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Bylaws & Budgets
Our 2004 Bylaws Committee, led by three members of our community, worked for months to rewrite our Bylaws and C&Rs, excluding the developer, including the new State Statutes' requirements and providing thoughtful,  conservative and balanced revisions.  These were presented to the membership with explanations ofr each and passed by the 2005 BoD but have still not been brought to the members for a vote to date (February 2010).
Below, find the current Bylaws, Covenants & Restrictions and the approved revisions to the Bylaws and Covenants & Restrictions yet to be passed by the membership.
The 2004 Board's suggested amount for annual assessments ($489.55 total divided into two amounts due Jan & Jul 2005)reflected and covered the 2005 budget they developed and that which was actually utilized the majority of the 2005 year.  The membership did not approve this proposal with a quorum (six votes short).
The 2005 Board of Directors preferred to adjust the 2005 budget higher (to require a total of $600.00 per year per unit; $500 for the operating budget and $100 for the Road Reserve).  Those members who voted, passed this revised budget on October 18, 2005.
A 2006 proposed budget (continuing at $600 per unit) was sent to members by postal service, as is required by our documents and the meeting to this revised budget was held on January 17, 2006.  The BoD passed this budget at that meeting.
In 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 it was determined there was no need to increase the annual assessments and $600 total was continued as the annual assessment for all members ($100 for Road Reserves plus $500 for annual maintenance of the community).  
The 2009 BoD presented a 2010 budget which reduced the amount we had voted for road reserves from $46,900 to  ~ $35,000 per year.  This reduction was said to be done due to a reassessment of the remaining viability of the road system and how much resurfacing the several miles of roads in SL would cost today.  The remaining monies that had been put in our road reserves is now deposited in the "Deferred Maintenance" fund for other items.  It is unclear to the majority of membership what this fund covers.  The wisdom of this reduction in Road Reserves is still unclear.
A properly noticed budget meeting was held on January 18, 2012 and the 2011-2012 BoD voted unanimously for the 2012 budget as sent to the members by USPS.  Discussion was held about adding "Doubtful Debt" as a category of our budget.  No definition was given for this term, but unrecovered dues, fines and late fees are apparently part of this designation which was stated to be approximently $56,000 at that time.  For highlights of this meeting, click "Community Meetings" in the navagation bar of this website.  A copy of the 2012 association budget and reserve schedule may be obtained from APM.
Members may obtain a current copy of the Treasurers Report through the HOA Treasurer, Pat Kerr.

Current Bylaws

Current Covenants & Restrictions

Revisions to Update and Improve our Bylaws and C&Rs

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