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Recent Events !!!
"Last Monday night(12/15/03), we experienced another "odd" smell like crap in the trailer, and when my son stepped out on the porch, he came in to tell me about it smelling that way outside. I jumped out of the shower and got dressed. We went outside with spotlight in hand and walked all around the immediate area, but saw nothing. Then Thursday morning (12/18/03) my daughter heard what she described as a very female like scream around 6am when she took the 5 month old black lab out for his morning bathroom break. Each shreek, or scream lasted between 5 and 10 seconds with a small break between the 3 of them. Then later around 7:45am as she was walking up our long drive to the end to be picked up for school, she heard it twice more, off in a woods to our west/southwest. It really freaked her out.
I've seen nothing familiar this time like the first two encounters: the limb being placed up in the apple tree pointing to the east. I have a game cam in a tree along our drive where I believe he's come thru before. I'm just wondering though IF these owl sounds were really owls this morning, or two of them (BF)communicating with each other. It was unusual to hear one (an owl) in the first place, but the fact they didn't start until the car was running, then stopped as abruptly as the car left, well, that is just weird... unless that's what owls do. <?>
Any thoughts?
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Christmas Eve. 2003 - found 75w. bulb in porch light fixture had been turned/screwed halfway out. Globe on fixture was on tight and screw holding it on needed pliers to loosen it for me to remove it.
Christmas Day Evening 2003 - porch light out again, this time found it was in all the way, just "burned out". Started to change it with my daughter’s help, when back to the east of the trailer at our sheds we heard very large "crash" kind of sound. To me, sounded like someone rummaging thru stuff, picked up large object and just threw it back down. We both ran back into trailer, I put my shoes on, grabbed spot light and pistol… we went up with in 20 or so feet of sheds and looked around. Saw no obvious signs of things scattered or damage.
Later, around 1:am on Friday morning, (7 hours later) my oldest son (17 yrs. old) came down to wake me up and tell me heard a large, loud noise out around the tractor and sheds only seconds before. I asked if he looked: he said "NO, I didn’t want to." The sound he described was the basic, "sounded like something was thrown into or on the tractor" beside the shed. Once morning came, we walked around and looked the area over. No signs of anything moved or disturbed. At that point, we did observe 3 or 4 pieces of different sized lumber leaning up against the back of the shed, on the opposite side view from out the trailer. We laid them back down to see if they wind up being put back up again. No other observations made that didn’t seem normal.
Saturday, December 27, 2003 – Around 5a.m. Xxxxxxx comes down and wakes me up to tell me he’s been chatting online and playing PS2 in his room all night. Just a minute or two before he came down, he heard the sound of "something breathing heavy" outside his window… it only lasted 5, 6, or 7 seconds at the most then seemed to stop. He equated it with a person who might have asthma and was having trouble breathing, or a person who had just got done running. I immediately got up, put shoes on and got my glasses on. We’ve been leaving all lights off at night now, so I started looking out my windows for a few minutes, made my way thru the kitchen and looked south and north thru those windows, then went to the east end of the trailer where his room is and observed the tractor and shed area for several minutes. Obviously we saw nothing. I asked him if he looked outside immediately after hearing the sound and he gave me "the look" and said no. I asked why: He said he didn’t WANT to see what might have been out there.
In the early afternoon, we were getting ready to leave for Warsaw to watch a movie and do some things. We started walking around looking for tracks in the mud/snow. It was in the mid-40’s today, so things are sloppy out there. There was a large track that had pretty much turned to mush that we could no longer make out, but it certainly wasn’t clear if it was a foot or boot... just "larger than usual". Over near the shed and tractor, we found a patch of snow in the shade of the shed that wasn’t melted yet. While we didn’t find any BIG footprints, we DID find this small print. The picture isn’t very descriptive in detail, but when you got down and looked at it from a few inches away, it really appeared that at the toe end, it wasn’t just rounded like the tip of a shoe or boot, but in the ice/snow that was compressed under the tip(s), there was the distinct outline and form of 5 individual toe indications. We left for the day and came back right at sundown to look at the print again, but the upper 40’s temps had already melted everything down to where you see it is in this last picture. We couldn’t even determine ourselves where in the patch of snow the print had been. Here’s the series of pictures I took, then followed by the overall layout taken around 5:30pm when the patch had melted too much to view anything significant.
SUNDAY 12-28-2003   Tonight, right at sundown, I put two small buckets out with 5 whole apples, 1 sliced apple, 1 pair, and 1/2 sliced pair, 1 whole banana and 1/2 peeled banana in each bucket, then tied one about 6 feet off the ground near the sheds, and the other one in the apple tree where we've had the other "limb" things happen. I cut slots out of the sides of each bucket so water would drain out, and for the smell of the cut banana,apple and pair to get out better. The apple tree bucket is in plain view of my tree-cam with a new roll of 35mm color film in it... and when I go to bed tonight, I"m going to leave the video camera tucked below the boys curtains in night mode pointed out toward the sheds. Based on line of sight, you can barely makeout from their window where it's hanging in the tree there. It's a long shot I know, but I have to try "something", and the little footprint REALLY makes me think there "could be" a young one with mama still here, and maybe that is singularly the reason she hasn't moved on. In any case, I'll check the buckets when I leave for work in the morning and of an evening. I just hope I don't hit another dry spell where absolutely nothing happens, but we'll keep our eyes open and keep hoping!
AFTER THE FACT:  We checked Xxxxxxx's shoe size to compare to the small footprint. Her tennis shoe from heel to toe is 10 (ten) inches. That makes the footprint we found in the following pictures a little over half that: around 6+ or so inches.

