Anastasia Romanov and the Russian Royal Family. A celebration that they escaped and lived!
More photos of the Russian Royal Family who escaped the Communist ' massacre '.
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Photos of our family and friends. The story continues....


Compare the following photos. Empress Alexandra on the left and my mother Angela on the right. Notice the similar familial traits.

Family traits, according to Dr. T. Melton, geneticist, are genetic.

The following rare photos are of those who helped in our planned disappearance.

Eitel Fredrick, Kaiser Wilhelm II 's son on left.
Emanuele's brother 'Orazzio' on right - same person as Eitel!


These photos, above and left, show clearly Prince Eitel son of Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany, taken after 1918, at which period the Kaiser had been dethroned. Prince Eitel is sitting among whom he reports ( in writing on the back of the photo) to be his family members. The person on the far left is my grandfather Emanuele, Anastasia's husband. The photo was taken near Boston, USA.

The author ' Guy Richards' was correct when he reported from copies of lines from the 'Chivers Papers', which are still unavailable to the public largely due, as Richards concluded, by the efforts of the then Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, that Kaiser Wilhelm was the one who helped the Imperial Romanov family disappear. For more information on the 'Chivers Papers' read Richard's book, ' The Rescue of the Romanovs ', 1975.

When one reads Richard's book he is clear, from the Chivers Papers that the Tsar believed that there was a conspiracy among influential Jews around the world and within Russia in the early 1900's dedicated to the overthrow of the Russian Monarchy. No-doubt the treatment of Jews not only in Russia at the time but around the world had something to do with the activism displayed by them.

It is interesting to note here that Henry Kissinger is also Jewish. If one reads his telephone conversations in the period of his tenure as Secretary of State, recently released by the FOI request ( go to FOI US State Department...I don't have the direct link right now), one would see how Kissinger does all he can to participate and promote Jewish affairs through the power of his office not just for Israel but also for influential Jewish organizations within this country.

Under the circumstances I wonder if there was any basis for the Tsar's fears on this since Lenin and Trotsky were both Jewish. Guy Richards, in the above book, expresses his concern that the truth of the disappearance of the Imperial family has extended its arm to a Jewish native son in Henry Kissinger well beyond the Tsar's own death. How tragic if his account is true. It must be mentioned here that the Jewish race has, as a whole, had nothing to do with the Tsar's dethroning. Both of these Zionists, Lenin and Trotsky, were Communists and thus a disgrace to their own God fearing race as were Americans Paul Wurburg, and Schiff, Zionist bankers providing 200 miliion dollars and soldiers for the Russian Zionist revolution against the RussianTsar whose objections to the establishment of the State of Israel had to be eliminated by force.

I appeal to Mr. Kissinger to forget any prejudices he might have and employ his influence on the current U.S. Secretary of State Kerry to remove his ban on the release of these important 'Chivers Papers ' immediately!

Emanuele on the right. Notice the Kaiser's short left arm and his usual cigarette on his right hand.

My grandfather Emanuele and Prince Eitel Friedrick considered each other brothers. When they both lived in Massachusets Prince Eitel went by the name 'Orazzio'. Grandfather Emanuele was married to my grandmother Josephine (Anastasia Nicholaevna Romanov).

At left is a photo of Kaiser Wilhelm II taken with my grandfather Emanuele. It is the best quality photo I could get.

These photos prove to me that the Kaiser and his family definitely had something to do with the Romanov's planned disappearance. These photos are authentic of my family members and the Kaiser and his family.

Notice the Kaiser is dressed in a common suite. This is because it was taken after he was exiled, after 1918. His left arm is smaller than his right arm because the Kaiser's left arm was withered at a young age. Also notice his signature cigarette in his right hand. The Kaiser took many photos with this same pose and cigarette in his right hand. I have an image of the Kaiser in uniform in this same pose.

I have uncovered more photos of one other in a line of many who helped my family escape. Below you will find a photo of George Sergius Romanovsky otherwise known as Prince Leuchtenberg. 


Authors Gretchen Haskin and Guy Richard's both mention Romanovsky helped the Tsar escape.

There is no question that the photo of Prince Leuchtenberg next to Alexei, ie, my Grand Uncle Francesco, on his left, gives additional documented proof that other nobles and royals did infact help my family, the Romanovs, escape from their supposed ' murderers ' in 1918.