What YOU can do to promote peace in Woodstock

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military industry to peaceful, sustainable production.

These are a few of the weapons systems that, according to the manufacturers, contain components made in Woodstock, NY by Ametek Rotron Military and Aerospace Products:

M2A3 tank, Sadr City, Iraq, 2003

US F-15 and F-16 aircraft in Operation Desert Storm

Muliple Launch Rocket System

M113 Armored Personnel Carriers enforcing Israel's occupation of the West Bank

Letter to the Woodstock Town Board from concerned local residents

To the Town Board of Woodstock:

We are residents of Woodstock and the surrounding communities. We are keen to promote a sustainable, peaceful economy for Woodstock.

We are surprised and dismayed to learn that Woodstock's largest manufacturing facility - according to its own promotional materials - makes components for many weapons systems. Some of these weapons systems are being used to commit major violations of international law.

We'd like to know exactly what weapons systems have components that are made in Woodstock. We believe that the people of Woodstock can and should work together with local businesspeople and the town government to create a local economy that is sustainable and ethical. We all benefit from a thriving and useful economy that contributes to the solution of the grave crises we face - environmental, economic and security crises. Producing more gas-guzzling military machines only makes all the crises worse.

Converting weapons manufacturing to peaceful and environmentally positive products represents an economic opportunity and an investment in the future. Research has shown that conversion from military to peaceful production can be done without jeopardising jobs. For example, a recent study by two researchers at the University of Massachusetts Political Economy Research Institute indicates that investment in education or mass transit systems yields more than twice as many jobs as the same amount invested in the military.

In particular, we are very concerned that our community may be contributing to the manufacture of weapons systems that are used to violate international law. International law requires us to put an end to our community's involvement in such violations.

You are the representatives of a town associated worldwide with peace. We are proud of your willingness to take a leadership role in addressing global problems such as climate change. We are asking you to work with everyone in the community, including its manufacturers, to:

  1. ascertain exactly what weapons components are manufactured and serviced in Woodstock.
  2. facilitate a public discussion of the role we want our town to play in the military-industrial sector.
  3. formulate a policy on weapons manufactures within the town, and promote sustainable, ethical production.

The facility we are concerned about is owned by Ametek Rotron Military and Aerospace Products, a division of Ametek Inc. This facility, on Hasbrouck Lane in Woodstock, apparently makes both civilian and military products. Our concern is, of course, not with the facility's non-military production.

Among the many weapons systems that - according to the company's promotional materials - include Rotron components are:

  • AH-64 Apache Longbow attack helicopter, widely used in the occupation of Iraq.
  • F-15, F-16, and F/A-18F aircraft, used in the illegal invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Operation Desert Storm; also used by governments with long records of human rights violations such as Pakistan and Indonesia.
  • Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS), used to fire cluster bombs: by the US in Iraq and by Israel in Lebanon in 2006.
  • M2 Bradley tank, used in Operation Iraqi Freedom.
  • M113 Armored Personnel Carrier. 5500 of these are used by Israel to enforce its illegal occupation of the West Bank.
  • Challenger tank (UK), used in the invasion of Iraq.

It is not within our knowledge which of these products are made in Woodstock as opposed to the company's other facility in El Cajon, California. Further examples of weapons systems for which Ametek Rotron Military and Aerospace Products claims to make components are:

  • Military Transport: Lockheed C-130, C-130J, C-5; Alenia G-222
  • Military Attack/Fighter: Boeing AV-8B, F-18; Eurofighter EF2000; Lockheed F-22, F-117; Mitsubishi/Lockheed F-2; Northrop B-2; IAI Rafael [Israel Aircraft Industries]; Alenia/Aermacchi/Embraer AMX; Dassault Rafale
  • Military helicopters include: RAH-66 Comanche, Eurocopter Tiger
  • Merkava: the main battle tank of the Israel Defense Forces
  • TARES Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (Germany)
  • VBL (French light armored vehicle)
  • Crusader self-propelled howitzer
  • LAV (Light Armored Vehicle): a mainstay of US Marine forces in Iraq
  • MESAR2 , a now-obsolete component of Ballistic Missile Defense

We look forward to working with you on a community partnership to foster a sustainable and peaceful Woodstock.