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Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group Report #0002-2005
DATE: July 2?, 2002
TIME: between 10PM and Midnight
LOCATION: Kern rd. Syracuse, In. Residential area and a crop field
TYPE: Heard large creature moving along fence line / nearly identical to previous 1995 encounter (IBAG report #0001-2005)
AREA/TERRAIN: light residential / farm fields around
WEATHER: Very dark but clear and quite warm


 Well my nephew and I were finishing up a motor transplant in my car we kept working on it till it got fairly late. I think it was around 10pm to 12am.  I was underneath my car and my car was up in the front on ramps, I was using a old type shop light to see with. My nephew all the sudden said wow" you hear that? I asked what he meant. He said oh nothing maybe it's a dear or coon. I resumed work under the car and a few minutes later I saw him move more away from the fence that seperated his yard from the crop field and he said, oh my god dude you hear that? what is that? So I stopped working and crawled out from beneath the car. We both just listened and thats when I heard something familiar. A sound of something that had to wiegh around 800 lbs walking on 2 legs crushing and snapping tree limbs and ground clutter moving along the fence toward us. My nephew also had a shed in that area wich was also helping block any clear view combined with the natural foilage that grew there regularly. Thats when I told him that it sounds like my friend i made in the woods had followed me. He was quite freaked. We then took the shop light and started pointing it toward the direction where we heard the sounds comming from. As we did that you could hear .. whatever it was just walk away slowly. Needless to  say again, it was no dear or known Indiana animal walking noise that I've ever encountered. It was definately eerie, that and we both felt like we were being watched by something. After that we went back to work. At that time I started wondering if these things are following me or what? Am I going nuts? Whatever the case I can't be too nuts that was the second time I heard this awesome thing and also my second witness to it."

OTHER:  The movement of the "unknown creature" was, in the opinion of the subject who made this report, as nearly identical as possible to the movement and sound as his 1995 encounter. { IBAG #0001-2005 }

MIKE'S NOTES:  This "encounter" was strictly a "sound" type... most likely a Class "C" type encounter. There was no visual sighting of what was walking along the fence row, and nothing that the "creature" did gave away any specific information as to what type of animal/mammal it might have been. ***'s belief that it was another Sasquatch encounter is strictly based on the sound of how he heard the "object" move in the dark. This was, in his opinion, as nearly identical to the sounds and movements of the creature that came into a camp site in IBAG Report #0001-2005.  Having spoken with *** via phone, I do believe he believes this was an encounter with a large bi-pedal creature. My concerns as I've tried to express them, are that without being able to say there was a visual element to this encounter, or something else to support it, it will/would be difficult to conclude what the actual maker of these stepping sounds was. Also, while it may be true this animal was of significant size, to accurately determine it's weight from anything presented would be nearly impossible. I decided to include this report from *** because I believe his 1995 encounter was highly likely a real encounter, and felt at the least, it would serve to show the vast differences in the depth and detail of various sightings, and those belived to be encounters that unfortunately don't have any evidence to help concretely support them.

Michael R Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group
Received/Posted : Tuesday, August 9, 2005 / Wednesday, August 10, 2005

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