
"Man, that was unbelievable!" said Micky was just in shock as Mike.
"That was Davy?" said Peter who didn't believe any of this was real.
"Come fellas, we gotta get Davy, before something else happens!" said Mike.
The guys dressed quickly, and took off in the Monkeemoblie to find their friend, before it was too late.
However, they seemed to be too late already.

The black bat flew back toward the castle in the amusement park. It stopped every so often to feed on bugs, but finally made its way down to one of the walls in the castle. There was a puff of smoke and the bat turned back into Davy. He was panting heavily from the narrow escape he had. Leaning against the wall, Davy's face blurred and he turned back to his real self-Alucard. Being a few centuries older than Domina, he had the ability to turn into other people, but only for a short while, since it took up a lot of energy. Knowing Karloff wouldn't be pleased at his failure, Alucard hesitated before hitting the secret switch which opened up a hole in the wall. The wall opened up and Alucard stepped through and the wall quickly closed up again. He walked through the secret passages underneath the castle and was soon walking into the inner torture chamber. Karloff, Domina and Chaney were waiting for him expectantly.
"Well?" Karloff demanded.
Alucard shook his head. "I was able to fool them for a while, but before I could bite the curly-haired one, I was discovered and had to fly away."
Karloff swore under his breath. He had hoped to infect at least one more Monkee to scare the others. He looked over to the real Davy, hanging in chains by his wrists to the cold, stone wall. Karloff was surprised Davy was still conscious after the beating they gave him last night. It even seemed that Davy was smiling a little right now...Karloff walked over to Davy and grabbed him by the chin.
"Think its funny, boy?" Karloff demanded.
Davy's smile grew bigger, despite his split lip. "I think its bloody hilarious. You jokers couldn't open a milk bottle without instructions."
Karloff's eyes narrowed as he shoved Davy's head against the wall. "We got you, didn't we?" Karloff sneered. "Now your friends think you're a vampire and your group still won't get that contract tonight!"
"You won't get my mates like you got me." Davy said.
Chaney walked over to Domina. "Why not make him a full vampire and send him after his friends?"
"Because vampires have free will and can still have emotional attachments," Domina replied, "Something I've gotten away from," she added proudly. "Making him a vampire wouldn't guarantee he'd go after his friends."
"So I went as Davy." Alucard added.
"Enough talk." Karloff added. I think its time we all paid a visit to the Club Cassandra. Lets see how well they do after all this excitement tonight. We may even bring one home tonight."
They four laughed at this, as they made their way to the dungeon door. Karloff turned to Davy.
"Don't worry, my boy, we won't leave you all alone here."
Karloff clapped his hands. From a side closet a six-foot mummy walked out.
"Remember him from last year? Meet Ramses XII. About 3,000 years ago, an angry priest put a curse on him to walk the earth after his death in revenge for stealing from his temple. He was tired of chasing tourists and archeologists around, so I brought him here. You and your friend thought he was a man wearing a mummy suit!" Karloff motioned for the mummy to move closer to Davy. "He won't harm you unless you try to escape. Now...hang around and we'll be back soon!" The four laughed as they left the torture chamber and Davy could hear the door lock.
Davy pulled on his chains. They were still as tight as before. His fingers were numb. They were the only parts of his body that didn't hurt right now. He shivered from the cold, since he was shirtless and barefoot. Unwanted images of all the smacks and blows he endured came to his mind. He was even tickled mercilessly! Suddenly, what Karloff said finally dawned on Davy. They were going after Micky, Mike and Peter! The thought of his friends being tortured was too much for Davy and he began to cry, with only the silent mummy Ramses to witness it.

Micky Mike and Peter gave up trying to find Davy and they reluctantly went over to the Club Cassandra. As they set up, they agreed to look for the redhead Davy left with last night.
"But she was a blond." Peter replied.
"Blond or redhead, she's our best lead to Davy." Mike replied.
The club owner came over. "The exec is here from Columbia Records. His name is Don Kirshner and I heard he's hard to please, so watch out. Hey, where's Davy?"
"He's sick." Mike said, "He's not himself tonight." At least that's half-true, Mike thought.
"What!? I told Kirshner the Monkees were a quartet!"
"Its not Davy's fault.." Peter began.
"I know, I know," The club owner said. "Lets hope Kirshner is understanding."
The Monkees went backstage to await their announcement. Soon the club was packed and the MC came onto the stage.
"Ladies and Gentlemen....THE MONKEES!!" he yelled.
The three went on to thunderous cheering and yelling. Mike went over to the microphone.
"Thanks everyone. I'm sorry Davy's not here tonight, he's sick. But we still hope to rock the house tonight!"
With that the Monkees launched into "Last Train to Clarksville". The club was soon jumping, just like the night before.
Kirshner sat with the club owner at a nearby table. He didn't look impressed.
"I wonder why they couldn't get a replacement for Davy?" He asked.
The club owner shrugged his shoulders, hoping Kirshner wouldn't ask anything else.
The Monkees tried to keep their mind on their work, but the thought of what happened to Davy distracted them too much. Even Peter flubbed chords, something he rarely did.
In the back of the club, Alucard watched the Monkees struggle on stage. He occasionally would send a message for Peter or Mike to forget a chord. He chuckled as they struggled to keep going. As the set wore down, he walked back outside where Karloff, Domina and Chaney waited. Alucard smiled and the others knew the Monkees wouldn't get that contract.
After the gig, Kirshner walked over to the Monkees.
"I'm sorry fellows, but you guys just don't have the sound I need. You need a fourth person and you goofed too many times. Better luck next time." Kirshner said, not really sounding sorry at all.
The Monkees watched him go, disappointment etched in their faces. First Davy, now this. Slowly, they tore down their stuff and headed out to the car.
"Did you see anybody with red hair?" Peter asked.
Both Micky and Mike said no. They were about to get into their car when Micky remembered he forgot his drumsticks. He didn't know Alucard had made him forget them.
"Wait, I'll be right back." Micky said.
He walked back over to the back entrance of the club and was about to go in when he spotted the girl with red hair standing by a car, her back to him. Micky couldn't believe his luck!
"Excuse me miss, could I talk to you for a moment?" Micky asked.
The redhead turned around as Micky approached. "Yes?" She asked.
"Do you know what happened to a young man who is in our group, he was dressed like us? I think he was with you."
"Oh yes, I do know what happened to him." She replied, "The same thing that's going to happen to you!"
Just then, the back door of the car opened and Chaney and Alucard grabbed Micky and pulled him into the backseat of the car. Micky struggled, but a cloth full of chloroform was put on his face, and he was out. Domina quickly got into the driver's seat and drove off. Karloff was next to her.
"Very good everybody! Back to the castle for some more fun!"


