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Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group Report #0001-2004
DATE: Friday, April 2, 2004
TIME: aprox. 4:30 a.m.
LOCATION: near Bloomfield, IN, Greene County
TYPE: Vocalization(s)
AREA/TERRAIN: rural, farm land, cow pasture
WEATHER: clear skies. moon close to full
EVENT/ENCOUNTER: Ok, My husband gets ready for work early in the mornings. Shortly after leaving for work he returns from hitting a deer up the road.. We are outside looking at the damage and heard this very loud scream/yelling sound.. I have never in my life heard anything like it.
You could hear that the sound was running back and forth and chasing cows up on the hill. The cows were completly freaked out..
I freaked out so bad I couldnt sleep and I have been on this darn computer listening to sound clips . Which I found a few that sound exactly like what I heard . I will look around today for some footprints or anything I think looks weird and take pics. if your interested. I would give more info out on myself but I am so freaked out by all this. I am not sure how to react, just wanted to talk about it with someone.
HEARD: screaming sound/howling like hard to describe I just know it was very different!scared out of my pants, chills, excited,
SMELL: did smell something weird wind was blowing from that direction of where the sounds were comming from
OTHER NOTES: (From person submitting report) I sent the clip, I can give you the link, there were many other clips but this one sounded very close if not exactly like what my husband and I heard. We have camped this area and never heard anything like it. thankyou for your time and I will be listening tonight again!!!

we have creeks, caves, and large woods but not on our property; I only live on a acre of ground, it is very hilly and rocky we have a cave very near us ,
we are close to National Forest but not sure how far as distance goes, When I heard the noise it was extremely close like it was running back and forth in the field right next to our house the cow field is a huge hill with woods all around us. The cows seem very upset and the way the sound was I almost thought it could of been 2 of them because you would hear it in one area then another alittle distance away . thats why I thought maybe it was running back and forth. But the more I think about it , could of been 2 ..
I am not a person that over reacts to things either I am pretty laid back , but that blew me away;  a cave is very close to our area I was told a fairly large one,woods are all around us among. lakes a pond right behind my house and a creek right beside my house. So everything was very close of the sounds
it lasted about 20 to 30 mins then stopped for awhile and started up again till almost daylight around 6 am but I only heard the sound a few times after that nothing else we have a out door cat it seemed kinda spooked but she gets scared easy so not sure if you would call it out of the ordinary. Dogs were barking pretty good ( the neighbor dogs) cows were making nervous sounds too. I shared this with a few of my friends and they were believers after I was done.. they know me I dont make things up like this and if I said I heard it then they know they can take my word for it..I always wondered about if there really is one out there or not but never was convinced till last night !
This report came in via Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group (I.B.A.G.) website on April 2, 2004 / 11:13 a.m. from named source, who asks her name not be published.

I've communicated with " X " several times via email. Individual is very excited about what they heard... is hopeing to get out and look around other family property in the area.

I'll follow up as often as practical. This individual is located in Greene County, Indiana... this area is just west of the Hoosier National Forest and the Monroe Reservior.

This general area of southern Indina has had many vocalizations as well as visual encounters reported over many years. Southern Indiana is known for limestone quarries and caves as well.
The sound clip that is referred to, is from the site of Autumn Williams. Here's the link: 
Michael R. Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group

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