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These poems are wise in the ways of this sad old world, this gorgeous and mysterious sad old world. Anne Webster brings us along with her on nurses' rounds where students "learn how to poke needles in oranges and in roommates," and where a coronary bypass patient summons a wayward finger. She also brings us to childhood houses, games of Spin the Bottle, and a Germany where the speaker "spits consonants like tacks."  Capable, confident, observant, and witty, Webster is an excellent guide. How lucky we are to be able to trail her on her rounds.

Beth Ann Fennelly, author of Unmentionables, Tender Hooks,
and Great with Child: Letters
 to a Young Mother


These are gutsy life-experience poems from a nurse-poet who knows "the forces that bend people like trees under a wet spring snow." Read these poems again and again to get to the truth--the whole truth of how her life was and how her life remains. Here, in strong poems, is a complex life fully exposed.

Judy Schaefer, RNC, MA, author of Harvesting the Dew
editor of The Poetry of Nursing: Poems and Commentaries
 of Leading Nurse-Poets
(Kent State University, 2006)
co-editor, Between the Heartbeats and

Intensive Care: More Poetry and Prose by Nurses


Anne Webster, in poems both raw and redeeming, lets us walks beside her as she enters the many worlds she inhabits as nurse, daughter, wife, mother, traveler and, perhaps most poignantly, as patient. This poet has a keen eye and a special gift: the ability to interweave tragedy with a cheeky determination to survive, and empathy with humor. These poems, with their delightfully surprising and gritty images, are the observations of a true nurse--one who has been there, who has seen and done those things, and who would, without a moment’s hesitation, rush to save us.”        

Cortney Davis, author of I Knew a Woman:
Four Women Patients and Their Female Caregiver,
Leopold’s Maneuvers,
and Details of Flesh,
co-editor of Intensive Care: More Poetry
and Prose by Nurses


Anne Webster's powerful collection resonates with the voice of one who has stood witness to suffering.  Like lamps held aloft in the darkness, these startling poems illuminate hidden truths about childhood, love, loss, and the caring inherent to human relationships.

Sayantani DasGupta, MD MPH author of Her Own Medicine: A Woman's
Journey from Student to Doctor
and co-editor of Stories of Illness
and Healing: Women Write their Bodies


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ISBN: 978-1-933483-27-7
Pages: 85
Year Published: 2008

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