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Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group Report #0003-2006
DATE: Early Oct. 2004
TIME: Approx. 8:30 PM
SIGHTEE(s): Husband and wife back in state for family funeral.
TYPE: Visual sighting
WEATHER:  Fall weather / clear
LOCATION:  White County, approx. 2 miles north outside of Buffalo Indiana, near Tippecanoe River. Specific road name or number unknown.
AREA/TERRAIN: Wooded, farm land with recently harvested fields, along Tippecanoe River
WITNESS STATEMENT: "I was home in Indiana for my mother's funeral and staying at a cottage by the river north of Buffalo, IN. One evening on our way back to the cottage, maybe 8:30PM, we saw a creature that walked upright on 2 legs but larger than any human, covered with hair like an ape cross in front of our car as we were traveling down a wooded country road. It disappeared into the area just harvested. I did not investigate too much as I was terribly frightened as of what had just happened. No one but family was made known to this event."
Additional Statements: "I had never experienced anything like this before." "We kept driving and made it to the cottage. We were too scared to go looking any further." "It was definately a large creature unlike anything other than pictures I had seen before." "I just remember being scared." "[We] Never made eye contact...Didn't hear anything as the windows were rolled up." "[We saw] arms and legs and body yes. No frontal image or face. 7 - 8 ft. ... upright on two legs." "Went to the cottage and locked the doors and just talked it over as of what we had just saw." "It passed approximately 20 yards in front of the car and just crossed at a normal pace and didn't really notice us. It didn't stop and turn and look or anything, just a normal straight pace across the road."
MIKE'S NOTES: While originally from Indiana, the husband moved to Arizona about 8 years ago where he met his wife. They were back in Indiana for a family funeral, staying at someone's cottage on the Tippecanoe River a few miles north out of Buffalo, Indiana in White County. This is very near the county line with Pulaski County. While I don't have any other specific encounter stories out of this area, I have heard of other sighting(s) up and down both the Tippecanoe River which starts in my home county of Kosciusko, and along the Wabash River, which meet in Lafayette IN. and becomes the Wabash River, which flows down the western side of Indiana until it meets the Ohio River.
Michael R Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group
Posted : March 24, 2006


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