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Does the statue on top of the Capitol dome represent an Indian princess?  What happened to the first shipment of cherry trees delivered to the United States?  A soldier must be how tall to qualify as an "Honor Guard?"  What do the pillars at the World War II Memorial represent?  Who is Kilroy?  How many times has the White House been rebuilt?  Why are the columns that support the Lincoln Memorial tilted inward?  Was George Washington born at Mount Vernon?
JUST THE FACTS ABOUT WASHINGTON, D.C. is a book that answers not only the above questions, it also answers thousands of other questions about 38 historical sites in and around Washington, D.C.  It is in an easy to read format that introduces the reader to the site, describes the individual or event that is being of text to find a single interesting fact. recognized, and culminates by providing specific facts about the site.   EACH SECTION WILL HAVE YOU THINKING "I DIDN'T KNOW THAT!"
JUST THE FACTS ABOUT WASHINGTON, D.C. is written for tourists, educators, students, and trivia buffs who just want an easy to read source of information without having to read several pages
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Price Per Book:  $18.00 (Includes Taxes, Shipping & Handling)
A $1.00 discount per book will be applied for orders of 5 or more.
Mr. Kennedy is available for book signings within the Washington D.C. area.  Please contact him at a.nbooks@earthlink.net.
About the Author

Albert (Abe) Kennedy retired as a chief master sergeant from the United States Air Force after 22 years of service.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in business from Kansas-Newman University, and a Master of Arts degree in business from Central Michigan University.  He also earned an associate's degree as a paralegal from the Community College of the Air Force, and a teaching certification in social studies through the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore.

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