Micky woke with a headache and aching arms. He shivered then realized his shirt and shoes were missing. Worse, he realized he was chained face first to a pillar with nowhere to go. Looking around as best he could, he saw Davy chained against the wall, his face full of pain and fear.
"Hello Slave," Domina purred.
Micky spun to face Domina, once again in all leather and carrying a whip. His face went white as he recognized her.
"My name is Micky!" He yelled.
"Not for much longer." She snarled.
Domina snapped her whip, and wrapped it around Micky's arm.
"Stop! What are you doing?" he yelled.
It was no use, for at that moment, Domina opened her mouth and sank her fangs into the back of his neck.
"AHH!!" Micky screamed before collapsing to the ground.
"Two down, two to go." said Domina to Karloff and Alucard as they both began to laugh out loud.

"Where do you think he can be?" Mike asked Peter as the two were now looking for Micky.
"I'm not sure, but you know Micky, he's not good with direction," said Peter.
The two walked outside the club, to see if they can find anything.
As they walked through the parking lot, Peter tripped over something and fell over. Mike helped him up.
"You ok there shotgun?" He asked.
Peter got up and dusted himself off.
"Yeah, same as always,” he said “I just tripped over this..."
He stopped talking, when he noticed the thing he tripped over looked somewhat familiar to him.
He picked the object up. It was a black boot.
"Hey Mike, I think this is Micky's boot," Peter said looking at the clothing item to be sure.
He then handed it to Mike.
"You're right, it is," he said, “But what does this mean?”
"All I know is Micky was wondering around somewhere with a cold foot." said Peter.
Just then, something caught Mike's eye.
"Tire tracks! He said, “Come on, let's see where they lead to.”
Mike and Peter jumped into the Monkeemobile and drove off into the night.

Meanwhile, back at the castle, Micky awoke from an unpleasant sleep.
"Man, where am I?" He asked himself looking around before he realized that he was at the haunted castle.
He turned to see that Davy was still there as well. He was still dressed in all black and was standing right next to Micky with a fang smile and bright red eyes.
"So, you decided to join us." he said with a light laugh.
"I'll never be one of you, and bring back the real Davy!" said Micky in an angry tone.
Just then, Karloff carrying a stack of clothes that were the same look and style as what Davy was wearing.
"I see you have awoken, slave,” He said, “Now put this on, the full moon should be showing any minute now.”
"Never!" Micky yelled.
Just then, the full moon shone through the clouds and right into the window.
With that, Micky's eyes went from hazel, to red, and fangs appeared onto his teeth, just like what happened to Davy.
"Yes master," Micky replied with a fangy toothed smile.
"He appears to be more of a vampire than the other one." Chaney said, referring to Micky.
"I bit him a little deeper than the short one," Domina replied, "So my vampire saliva has more of an effect. He isn't a full vampire yet, just when there's a full moon shining."
Micky changed into the clothes Karloff had given him. He looked quite handsome in the all-black ensemble. Davy's face blurred and again it was Alucard standing next to Micky. He had only disguised himself to fool Micky. The real Davy was still chained to the wall, his face full of pain and despair. Karloff walked over to Alucard, Micky and Domina. He looked at Micky.
"I can see the conflict in your eyes, slave," Karloff said, "You are fighting the bite Domina gave you. In time, it will wear off, but not before you've done what I want."
"What do you want us to do?" Alucard asked.
"Go after the last two Monkees. Bring both of them here. We'll stay here with our guest. He's your guarantee our slave won't disobey." Karloff looked at Micky again.
"Failure will bring harm to your friend and yourself as well when you become human." Karloff smiled. "Now go."
Alucard, Domina and Micky left the torture chamber. Karloff walked over to Davy. Davy looked up defiantly.
"I was right when I told the others you fiends got off too easy. Shoveling manure was too good for you!"
Karloff slapped Davy hard across the face. Behind Karloff, Chaney started to get uneasy. He agreed to help kidnap and torture the Monkees, but Karloff was starting to let this get out of hand. Then all this vampire business was starting to spook him. He had found out more about vampires than he wanted to know these last few days. When Karloff walked away from Davy, Chaney went over to a bucket and got a ladle full of water. He brought it to Davy's parched lips. Davy quickly drank the water down. Karloff looked back and saw what was happening.
"I didn't say you could give him water!" Karloff yelled.
"Well, boss, you didn't say I couldn't either." Chaney said shrugging his shoulders.
Karloff narrowed his eyes. Was Chaney getting a little soft? He'd have to watch Chaney a little closer from now on. Karloff motioned with his hand.
"Lets go, before you do any other nice things."
Chaney looked back at Davy, who was smiling a little at him, then followed his boss out the door.

