by David Braden

Sound Poems

Visual Poems


Samplings and other textual manipulations:
Poems created from found text that has been extracted and/or  been put through a text randomizer.  Sources include song lyrics,  the Oxford English Dictionary, and children's books.

Blueberries for Mothra
Default- a web poem
Complicated Monster References
Dictionalia Beach (published in the on line journal moria)
The Obsolete Vagaries of Dinah ( published in the on-line journal Aught)
By Gentle Concussion (appearing in Word/For Word)
Time Out in Alive Spaces
Broken Country  + Western Variations
Christjet Kneeling  
Sough              (published in sidreality #2)

Media Poems
Poems inspired by cinema and mass media culture

In the Mad Professor's House - variations on a theme by Roger Corman
Godzilla Return

Other Poems:
Everything But The Music     (published in Poethia: writing on-line)
Seeing Coolidge Read

Printed Publications: Stone Country, Green Zero, SPIT, Blood Over Oil, Red Dancefloor, Protea Poetry Journal, The Gopherwood Review, Verve

On-line publications:

Shampoo #8
Poethia: writing on-line




Word for Word

muse-apprentice guild 

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