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I've been creating bronze sculptures, hand-printed lithographs, and greeting cards with reproductions of my lithographs for the past 30 years in Philadelphia, Santa Fe, and in the San Francisco Bay area. I received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of New Mexico in 1988 and a Master of Fine Arts from the University of North Dakota in 1997. I began teaching in 1986 and taught Lithography at Kala Institute in Berkeley for 10 years.

I've been exhibiting my work for the past 3 decades in galleries and other venues. Currently, I have work on display at the Arts and Crafts Cooperative, Inc. gallery, or ACCI, in Berkeley. I've participated in over 130 regional and national exhibitions including 6 solo exhibitions. I've received recognition for my work including the Change Grant awarded by Robert Rauschenberg, David White, Bradley Jeffries, James Rosenquist, Theodore Kheel, and Denise LeBeau. I've also received 4 awards, 3 scholarships, 2 commendations, and 1 Artist-in-Residence appointment. My work is in the collections of the University of California (Berkeley) Graphic Arts Loan Collection, the Artship Foundation in Oakland, the Kala Institute in Berkeley, the University of North Dakota, and the University of New Mexico Fine Art Museum's Permanent Prints Collection.

I've worked as a professional lithography printer on other artists' work as well as printing my own work. I've worked at Shidoni Foundry and Gallery in New Mexico and Artworks Foundry and Gallery in California, 2 of the largest American fine art foundries, casting other artists' works as well as my own. My favorite part of casting is being a member of a pour crew and pouring molten bronze. Currently, I work on my art in my studio in Richmond. I also started making jewelry and greeting cards recently. You can find my jewelry work on Etsy at and my greeting cards on Cafe Press at

I've been affiliated with many different artists' organizations over the years. I'm currently a member of ACCI in Berkeley, California. A variety of my work has been published including poems, a play, graphic illustrations, lithographs, and photographs of sculptures. Several articles on my work have also been published.

If you would like to purchase my work, find out about current exhibitions, or if you have any other questions please contact me via email at

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