Mike and Peter followed the muddy tire tracks as best they could through the streets. It helped a little that there was a full moon shining right now, and that brightened up the path. The tracks seem to be heading toward the amusement park they had been going to a lot over the last year. Suddenly, the tracks stopped and Peter couldn't see them anymore. They were only a few blocks from the park.
"Pull over, Mike." Peter said, "The tracks are gone."
"Probably the mud wore off the tires." Mike replied as he pulled over and shut the car off. "Now we don't know which way the car went."
"Maybe they went in there." Peter said pointing to the amusement park's castle, with the full moon shining right behind it.
"Why there?"
"Well, think about it, Mike. Davy's a vampire and Micky's gone, so where else would they be?"
"But that's just a fake castle now, Pete." Mike replied, "Ever since Karloff was thrown out, its just all props and make believe."
The two Monkees stood outside their Monkeemobile and pondered their next move. Suddenly they heard a noise, like people running down the sidewalk toward them. In the light of the full moon they could make out a man and a woman approaching. It was Micky and Domina. She was dressed in an orange and black mini but no wig this time. She and Micky (still wearing all black) were holding hands and were looking back behind them as if they were being chased. Domina had a big black purse with her.
"MICKY!" Mike and Peter yelled at once.
Micky and Domina stopped, pretending to be startled, then ran over to Mike and Peter.
Micky shook hands with Mike and Peter. "Boy I'm glad to see you two! How'd you get up here?"
Despite the full moon, it was too dark for Mike and Peter to see Micky and Domina's red eyes.
"We thought you had been kidnapped and was following some tire tracks." Peter replied. "They ended near here."
"Why are you with her?" Mike asked pointedly. He recognized Domina immediately.
"I've mended my ways," Domina lied, "Karloff, Alucard and Chaney hold a grudge against you for making us clean the animal pens at the park for a year. Karloff had to sell his family castle. He's still bitter about that, so he kidnapped Davy and tried to make him into a vampire, now he tried to do the same to Micky."
"Tried to make Davy into a vampire? He succeeded!" Mike said incredulously.
"No, that was Alucard disguised as Davy." Micky replied, "You see, Alucard is....a vampire and can change appearances for a short time. He only gave Davy a small bite two days ago, so Davy isn't a full vampire yet."
"Whoa, wait a minute, shotgun." Mike replied. "This is too much at once!" Mike wiped his hand down his face. Davy in the hands of a madman and a vampire....
"So our Davy is still alive?" Peter asked.
"Yes, for now," Micky replied quietly, "But he's been tortured. Domina helped me escape and we were running from Alucard when we met you."
"We have to go back for Davy." Domina insisted, "Karloff is a cruel man and might torture Davy again."
"Can't we go to the police?" Mike asked.
"It'll be too late by then." Micky said. "Lets take the Monkeemobile over to the..."
Just then the moon went behind the clouds. Micky's eyes went back to their normal color and he was free, at least for the moment, from the vampire spell. He staggered a little. Domina hissed when she realized what happened. She started to reach into her purse....
"RUN!!" Micky screamed, "Its a trap! Domina's a vampire too!"
Just then, Alucard, in human form, appeared behind Mike and Peter. He grabbed Mike from behind and tried to bite Mike's neck, but only got a small nick on him, when Mike spun out of Alucard's grasp. Mike slammed his fist as hard as he could into Alucard's stomach. If Alucard had been human, he would've been on the ground in pain. Alucard merely grunted a little and shoved Mike straight into Micky. Both men fell to the ground. Micky hit his head on the sidewalk and was knocked unconscious. Domina now had her whip out of her purse and was advancing on Peter.
"Come here, young man," Domina beckoned. "I won't hurt you too much."
Just then, Mike, still on the ground, shot his foot out and tripped Domina. She fell to the sidewalk, skinning her knee. "OW!" she cried.
"RUN PETER!" Mike yelled, "Get help!"
Peter hesitated. He didn't want to leave his friends. But then he saw Alucard pick Mike up like a rag doll and throw him against the Monkeemobile. Mike fell to the sidewalk and didn't move. Domina shot her whip at Peter's leg, but Peter got out of the way just in time. He turned and tore off down the sidewalk, out of whip range. Domina got up and started to go after Peter, but was stopped by yelling from an open window above them.
“Hey! What’s all the noise out there?!” The person in the window asked.
Domina was going to chase Peter anyway, but was halted by Alucard.
"Wait Domina! We'll get him later. We’re attracting attention. Lets go back and enjoy our new slave!"
Domina laughed at that, then looked down at her cut knee. The first blood she's shed in over one hundred years! The new slave was going to pay for that! She looked at Micky.
"What about him? Will he become one of us again?"
"Later tonight." Alucard replied. "Its becoming overcast. The moon won't be out again until later."
"Good. Its better when they are human. They feel a lot more pain." Domina replied.
Alucard picked up Mike, and Domina picked up Micky and put them into the Monkeemobile. Alucard drove back to the castle. Karloff wouldn't be too pleased, but one was better than nothing.

Peter ran through the streets until he thought his lungs would burst. What he just witnessed was something out of a nightmare! All his friends were prisoners of Karloff and his gang. He felt foolish believing Karloff and company had learned their lesson. Now his friends were probably being tortured and made into vampires right now! Peter had never felt so helpless and alone right now. He stopped, totally out of breath, and sat on a sidewalk bench. As he got his breath back, Peter looked around for Domina or Alucard. Nobody seemed to be around. He looked up at a neon sign across from where he was sitting.
Peter's face lit up. If any case was para-normal, this Karloff business was one! Peter went over to the side door, where he assumed Holmes would have his apartment. Peter banged on the door.
"Please, open up!" Peter pleaded, expecting curses or something thrown at him. Instead the door opened almost immediately. A tall thin man in his early fifties was in the door.
"May I help you?" He said gently, not the least bit disturbed by the late hour caller.
"Are you Basil Holmes?"
"At your service." Holmes smiled.
"My name is Peter Tork, and my friends are prisoners of vampires, and..."
"Wait, wait, Mr. Tork, please slow down. Come inside and you can tell me all about it."
Holmes stood aside and let Peter into his apartment.

