I was going to have a group shot of some random customs of mine for my (most likely as the figures are now in storage)  final front page image but I figure this CustomCon 16 collaboration of the Zodiac Cartel from way back in the day between Adam Hammond, David Harris, Ken of Mattman's, Andy Rallis and myself (my contribution was Pisces and Cancer on the far right) would be more appropriate as it was a fun team-up with my fellow 5" Marvel customizers.  It was an honor and a pleasure gentlemen, hope you all are doing well.  Previous front page images were the Decepticons, Autobots, X-Men Villains, Spiderman Villains, Cosmic Powers, Thor Universe, Avengers and Iron Man Armors.

Welcome to Al's Action Figures!  This site is mostly my tribute to one of the greatest action figure lines ever, the various Marvel superhero series made by Toybiz in the 90s.  These 5" scale figures were the precursor to the current Marvel Legends series (now made by Hasbro) and although over 300 unique characters were made, many more were left out.  I customize or buy customs from others as needed to fill out the gaps in my collection. 

Marvel 5" Scale - View my customs by team or group affiliation ( i.e. Avengers or X-Men).  This also shows the recipes for the customs

Custom Index  - View the customs individually, this is where you'd go if you want to see a particular character

What's New - The latest additions to the site, including new customs or group sections.  As I introduce new customs I'll tend to have a little info on the character here

Unreleased Figures - Figures that Toybiz and other companies never made beyond the prototype stage or which changed significantly upon release.  I really wanted all of them!

My 5" Marvel Toybiz collection -  My entire Marvel action figure and custom collection  in an IKEA display case

Links - These sites all have inspired me one way or another, many different custom styles represented as well as toy news and forums

Special thanks to customizers Chris, Cool Custom King, and Mattman -  from seeing their work at the custom section of uncannyxmen.net - now moved to www.thehouseofideas.net  (thanks to Mark Bowers for the excellent job in showing the customs) I got the desire to make  customs for my own collection.  

Disclaimer:  All recognizable Marvel logos are copyright Marvel Comics, a subsidiary of Marvel Entertainment Group, Inc, and are used without permission, but at no profit to me or anyone else involved with my site.