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Thanks for looking for the Indiana Bigfoot Society
on the web.   I.B.S. has been merged with the
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group to ensure a continued "Indiana presence" on the web. While Indiana Bigfoot Society director
Walt Neice had mixed feelings about keeping I.B.S.
a seperate and functioning presence on the web, time and resource constraints just didn't make that practical. So after talking it over, Walt agreed to allow the I.B.S. url to point to and I.B.A.G. to ensure that anyone looking to report an Indiana sighting or to hook up with other Hoosier BF'ers, would find an active site to do so.
While Walt currently isn't reachable via the web, Walt's still going to be as active as he can be with all of us other Hoosier researchers. If you should need to contact him, just drop a note here via email or the contact page, and we'll make sure it reaches him. We ALL appreciate very much, everything that Walt Neice has done for several years in bringing the Indiana Bigfoot Society to the web, and for creating a place for others to join in this endevour to find our elusive unknown "Wildman of the Woods" - Sasquatch.
Thanks Walt !
Our hope is that if YOU have experienced any type of encounter with what you believe was a "Bigfoot" or "Sasquatch",   you'll find we're here to talk to you about it, investigate it, and do our best to help you find some resolution to your encounter. We'd appreciate hearing from you on our contact page. Someone WILL be in contact with YOU
as soon as possible.
If you're here to just to look around and read up on the subject, be sure to check out the links page where you'll find many other places on the web with many resources available to you.
Thanks again for finding us. 

or write:
P.O.Box 420
North Webster, IN 46555

Indiana Bigfoot Awareness  is an ad-hoc, not-for-ANY-PROFIT,  believe-it-if-you-want-to-or-not website for Hoosiers or anyone else who cares to report a sighting or encounter. While any report to this site IS checked out before posting, I nor anyone else can be held responsible for verifying that in fact that everything posted here or at any linked site can be held as completely true or real. While I certainly believe Bigfoot/Sasquatch is real, neither this site or any other currently on the web has any form of concrete proof.
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness  is a "No Kill" website as it pertains to the intentional hunting or killing of a Bigfoot/Sasquatch.
This site created Sat. Oct. 25, 2003.

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