Karloff stood at the center of the torture chamber and looked over his prisoners. Davy still hung in his chains against the wall, while Micky sat on a small stool with his hands and feet locked inside heavy wooden stocks. Mike was strapped spread-eagle to the same table Davy had been strapped to earlier. Micky and Mike were now shirtless and barefoot like Davy. Both were awake again and were very, very scared.
Alucard and Domina had just got done explaining what had happened a short while ago. Karloff was pleased they now had Mike, but still furious that Peter got away. He looked over at Davy.
"I thought you said we wouldn't get your friends as easily as we got you, boy!"
Davy hung his head in shame as Karloff laughed at him. Karloff then looked at Alucard.
"You should've let Domina go after Peter. There's plenty of room in here for him."
"He won't go to the police," Alucard replied confidently. "They'll think he's just another dumb kid on drugs."
"Peter's not dumb!" Mike retorted, "He knows who you are, Karloff, and he'll get help!" Mike sounded more confident than he was. Peter wasn't dumb, but Mike wasn't too sure if Peter would know what to do. Usually, Mike did the thinking for the group. Chaney walked over to Mike and slapped him.
"Shut up!" Chaney snarled.
"That's it," Davy said from the wall, "Keep picking on the helpless."
Domina turned to Davy.
"Didn't you get enough before, slave?" She asked, poking the handle of her whip into Davy's sore ribs.
"Enough already." Karloff said, getting bored by the chatter. He turned to Mike.
"I take it you know why we're doing this to you?"
"Simple, petty revenge for having to clean animal stalls for a year," Mike said. "And losing your castle."
"And calling the police." Alucard finished.
Micky found his voice. "But we didn't call the police!" He said fearfully. "We found out later that the ticket-seller was an undercover cop investigating you! When we didn't come out after closing time, then seeing you sabotage our car, he came back to rescue us!"
Karloff and his cronies looked at each other for a moment, then Karloff looked smugly at Micky.
"I know the man you're talking about, slave. It seems we'll have another job to do after we take care of the four of you!"
Micky swore to himself. Trying to get him and his friends out of trouble was now going to cost someone else's life too! Karloff spoke again.
"Still, there was the four of you going to the park several times a week, watching us, laughing as we cleaned up after the animals in the petting zoo. A year of our lives wasted!”
"But torturing us won't get any of that back!" Mike replied.
"True, very true, boy," Karloff cackled, "But it makes us feel better!"
"Then, you'll become vampires like Alucard and myself!" Domina laughed.
Karloff nodded to the other three, then he and Chaney advanced on Mike, while Domina and Alucard walked over to Micky. They chuckled to see Micky and Mike struggle to get free.
Davy knew what was going to happen next. He called out to his captors.
“No! Please!” He yelled in anguish. “Don’t hurt them!” But he was ignored. Davy started to cry again as he helplessly watched his friends being tortured.

Peter sat in Holmes' living room drinking tea. He slowly told Holmes everything that had happened over the last few days, from the bat biting Davy to the fight a few hours ago. Holmes silently listened to Peter, only interrupting to clarify something every so often. Finally Peter was done, and he looked at Holmes.
"Do you believe me, Mr. Holmes?" Peter asked hopefully.
"Yes, I do, Mr. Tork. The names you've given me match the people I had been chasing for years. Very nasty vampires."
"Can you help me? I don't have much money..."
"Don't worry about that now. What matters now is your friends, and to rescue them before its too late!"
He placed a hand on Peter's shoulder.
"And rescue them we will." Holmes said softly.
For the first time in days, Peter smiled.


"Are you ready to join your friends?" Chaney asked Davy who was still in the dungeon.
"Never! I rather have my old friends back!" Davy shouted.
"Well, as soon as Karloff tells me when, you're next."
Back upstairs, Domina and Karloff waited for the moon to appear again.
"It should be coming out any minute now," said Karloff with a chuckle.
"You'll never get away with this." said Mike.
"Yeah, when the police find out about this, you're gonna be sorry," said Micky.
Just then, Chaney entered the room with Alucard who was dragging Davy by the collar of his shirt.
"Hey stop! Let me go!" Shouted Davy.
But Alucard just ignored him.
Domina then walked up to Davy and gave him an evil grin.
"Don't worry, you'll get use to it," she said.
With that, the moon began to shine again.
"Now." Karloff said to Domina.
As Mike and Micky were changing into vampires, Davy was about to become one.
Before Domina was to sink her fans into Davy's neck, the door slammed open.
It was Peter and Basil Holmes.
"Peter! You’ve come to save us!" Said Davy, who was very happy to see his friend.
"All right, what seem to be all the commotion here?" Holmes asked.
Karloff, Domina, Chaney, Alucard, Mike and Micky all hissed at the detective, and with in seconds, they all turned into bats and flew into the night.
"We lost them," said Davy.
"And they got Micky and Mike too," said Peter.
Davy saw Holmes standing in the doorway.
"By the way, who are you?"
"I'll explain in the car," Said Holmes as the three took off in search of the vampires.

Davy, Peter and Holmes made their way out of the castle and over to Holmes' car. Peter had to help poor Davy along since Davy was still weak from his horrible ordeal. Peter shook his head. How could Karloff and his buddies be so cruel to his friend? As the three neared the car, they spotted a figure walking away from the castle.
"Stay here you two." Holmes whispered, then quickly ran off towards the figure.
Davy and Peter watched as Holmes crept up behind the figure and tackled it. There was a brief struggle, the two appeared to talk for a minute, and then they both walked back to Davy and Peter. In a few seconds, they could see that Holmes' companion was Chaney.
"You!" Peter growled. "How could you kidnap and torture Davy? We also lost a chance at a recording contract!" Peter wanted to strangle Chaney. Davy was surprised at the venom in Peter's voice. He'd never heard Peter so angry before.
"Easy, Peter." Davy said. "He was also the only one to show me any kindness while I was a prisoner."
"I'm very sorry it happened like this," Chaney said. "Originally we were only going to kidnap and torture you four and ruin your careers, but then the other three had plans on making all of you vampires. Then the torture got out of hand. I mean, I'm no angel, I did plenty of bad things while I was in the mob, but at least I knew when someone had had enough." Chaney paused. "Karloff, Domina and Alucard don't. I was planning on breaking away anyway when you two showed up."
"Cute, an ex-gangster with a conscience." Peter said sarcastically.
"Let me try to make it up." Chaney pleaded. "I know where Karloff and the others live. They might've taken your friends there."
"So do I," Davy replied, "Domina took me there and then I was drugged. So that's not much help."
"He could still be of help." Holmes said, "I have a plan to stop Karloff and his cronies, but it'll require your complete co-operation, Chaney. If you don't, I'll make sure Domina knows you double crossed her. What the mob did to double-crossers would seem like child’s-play compared to what she'd do."
"Name it." Chaney replied, shaking.
Just then, the mummy Ramses XII came out of the secret entrance and charged towards the four. Karloff was gone, so there was no-one to control it. The four men scrambled out of the way.
"See if any of you can grab an edge of his wrappings!" Holmes yelled.
Ramses chased the four men around the car. Davy wasn't able to keep up with the rest of the men and fell to the ground. Ramses stood above Davy and was about to step on him, when Chaney ran over and grabbed an edge of wrapping just below Ramses' arm. Chaney gave it a yank and Ramses gave out what seemed to be a roar of pain. Peter grabbed hold of the wrapping too, and together the two men began to pull the wrapping loose from Ramses. The mummy began to stagger around like it was drunk, roaring and swaying around. As more of the wrapping came off the mummy, the four men could see there was only empty air underneath! Finally, with a long roar, Ramses collapsed into a pile of wrappings. Suddenly there was burst of wind, and Ramses' wrappings turned to dust and rose up into the air like a cyclone. The four men heard something that sounded like 'thank you' and the cyclone rose up into the air and disappeared.
After a long silence, Davy said, "At least he's at peace now." Remembering the curse placed on the dead Pharaoh.
Indeed, Ramses was finally free from his curse and his soul could now take its place in the underworld.
"Thanks Chaney, Peter." Davy said as Holmes helped him up.
"You're welcome, Davy." Peter replied. "Well, lets go. We got to free Mike and Micky."
The four men climbed into Holmes' car. Davy sat in the front passenger side, while Peter and Chaney sat in the back. Chaney gave directions to Karloff's house, and they set off. They didn't notice another figure standing in the doorway of the secret entrance, watching them drive off. It was Karloff. He had cast an illusion to make Davy, Peter and Holmes think he and Chaney had turned into bats along with the others. Then, he had sent Ramses out after the four and was disappointed the mummy failed. Oh well. He still had the other two Monkees, but would have to be careful, now that the others had that detective Holmes with them. Holmes! That man has been a thorn in his side for years! Once again Holmes interfered with his plans! But this time Holmes won't win! He'd get the Monkees and that traitorous Chaney too!
"Heading over to my house?" Karloff asked the retreating car. "Your friends aren't there, but in the last place you'd look! Hahaha!"
Karloff then went inside and went to where Domina and Alucard were keeping Mike and Micky.

