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Equine Resources and Recommendations

We design training programs suited to the individual horse and rider. That may include private lessons on the flat or jumping. It may include training rides on your respective horse.

The private lessons are a part of a training program designed specifically for the individual and horse. All different levels and abilities are suitable to begin a training program.

The training programs are designed as a monthly program. Fees are based on monthly rates.

The lessons start at $30 for a lesson. Use of a horse and is an additional $15 per hour ($45 total). Once the student has reached a comfortable skill level, practice days without the lesson fee may be awarded. There is a fee to use the horse tack on practice days.

We offer private clinics for those who wish to trailer their horses to our facility for training. Rates for lessons start at $40 per hour and will include other fees for trailer and stalls.

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