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One generation ago, in 1947, Carl Baker's father built Aurora Stables as the original livery stable near the Lowry Airforce Base.Originally, the location was considered rural, but since then, the city of Aurora grew up in the surrounding pasture lands.

The location is uniquely situated in an area that is predominately sandy soil. Carl's father was thinking ahead when he chose the site. This naturally occurring sand makes for excellent footing.

Recently, the front and back barns were fully renovated, offering new and improved ammenties. We have added a new outdoor barn and are rennovating two other outdoor barns on the property. The addition of Equit-flex material was added to the indoor arena making the footing even more superior for horse training.

Over the years, the barn has remained small by choice. Carl and Laura Baker still actively run the stables with their daughter Stacey Swink.

We hope you join the family!

Sculpture by artist, Reven Marie Swanson

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