In the car, Holmes explained everything to Davy.
"To answer your earlier question, Mr. Jones, my name is Basil Holmes, and yes, I'm a direct descendent of Sherlock Holmes." He added, forestalling any questions.
"As you can tell from my voice, I'm British and I've spent my life taking cases that have baffled others. Unlike my famous ancestor, I decided to handle cases of the supernatural kind. I spent many years traveling and reading ancient books, learning everything I can about vampires, werewolves, witches, and so forth."
"So that's how you knew how to defeat that mummy." Peter said. Holmes nodded.
"I became involved with finding two vampires who had been terrorizing people in Europe for years. Their names were Dracula and Dominion."
"Alucard and Domina." Davy said. "Alucard is Dracula spelled backwards."
"I finally found out they were under the protection of the Karloff family in Bavaria, so when the Karloff's family moved to California during the gold rush, I figured Alucard and Domina were with him. I was right.
I moved to California to hunt them down, but lost track of them. Imagine my surprise when they were working at a haunted house at an amusement park all along!"
"How do you fit into all this, Chaney?" Peter asked coldly.
"Like I said before, I was in the mob a conscience. Too many people getting bumped off for too little reason. Karloff needed some human muscle, so fell in with him."
"But how did you find us now?" Davy asked.
"I told Mr. Holmes what happened to us last year, too, and since Mike and I were attacked so close to the castle, we assumed Karloff would've taken up residence in there again."
"We're near Karloff's house, Mr. Holmes." Chaney said.
Holmes pulled his car off to the side of the road, shut the engine off, and then turned to the other three.
"Now listen carefully, here's my plan..."

Karloff got out of the Monkeemobile and went inside the building where Domina, Alucard, Mike and Micky were hiding. Mike and Micky were still vampires, but they were fighting the effects. Since Mike wasn't bitten too hard, he was slowly winning the battle over his mind and body.
"What happened?" Domina asked as Karloff walked in.
"It seems our old nemesis Basil Holmes is back, and he's talked Chaney into joining his side."
"I should've bitten that weakling a long time ago." Domina snarled.
"You might get your chance my dear, but right now, they're at our house snooping around."
"Holmes will find us eventually." Alucard said. "He always does."
"But this time, we'll be ready for them." Karloff replied.
Everybody laughed at this, even vampires Mike and Micky.


"Is everyone ready now?" Holmes asked Chaney, Peter and Davy as they stepped out of the car.
"Ready as we'll ever be," answered Davy.
"I sure hope this works," said Peter.
"Trust me, I know Alucard, Karloff and Domina will go for it," said Chaney.
The four entered the castle.

Meanwhile, back in another part of the palace, the vampires gathered round to get ready for what they had planed next.
Just then, something strange came over Mike.
His eyes were changing from red, back to his real dark brown color, the fangs in his teeth began to get smaller and the bumps on the back of his neck were getting smaller, until they fully disappeared.
Mike was glad he changed back to normal, but he couldn't let the other vampires know, or he'll be in trouble.
"Why don't I see if those mortals returned?" he asked Karloff.
"Yes, it will give us more time to get ready for the big plan." Karloff answered.
With that, Mike raced off.

Davy, Peter, Chaney and Holmes walked through the castle and tried to be careful with every move they make just in case of booby traps.
Just then, a swing mallet appeared out of nowhere from one of the walls.
The four ran away from it as fast as they could.
They ran, but fail to noticed that someone or something was coming up in their direction.
They crashed into whatever was coming from the other way.
"Is everybody ok?" Holmes asked standing up and dusting himself off.
Davy and Peter finally got to see who crashed into them.
"Mike! is that you?" Davy asked.
"Yea, it's me," Mike said.
"You're still a vampire?" Peter asked.
"No, but Micky still is, I was hoping you guys came back because.."
Mike stopped talking, when he saw Chaney.
He looked Directly at him.
"You sneak! I bet you set my friends up to this."
Mike then turned to Holmes and continued to talk to Chaney.
"You and your friend are up to something here!"
"Please let me explain, said Holmes, My name is Basil Holmes and Mr. Chaney is my partner, we've came to help you and your friends."
Mike was still a bit suspicious, but slowly began to trust Holmes and Chaney.
"All right, we gotta get back to the dungeon and save Micky, before it's too late."
And the five headed forward to the dungeon to save their friend and stop the vampires.

