Mission Statement

The Middle East Crisis Response is a group of Hudson Valley residents joined in support of human rights for Palestinians and an end to the US's aggressive policies in the Middle East. We came together initially because of the attack on Gaza and the subsequent invasion and massive bombing of Lebanon during the summer of 2006. We remain equally concerned about the entire range of human rights violations attendant upon the Israeli occupation of Palestine and its sustained campaign of ethnic cleansing directed against the Palestinian people. We deplore the lack of reasoned debate on a subject so vital to the world, as well as the unquestioning acceptance of a U.S./Israel alliance we believe responsible for an immense amount of suffering and injustice.

We believe in the self-determination and inherent dignity of all peoples, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations in 1948. Accordingly, we believe that there can be no real peace without justice. We are opposed to Zionism because it so blatantly violates these values. Therefore we look to fundamentally change the present situation, including the pro-Zionist bias that pervades our government and civil society, thus giving Israel the impunity to commit its continued aggression.  

We embrace non-violent means that include education, strategies of protest and agitation, art, music, theatre and the media, petitioning government and building lines of contact with like-minded people everywhere. Our means and goals are democratic in scope and purpose, and we seek the participation of those whose voices have been silenced or distorted by the U.S. government and corporate media.