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          Imagine walking down a city street and someone invites you into their beautiful home. You walk up the impressive marble stair case and you are led into a huge room containing beautiful art, sculptures, antiquities and jewelry. You cannot believe that someone is showing you, a stranger, all of their beautiful treasures.


          This is not a fantasy. You can do this in any major city world wide. It’s called a museum and this is where the city displays their treasures for all to see. If you stop to think about it, it’s an unbelievable privilege that anyone can enjoy.


          To truly enjoy a museum in one’s own city or anywhere else, you need to do a little research first. Start by going online to the museum website that you want to visit. Look to see what exhibits are on display, what art is in their permanent collection and do they have any special events going on when you plan to visit. I recommend that you get on your local museum’s mailing list so you know what’s going on at any time. For me, I love to buy the DK Eye Witness Travel Guides for cities I plan to visit. These guides are very informative and visually beautiful. It even shows you a diagram of the museum so you know which floor you want to go to in advance.


          Once I have decided what I want to see, I lay out my plan. Usually I’m there to see a special exhibit so I start with that first. Because this is art that I have never seen before in person, I allow myself at least two hours. Depending on the popularity of the exhibit, you need to factor in the crowds. After this, I’m tired and famished so I head to the museum café. I have never had a bad meal at a museum café anywhere in the world. The food is what I describe as fast gourmet, reasonably priced and the surrounding environment is always pleasant. They also serve wine which is a plus for me. Now that I’m rested and nourished, I take a quick peek of my favorite pieces in the permanent collection. Sometimes there is a wing of the museum dedicated to a particular patron’s collection. If I’m a fan of their collection, I will take a look. Finally, I stop off at the gift shop. I usually buy only postcards because I can get the books for less on Amazon. Then I end my day walking through the museum’s gardens which usually have sculptures displayed with the landscape.


          Next time you have guest in town, show them your treasures. Now you can tour a museum anywhere in the world like a pro.



Obviously wear comfortable shoes.

Don’t dress sloppy—dress artsy.

Look for unique gifts in the gift shop. I have a beautiful Kandinsky scarf that I love to wear.

Wished you bought that scarf at the gift shop? Just go online and buy it. If it’s not online, call the gift shop and they will be happy to send it to you.

Buy extra post cards to send or give to your art loving friends.

Plan to frame your post cards and maybe display it on your desk the month of artist’s birthday.



pablo's "Intimate" in collector's Santa Fe home

Commissioned work by pablo on Dallas estate