Meanwhile back in the dungeon, Karloff and Alucard were going over last minute plans with Micky and Domina.
"Now, when they all get here, you know what to do," Karloff said.
"Yes master," said Domina.
"We'll get them all!" said Micky.
"They should be here soon," said Alucard.
Just then, the dungeon door broke open, and Mike, Davy, Peter, Holmes and Chaney entered.
"Well, if it isn't the traitor," Domina said to Chaney.
"What's the matter Chaney, not good enough to work for the bad guys now?" laughed Alucard.
"Give us back our friend!" shouted Davy.
"We'll you're just in time to join him and the rest of us." said Karloff.
He turned his head to Micky, Domina and Alucard.
"Seize them!"
The three did just that.
Micky got Mike and Peter, Domina got Davy, and Alucard got Chaney and Holmes.
Karloff looked at Mike and said "I guess we'll have to turn you into a full vampire now."
While no one was looking, Holmes looked at his watch, then turned to Karloff.
"Uh, excuse me Karloff." he said.
"What do you want?" Karloff asked.
"You can turn us into vampires under one condition."
"And what is that?"
Holmes began to whisper something into Karloff's ear.
When he finished, Karloff stood up, and said, "Very well, if that's what you wish."
He turned to Alucard, Domina and Micky.
"Get ready for the transformation!" he ordered them.
"Yes master." they all answered.

It took awhile, but everything was set up for the big event.
"I sure hope Holmes knows what he's doing," said Mike to Davy who were both laying on wooden boards as were Holmes, Chaney and Peter.
"So do I," said Davy who was feeling very nervous.
"Me too," said a scared Peter.
"Don't worry, I know what I'm talking about," said Holmes.
"Is everyone ready?" Karloff asked his servants.
"Ready!" they replied.
"Good, we're all set."
Just then, all the vampires' eyes turned an even brighter shade of red, and their fangs grew larger and sharper looking.
As they were about to attack their victims, the clock in the dungeon began to ring.
Karloff turned to see that the clock had stuck at 6am, and through the window, the sun began to shine.
"No!!" shouted the vampires.
With that, they began to change dramatically.
They all turned into dust, except for Micky who collapsed to the ground.
"How do you know that was going to happen?" Peter asked.
"Well, I told Karloff to place us on the right side of the dungeon, and the sun rise in the east, so I figured, we get a good amount of sun in here," said Holmes getting off the board.
"I'm sure glad that's over," said Davy.
"Fellas, did you realized something?" Mike said.
"What's that?" Chaney asked.
Mike then pointed to Micky, who was lying face down on the ground.
"Micky!" both Davy and Peter shouted rushing to their friend.
Mike, along with Holmes and Chaney followed him.
"Is he ok?" Peter asked as Mike carefully turned Micky face up.
"Careful there, Mike," said Davy.
"Come on Mick, wake up.” said Mike.
Everyone gathered around.
Just then, Micky slowly began to open his eyes.

"Micky! You're ok!" Peter yelled.
"Yeah..I think so..." Micky said quietly. "Am I still a vampire?"
"Not anymore, my friend." Holmes said, helping Micky stand up. "Since you weren't bitten a second time, the vampire spell wore off. Davy is free of the spell too by now."
"Its good to be free again." Micky said.
"That's what YOU think!" Someone yelled behind Micky and Peter. But before anyone could turn around, Karloff had a gun to Micky's head and Domina had her whip handle around Peter's throat. Alucard had his arm around Mike's throat.
"Anybody moves and he dies!" Karloff sneered and moved the gun closer to Micky's temple.
"Karloff!" Holmes shouted in dismay. "I saw your goons disintegrate!"
"You need to bone up on your vampire lore some more," Domina laughed. "Vampires have developed a limited immunity to sunlight over the centuries, just like humans have developed anti-bodies in their blood to fight off a first time bite."
"You also seemed to have forgotten that I'm a first-class magician." Karloff continued, "When I saw the bright sunlight start to affect my friends, I used a smoke bomb and we escaped through a hidden passage."
"Very clever, Karloff." Holmes admitted, "It seems I underestimated you."
Karloff smiled evilly. "Thank you. It means a lot to me to hear you finally say that."
"So now what happens?" Davy asked.
"Now we leave with your friends." Karloff said. "We still have that matter of revenge."
"Haven't you done enough?" Mike asked, shocked. "You goons kidnapped us, tortured us, turned us into vampires and made us lose a recording contract! What else can you do?"
Domina and Karloff gave Mike such wicked smiles that he was immediately sorry he asked.
"Wait...don't answer that..." Mike gulped.
"We're going to kill you, but only after you witness the destruction of what you love, just like I had to." Karloff cackled. "Lets go, Monkees!"
Karloff, Domina and Alucard began to drag Micky, Peter and Mike away. Because Karloff had a gun, Davy, Holmes and Chaney could only watch. Davy put his hand to his mouth. His friends were being taken away to their deaths! He couldn't bear it.
"Karloff!" Davy cried, "Take me too! If they have to die, I'll die with them!"
"A very tempting offer, boy," Karloff said, "But it'll be more of a torture for you knowing your friends died and you couldn't do anything about it!"
"And as for you, Chaney," Domina snarled, "You can run, but you can't hide. I'll find you some day and make you into a vampire like me!"
"Don't try to follow us." Alucard threatened the three, "Or they'll get it!"
Davy looked at Micky, Mike and Peter and they looked back at him as they were dragged out the door. There was fear in their eyes, but also a great brotherly love for each other.
"Be good, Davy." Mike said as he was yanked out the door. Then the dungeon door slammed shut.
Davy fell to his knees. Mike said those same words to Davy when Davy's grandfather had tried to take him back to England a few years ago. Davy began to cry for his friends. First he watched them being tortured, now he was watching them being led away to die. Holmes patted Davy on the shoulder, but he too was devastated. He thought he had finally brought an end to Karloff, Domina and Alucard's terror, but now there were going to be three more victims added to the list. Chaney hung his head. He was partly responsible for this mess, and now more innocent blood was going to be on his hands.


