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Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group Report #0006-2005
DATE: Summer 1988
TIME: 10 to 11PM
Name withheld by request. Now 29, (12 at the time) and two older sisters.

LOCATION: Rochester Indiana, Fulton Co. In the woods on a deserted non-paved street. Country Club Drive / South of town. We were in a car.
TYPE: Visual sighting.
AREA/TERRAIN: Wooded cove.
WEATHER: Hot and muggy.
EVENT/ENCOUNTER: Taken directly from sightee's report - I was twelve or so at the time. My sisters and I decided to take a drive. WE had stopped by the local Burger King to get some soda and food and decided to cruise around for a bit. It was hot... and the airconditioned car felt great. We were driving through a wooded area...on a barely paved road. Very Deserted. The Sasquatch was crossing the trail and stopped about 100 yards in front of our car and turned to look directly at us. My sisters and I just looked at each other in amazement. As quickly as he entered ourpath way, he quickly left. He continued to cross the path and effortlessly leap a tall (5 to 6 ft) fence. We continued our drive in silence but have relived the events as recently as a month ago while i was back in Indiana visiting.
OTHER: The event is still vivid even though it was more than a decade ago and I was quite young. The details match my sisters' memories precisely. I think that we did see some sort of Sasquatch. I have heard local reports seeing the same kind of creature lurking about that area. We told others...but received only shrugs and laughter in response. I could see height, hair, and body type of the creature. looked sort of muscular in shape. (no bulging muscles...but it wasnt lean either). I would say it was probably at least 7 feet tall. It was brown (light to medium).  No sounds or smells like other reports Ive heard. We were in a car with music blaring. The creature looked at  us for what seemed like forever. It was probably a few seconds in actuality at most. [it walked] Effortlessly...gracefully. especially for its size. [When it was over, what did you do?] Sat in silence for a while then then relived the event once we got out of the woods!

MIKE'S NOTES: I communicated with witness via email(s). Only additonal things to add would be that while it was a dark night, the creature clearly walked into the travel path of the car, clearly stepping into full view directly in the cars headlamp illumination. As to the fence the creature "walked over", it was a 'split rail' type of fence, not a traditional wire farm fence. While it isn't clear the exact height of the fence, being a wooden 'split rail', it was not the low profile type that would be strictly decorative, but was wooden and of enough height to hold livestock inside, though none were seen. It did NOT LEAP over the fence... but "The creature was able to just stride over the fence .NO leap was made or effort for that matter".

Other note, there is a wildlife refuge of some sort in that area, with swampy features as well. Looking at Rochester via satellite view you see south of town there is significant water and waterways in the area. The Rochester area is a pretty rural area as much of north central Indiana is.
The sightee now lives in Texas, but has some family still in the area, as stated by them in their report.
Michael R. Bardsley
Indiana Bigfoot Awareness Group
Received/Posted: August 19, 2005 / Sunday, August 28, 2005

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North Webster, IN 46555

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