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The following links are to a few of the writers whose work I admire and whose friendship I value:

Rosemary Daniell: author of eight books of memoir, fiction, poetry, and, essays; writing teacher extraordinaire; life coach; and my beautiful sister.

Cortney Davis, NP: a leading nurse writer, prize-winning poet, memoirist, and editor of nursing anthologies.

Judy Schaefer, RNC, MA: : nurse practitioner, outstanding author, editor, lecturer, teacher, and advocate for patients and nurses. 

Paula Sergi, RN, BSN: poet, editor and wonderful recorder of nurses’ stories.

Anne Lovett: a member of the Zona Rosa Workshop, fiction writer of great range, book reviewer for Georgia Writers Association.

Barbara Knott: editor of the online magazine The Grapevine;  fiction writer, and playwright of The Keepers of the Fire: Native Americas at Etowah.

Diane Thomas: author of The Year the Music Changed.

Donny Bailey Seagraves: author of the children's book, Gone from These Woods, to be released by Norton's this summer.



Josilyn Jackson: author of three compelling novels: Gods in Alabama, Between, Georgia, and The Girl Who Stopped Swimming.




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