Foot as first found.

Foot print with chapstick tube to size it with.

Compared to woman's 9 1/2 tennis shoe.

Size 9 1/2 print beside foot print found.

Melted patch beside shed, where footprint was found earlier in the day.

               MORE DEVELOPMENTS !!!


Monday, January 12, 2004

On her way to the end of our rather long driveway, ( about .2 mile ) my daughter heard what sounded like large heavy footsteps in the woods that borders our lake and driveway. We still have a layer of snow down on the ground, but it’s become very crusted and glazed, so any movement on it sounds like a freight train. When she rounded the last curve and kept walking, she heard again, like last month, a female like scream that only happened once and lasted maybe a little over 5 or 6 seconds. This time however, the high pitched scream didn’t just scream and stop like last time, it dropped in register and went down into more of a man’s vocal range, which she described as sounding like someone in a lot of pain or agony; kinda’ intense. This was around 7:45/50a.m. with some light beginning to break. She didn't see anything in the woods at all.

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

My middle son woke me up around 11:30pm. I had gone to bed at 8pm, ‘coz I had to be in at work at 2:am. He was making some small talk about something, when we heard a very definite "yell" out somewhere away from the trailer. I immediately sat up in bed. He said, "Did you hear that?" He then informed me he had been hearing "that" off and on for maybe the last 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes it was louder and closer, sometimes softer and sounded further off. We sat there in the silence for the next 30’ish minutes listening to closer calls, and some that sounded like they had moved a distance away. Each one only lasted maybe 2 or 3 seconds, but generally was a very rounded "O" sound, close to like "Boo" and "Bow", minus the "B". Most of them were up in the tenor range, but some were lower in pitch occasionally. They generally only came one at a time… "Ooooooo", and then there would be silence for several minutes, or maybe a half minute later, there would be another, but if there was a second close one following "Ooooooo", it would sound like it came from a different location. The longer it went on, the more there would be time gap between them. Eventually the trailer’s heater kicked on, and it masked out all the outdoor sound coming into the trailer, so I sent him off to bed with the camcorder running in case anything else happened in the next little while. ( I only had another hour to sleep at that point. )

I got up and out by 1:30am Thursday, January 15, 2004 and did a quick sweep with the 2 million candle power spot light as I left. Nothing seen; nothing moved… just as you’d expect. It was about 16 – 18 days between the last time we had odd things going on and the start of these events, so maybe the frequency of the occurrences will increase and we can get closer to seeing "who it is" that keeps coming back. I’m REALLY hoping so!


I finally got the adapter for my night vision monocular, so now I can hook it up with my 35mm to snap some pics at night, if the opportunity arises... Opps... now I need to go to a local camera specialty store and get something called a "T" adapter. I can't put in on directly until I get that. :-( 

Well, first thing .. right after work Thursday !!!
THURSDAY  -  FEB. 12th  2004
NOT currently available? I'll have to keep looking around. :-((   Maybe go back later to check again?

or write:
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