Karloff, Alucard and Domina dragged Micky, Mike and Peter out of the castle and over to Karloff's car. They put Micky and Mike in the trunk and slammed it shut, but not before Karloff threatened,
"If you try to escape from the trunk, young Peter gets it."
Then, with Domina taking the wheel, Alucard, Peter and Karloff climbed into the backseat. Karloff never took his gun from Peter's ribs. Alucard pulled a blanket around himself to keep as much of the sun off his body as possible.
"You know where to go, Domina." Karloff said.
"You certainly do, Domina." Peter muttered to himself. Karloff heard him though and punched Peter in the stomach. Peter gasped in pain. Alucard punched Peter too.
Domina smiled and drove off.

Davy, Holmes and Chaney slowly made their way out of the castle. Holmes mind was racing as to where Karloff and his vampires could've gone with the boys. Karloff's house was out of the question. It had something to do with the Monkees. What did Karloff mean by 'witness the destruction of what you love'? He posed this question to Chaney.
"I dunno." Chaney replied, "Karloff never talked to me about destroying anything. Just kidnapping and torture."
"Yeah, that's all." Davy answered, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
"Believe me guys, I'll do whatever it takes to make amends for all this. I'll gladly go to jail. I don't want to see any more innocent people killed."
But Holmes was lost in thought again. The three men stopped outside the castle door.
"What do you Monkees love?" Holmes asked Davy.
"Well, we love each other like brothers." Davy replied. "We love our music, our fans, our pad, our.."
"Your what?" Holmes interrupted.
"Our pad, our beach house at 1334 Beachwood Road."
"You four live there?" Holmes asked.
"Yeah," Davy shrugged, wondering what Holmes was getting at. "Its a groovy place, with a beautiful view of the ocean. We like to hang out there, rehearse, have parties..."
"That's it!" Holmes shouted, startling the other two. "Karloff said, 'the destruction of what you love, just like I had to'." Karloff had to watch his Castle partly torn down to make it safer for the amusement park guests, so now he's going to destroy your 'pad'."
"And Micky, Mike and Peter too!" Davy gasped.
"Well, lets go!" Chaney said.
"Not so fast!" Holmes said sternly. "We rushed in the last time unprepared and look what happened. I need to go make some arrangements, so we can finally defeat Karloff and his vampires for good this time!"
"It'll be to late by then!" Davy shouted, "Those are my three best mates in the whole world! We have to go now!"
Holmes place his hands on Davy's shoulders. "Please calm down, Davy." Davy felt calmness come from Holmes' hands and he settled down. For now. "We don't know for sure whether or not your friends are even at your pad."
Holmes took out a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote something down on it.
"Here's my phone number. I want you and Chaney take your car and go over to your pad and see if Karloff's car is there. That's ALL I want you to do." He handed the paper to Davy. "If Karloff's car is there or not, I want you to call me at that number and tell me. If your friends are there, stay out of sight until I arrive. If they're not there, we'll meet back here. Understand?"
Davy and Chaney nodded their heads.
"All right, good luck." Holmes handed Davy a small silver cross.
Davy and Chaney drove off in the Monkeemobile and Holmes drove off in his own car. Davy and Chaney said nothing to each other as Davy drove back to the pad. Davy's silence was from his anger at Chaney, and Chaney's silence was from the shame he felt right now.
"Hang on fellas, I'll save you. Davy thought over and over again.


Domina made good time driving over to the Monkees' pad. Keeping the gun discreetly at Peter's back, Karloff opened the trunk to let Micky and Mike out. They stiffly climbed out of the cramped trunk.
"Inside, now." Karloff growled.
Alucard tried the door. It was locked. "Where's the key?" he asked.
Peter felt the gun jam harder into his back. "Under the rug." Peter said quietly.
Alucard got the key and opened the door. He went inside.
"After you gentlemen." Karloff said smoothly to Mike and Micky.
They went inside, followed by Peter, Karloff and Domina. She shut the door. Karloff looked around the pad, with its posters on the walls and wacky signs all around. He also took in the bandstand with a few instruments lying around.
"Nice mess you boys have here." Karloff snickered. "Too bad its all going to be gone soon."
Micky, Mike and Peter looked at each other, wondering what Karloff meant by that. Alucard then walked over with a bunch of clothesline. Karloff, Domina and Alucard each took long pieces of clothesline and tightly tied Micky, Mike and Peter's hands behind their backs. They then forced the three Monkees to kneel and tied their ankles together, then tied their bound hands to their ankles. As if that wasn't enough, Domina tied gags in their mouths too. Utterly helpless, the three men could only glare at their captors.
Karloff walked away from the Monkees and started to poke around the pad. He finally found an old charcoal grill Mike had put away for the winter and laughed when he found the lighter fluid.

Davy and Chaney pulled over to the curb a block or so away from the pad. They jumped out of the car and slowly walked over to number 1334. They saw an unfamiliar car in the driveway.
"That's Karloff, all right." Chaney said. "Call Holmes."
"I know where there's a payphone." Davy said. "Its near the edge of the beach."
The two walked over to the phone and Davy dialed the number Holmes gave him.
"Hello Davy." Holmes answered.
"Hello, Mr. Holmes. Karloff's car is here!" Davy replied. "Let me call the police!"
"NO, Davy!" Holmes replied, "Karloff won't hesitate to kill your friends. Be patient. I'll be over soon."
Holmes hung up, and Davy did too, angrily. How could he say to be patient? Davy looked along the beach. He could see the back of their pad from here. He got an idea.
"Let's sneak around the back to see if my friends are still alive, Chaney."
"But Holmes said to wait."
"Well, you can wait, but I'm just going to take a peek."
Davy walked away, and Chaney followed. Silently, they crept over to the back of the pad, and crawled up the back steps. What they saw horrified them. Domina was whipping Peter's back and Karloff was dousing the pad, including a terrified and bound Micky, Mike and Peter with lighter fluid! Karloff was going to set the pad on fire, and Micky, Mike and Peter with it! Davy almost charged into the pad, but Chaney held him back.
"Charging in there won't help your friends." Chaney whispered. "But I think I have an idea."
"What is it?" Davy whispered back.
"I've found out a lot about vampires these last few days, so I think this might work....."

