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A new update, 6/25/15.
Recently, in July of this year, 2015, we submitted a new notarized apostille to the Russian Federation, through its NY Consulate, the official government of the Russian people. It was returned - minus the $200 fee, by the way - after about six months. I do not know if the NY office even sent it to Moscow.
In any event, the news from Russia is that there is a proposal to invite all Romanovs living abroad to return and settle in palaces previously owned by Tsar Nicholas 2nd, prior to 1917. The impostor, Maria Vladimirovich, wants an official royal reception just for her and her family. Previously Patriarch Kirill has refused to elevate her to the Russian throne. The plan, which we have proposed previously to the RF is to return a Romanov Tsar to Russia from a direct descendant of Tsar Nicholas 2nd in order to unify the country and bring peace to its borders with Orthodox countries including the Ukraine. My family is the only one which can fill this purpose.
The Patriarch has publicly renounced the self styled ' Grand Duchess ' Maria Vladimirovich and her son George from ever ascending to the Russian throne she and her traitorous great grandfather Cyril, now deceased, had coveted for so long. With this denunciation he raises hope for the rebuilding of a holy Russian monarchy through the legitimate descendants of Tsar Nicholas 2nd as shown on this website.
Our recent apostille seeked to apprise the Russian Federation and his holiness that there always has been a pretender to the throne of Tsar Nicholas 2nd and his wife the Empress Alexandra through the children of his daughters Olga N. Romanov and Anastasia N. Romanov. Presently, I am, without contest, the only legitimate pretender by divine right to the Russian Royal throne of Tsar Nicholas 2nd. I cannot make this claim under the Pauline laws of ascension until the RF agrees to the genetic studies on my grandmothers - so they can convince themselves that I and my family are the direct blood descendant through his daughters Olga N. and Anastasia N. Romanov.
I have presented, for some time now, the following information on this website as partial proof for my claim. 
The following series of photographs and genetic info will show without a doubt the survival of Tsar Nicholas 2nd's family in exile.

Below are photos of my grandmother Josephine and Anastasia Romanov. One and the same person.


She has the same face as my maternal gmother Josephine.

This picture was taken with her young family.

These photographs provide indisputable anthropological evidence that the Russian Royal family of Tsar Nicholas 2nd did infact survive their supposed 'murder' in 1918.
I believe that Empress Alexandra and her three children Olga N., Anastasia N., and their brother Alexie N. Romanov did survive after 1918 and lived a rich life in exile.

Anna Vyrubova and Rasputin on the left. Anna V.& Alexandra (my Great grandmother Angela) after 1918.

Young Anastasia and my maternal grandmother, Josephine, on the right. Same person!

Clearly the two photos are the same person!

Grand uncle Francesco( Alexei ) left and a photo of a young Alexei( right). The same person.

The above photo, on the right, is that of Grand Duke Alexei N. Romanov. On the left is the photo of my grand uncle Francesco. Clearly the two photographs depict the same individual.Every part of each other's faces is identical even though their ages are different in these photos. Grand uncle(Alexei)Francesco is in military uniform.

People attributed Alexei's periodic healing to Rasputin's magic. Everyone thought he had hemophilia and everyone thought that only Rasputin could heal him and were amazed since hemophilia was so deadly. The fact of the matter was that Alexei never had hemophilia but rather a genetic illness inherited from either Queen Victoria or George 3rd called ' Porphyria '. We know that George 3rd had it and since Alexei's grandfather was Edward 7th a descendant of George 3rd Alexei could have inherited it from him. Also I have provided info suggesting that Alexandra, Edward's wife and not Alice, Edward's sister, was the real mother of Empress Alexandra and as such did not carry the hemophilia gene. Therefor Alexei did not have hemophilia but had porphyria. If you google it you will see all the symptoms Alexei displayed as a child.

Grand uncle Francesco( Alexei ) had two children a son and daughter. The son, Gigi, unfortunately in 1/2006 Gigi had a bad car accident. After all these years, he was mostly bed ridden due to that accident. I regret to inform all of you that Gigi has succumbed to his injuries and passed away earlier last year, 2012, reports his daughter Alvera. His son Francesco and grandson live on, thank you for your prayers.

A recent MtDNA study verifies that ( Alexei's ) granduncle Francesco's mother is truly Empress Alexandra but he is not of the Romanov male line. The Y Chromosome study done on his son Francesco proved that without question. Reports that Alexandra had an affair with Count or General Orlov to produce a male heir for Tsar Nicholas 2nd are therefore true. It becomes clear now why Tsar Nicholas abdicated for Alexei as well as for himself since Alexei could not legitimately ascend the Russian throne. It also becomes very necessary now to undertake a paternity test on my grandmothers Josephine ( Anastasia ), and Concetta ( Olga ) to prove that they are of the Royal line of Tsar Nicholas 2nd. My cousin Francesco, therefore, cannot ascend to the Romanov throne although he is, legitimately, Empress Alexandra's great grandson simply because he is not of Romanov descent.
To restate;
My granduncle Francesco is the Tsarevich Alexei N. Romanov. His MtDNA is from Queen Alexandra of England his true grandmother, and not Princess Alice of England, this has been already stated elsewhere in this site. His grandfather is King Edward 7th of England, Queen Alexandra's husband and Princess Alice's brother. BUT, he is not of the Romanov line. I have no reason to misrepresent the truth here because the truth is the truth wherever it leads. I still, without a doubt, believe that I and my family are the true descendants of Grand Duchesses Anastasia and Olga N. Romanov. 
A paternity test on them conducted officially by the Russian Federation and the Orthodox Church now becomes paramount for them to disprove the above claim.

( Publishing or using photos in this web page by any member of the public, for any reason other that personal non commercial use is prohibited by Joseph LoPresti, the owner of these photographs.)

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I am glad that Dr. Alec Knight's work cast doubt on the validity of the results presented by the British and Russian forensic teams concerning the MtDNA profiles published by them.

It is unimaginable to think how any self respecting scientist, undertaking this task, would not question the total mishandling of evidence obtained from the grave site at the Koptiaky forest. It is clear that the gravesite was handled many times over the years without proper supervision and accountability of the evidence. The site was not protected and preserved. This allowed for possible addition of new samples which would cause these unsuspecting researchers to reach an engineered result. (see DNA evidence)

It is clear then that the real Romanov remains were very possibly not in the gravesite at the Koptiaky forest.

The work completed by the Dr. Gill and Prof. Ivanov teams was accurate and true and their credibility should not be questioned. These men were not to blame. The question that should be asked is did they have the correct samples given to them to work on? I believe not! The documentation on this site will prove they did not have the correct samples given to them to work on.


This web site is dedicated to the Russian people and Russia the land they love.

On the left of the page you will find Alexie and my grand uncle and the same person.

The following photos are of Olga N. Romanov. The photo on the top right is that of my paternal grandmother Concetta. Photo was taken in 1952, as indicated by the photographer's stamp. Concetta wrote on the back that she was 57 years old the year the photo was taken. This would mean she was born in 1895 like Olga was. They are clearly the same person.

These photos is of Olga N. Romanov. My paternal gmother Concetta at top right.

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Those responsible, who have continued to try and hide the truth of the Royal Family's escape to freedom in 1918, must be forced to tell the truth to the world! Thanks for your help.

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