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Researched and Compiled by:  Alicia Jensen  -  with about a million people to Thank!

Some of these people include:

My late grandmother, Thelma Bennett, who had compiled a small Genealogy of her own;
my dad, the late Marvin Bennett; and his sister, my aunt, Joan Gilchrist - both of whom I'd 'bugged' with questions;
Lucille MaderClifford Newsham;  Schelly Talalay Dardashti;

Brian Wreglesworth for ordering BMD certificate after certificate and for having what turns out to be a Great Investigative Brain!
Dawn Simnick, Marion McGinn, and Shirley Widra
for the wonderful bouncing of ideas, tidbits of Family Lore, photos, and just for acting like Family!

My Uncle Danny and Auntie Ilene, for the relaying of many family stories - both the good and the bad.

And to EVERYONE not mentioned who has EVER helped and shown an interest...

Additionally, I need to send Special THANKS out to my SISTERS
- Sacha, Reesa and Trish -
all who have been very supportive and helpful with feed back, suggestions and ideas and just plain enthusiasm!

Dedicated with Special Rememberances to:

my dad, Marvin (MADER) BENNETT
- without whom I would have never found the Maders, and who I still have a million questions for -
We All Miss you, DAD!;
and his mother, my grandmother, Thelma (POTTER) BENNET ;

my mother, Maureen (Wohl) Bennett;
and both of her parents, "Papa" Louis Wohl  and  "Nanny"Ann Wohl
- who finally started talking about her family and got me started 'in the Old Country';

~as long as their names are still spoken...they will live forever~

This is a photo of the Cedric,
built for the White Star Line in 1902 by Harland & Wolff, Belfast.
This ship first brought my mother's grandfather,
Jacob TALALAY / Jack TAYLOR to the United States in 1914.
Ironically, this same ship also carried my father's mother to visit family in England in 1924.

Thank you to all the "Listers" of the various Genealogy Mail Lists that I subscribe to...
You have answered many questions, performed Numerous searches, and given Priceless Advice

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