Karloff had finally used up the lighter fluid and was merrily destroying the instruments on the bandstand when he heard a noise from the balcony outside. He and the vampires spun around to see Chaney pulling a bound Davy inside the pad. Davy's hands were bound in front of him, and Chaney had two crowbars in his hand.
"Well, well, what's this?" Domina asked from the shadows.
"I've come back to you guys." Chaney said. "I was just pretending to go along with Holmes so he wouldn't take me to jail, and I even managed to snare the last Monkee!" Chaney pushed Davy in front of him. Davy looked at his friends, not in fear, but in confidence.
"So we're just going to take you back just like that." Alucard smirked.
"Yeah, yeah. Please believe me. I want to see the Monkees dead too."
Domina and Alucard came closer to Davy and Chaney, just like they had hoped.
"NOW DAVY!" Chaney shouted. Davy shucked the ropes off his wrists and held up the silver cross Holmes had given him earlier. Chaney made a cross of the two shiny crowbars in his hands. Immediately Domina and Alucard hissed and backed away from Davy and Chaney. They advanced on the vampires, making them back away from Micky, Mike and Peter. Chaney was right, the one thing vampires still had no defense against was the silver cross. But one thing Davy and Chaney forgot was that Karloff wasn't a vampire and not affected by the crosses. He saw what was happening and pulled his gun out of his pocket.
"I suggest you two put those crosses down, or there'll be one less Monkee here!"
Davy and Chaney looked over and saw Karloff place his gun against Micky's temple. Davy looked at each other in defeat and lowered the crosses.
"Toss them over to the side." Karloff demanded.
Davy and Chaney did so, and were immediately attacked by Domina and Alucard. Davy was gagged and was quickly tied in the same position as his friends. He was pushed down next to a shaking Peter. Despite the pain he was in, Peter bent down and rubbed his forehead against the top of Davy's head, trying to comfort him. Chaney hands were bound in front of him and he was thrown onto the lighter-fluid stained couch.
"This is soooo nice!" Karloff laughed. "Finally, I have all four Monkees in my clutches! I knew the little one would be foolish enough to go after his friends!"
"You won't get away with this, Karloff!" Chaney shouted. "Holmes knows you're here, and he'll stop you!"
"Then I guess I'll have to do this quickly!" Karloff replied. He went over to the kitchen and turned on the stove. He then lit a piece of paper and brought the burning paper over to the bound Monkees. They moaned in their gags, pleading with Karloff not to do it.
"Are you sure I can't have one of them as a vampire?" Domina asked.
"What? And have them chase me and my family looking for revenge? You can bite Chaney if you want, but he probably has weak blood."
Karloff stood over the Monkees, savoring the fear in their eyes.
"Now you'll get to see the destruction of YOUR home as you yourselves are destroyed! Goodbye Monkees!"
Karloff was about to drop the lit paper on the fluid-soaked floor, when the door burst open. It was Holmes with several police officers with their guns drawn.
"Hold it right there, Karloff! You're all under arrest!" Holmes yelled.
"I will have my revenge!" Domina shouted as she lunged for Micky's throat. Alucard went for Mike's throat.
"Fire!" The police chief yelled. Shots rang out and hit Domina and Alucard, but the bullets weren't made of silver, so they had no effect on the two vampires. They simply smiled and bent over Micky and Mike once again...
"The crosses!" Holmes shouted.
The police put their guns away and whipped out large silver crosses. Immediately Domina and Alucard began to scream from all the crosses. They fell to the floor and began to wrinkle like old paper. With inhuman screams, the two vampires, including their clothes and Domina's dreaded whip, turned to dust. It was no trick this time, the two vampires were no more.
Karloff took advantage of the distraction and dropped the lit paper on the floor. The lighter fluid immediately caught fire. The Monkees tried to move away, but were too bound up to move. Chaney stood up and began stomping on the fire to keep it away from the Monkees.
"I've had enough of you!" Chaney shouted and lunged toward Karloff. Karloff pulled out his gun and fired point blank at Chaney's heart. But Chaney's momentum was too great and he knocked Karloff onto the patio. With the last of his strength, Chaney knocked himself and Karloff off the patio railing. Karloff screamed as the two fell twenty feet to the rocks below.
Holmes rushed down the stairs to the fallen men. The other officers put out the fire and untied the four Monkees. Holmes walked over to Karloff and Chaney. Chaney was dead of a gunshot wound to the chest. Karloff was dead of a broken neck. Holmes shook his head and headed back up to the pad.
"What happened to Chaney?" Davy asked as his gag was removed.
Holmes just shook his head. He hoped Chaney found some peace now.
"Thanks, Davy," Peter said. "That was very brave of you."
"I wasn't going to let you fellas die, not after what we went through."
The four Monkees gathered around each other for a group hug. The nightmare was finally over.

A few days later, four tired, sore Monkees were relaxing in their pad. They had been taken to the hospital after their ordeal and treated for their injuries. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries, no broken bones, just plenty of cuts and bruises. Davy was treated for dehydration. Mike walked slowly into the living room and picked the newspaper up off the table.
"Hey, look at this." He said. The other Monkees slowly gathered around. It was a picture of Karloff's castle, now nothing more than rubble. Mike read the story next to the picture.
"The old haunted castle at the local amusement park suddenly collapsed last night after closing time. There were no injuries, but workers going through the rubble found the remains of several people buried in the basement. The previous park owner, Brian Karloff died from a fall a few days before. District Attorney Smith believes several missing persons cases will now be solved because of this gruesome discovery. The current park owner, John Price, was insured and will be compensated for his loss. He is not a suspect in the case."
The four Monkees looked at each other. At least that castle would never be used to hurt anyone again.
"Speaking of compensation," Micky said. "We never got a chance to thank Mr. Holmes for saving us."
Holmes had left the pad quickly after making sure the Monkees were all right.
"I tried calling him up," Peter said, "But his line was disconnected."
"How odd." Davy remarked as the others nodded their heads.
Suddenly the phone rang. Peter, the least injured of the four, got up and answered it. He spoke to whoever it was on the other end, hung up, then came back over to his friends, a huge smile on his face.
"Who was it?" Micky asked.
"It was the owner of the Club Cassandra. He said Mr. Kirshner just called him. Kirshner, by some miracle, has decided to give us another chance to play for him."
The Monkees cheered so loud, they were probably heard in Hawaii!
What the four didn't know was that Holmes, all in white, was watching them through the patio windows. He smiled, spread his wings, and took off into the heavens, his job finally complete.