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"I despise narcissism, but approve of vanity."
              Diana Vreeland--former editor of Vogue











          Last month Deborah (my BBF—Best Bombshell Friend) and I went shopping in Austin. We were at Saks looking at handbags. We both wanted to invest in a new leather bag and we thought about me getting a black bag and Deborah getting a tan bag, agreeing to exchange when we needed to coordinate with an outfit.


          As we shopped around, we became very discouraged. The bags were ridiculously big, bulky and loaded with hardware and obnoxious logos. And there wasn’t a bag there for under $1,200. To me, the bags were the equivalent of a “monster truck” at a tractor derby.


          The next night after our shopping trip, my dear friend Marilyn visited me in a dream with a message. Marilyn and I worked together years ago for a small French cosmetic company. We were very good friends and she was my Bombshell Guru. Unfortunately I lost her to cancer a few years ago. In my dream she was looking very chic as always and she told me to forget buying one of those over priced designer bags. She then showed me a simple and classic black and tan leather tote and said I could get it for about $30. It was perfect! She then went on to give me a fashion lesson on handbags. She told me to stop carrying a shoulder bag. “Why? I have been carrying a shoulder bag for decades!” She demonstrated how a shoulder bag throws your body off center therefore ruining your posture. She also showed me how the shoulder bag added 10 pounds on me, remove the shoulder bag and I instantly lost 10 pounds. Amazing!


          She then told me to lighten up and get an envelope clutch in the black/tan combo and only carry in it a credit card, comb, lipstick and a small tin of Altoids. She demonstrated how much more chic and elegant it was to carry just a clutch bag. Then she showed me how to slip it in the tote. In the tote she suggest carrying a clear bag with other essentials such as extra glasses, small lint roller, Handi-Wipes, coupons, etc.


          She advised me to carry the tote when I would be shopping all day in one place such as the Galleria and to slip my purchases in my tote. As much fun as it is to carry luxury brand shopping bags, she told me that it looked clumsy and would make me a target for criminals. She said to carry the tote by my side to keep the lines of my body straight and slim. Then when lunching in a restaurant, place the tote next to my chair and just reach in to retrieve my clutch bag to get my credit card. That’s much more elegant than digging through a loaded down handbag. “Besides, this is what all of the top models do” she said to me.


          After this great lesson on handbags, Marilyn left. I woke up happy that I got to visit with her but she forgot to tell me where I could find that tote for only $30. However, I went to my closet and found the clutch bag that she showed me. It was my old Diane von Furstenberg black and tan clutch that Diane gave me when I worked for her in the seventies. What a great discovery!


          About a week later, I went to Target to pick up a few beauty products. As I was rolling my big red cart down the aisle, I saw the tote from my Marilyn dream. There it was…the perfect tote by Merona for $29.99. I couldn’t believe it! I thanked Marilyn immediately. On the way home, I could see Marilyn “up there” drinking a martini with those Bombshell models from the fifties exchanging juicy gossip.


          Now the question is….Am I a medium for Bombshells delivering fashion tips from the other side???




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Beverly with Marilyn 2003