I have been a ham since 1948 and have always had a mobile station on the air. My first was a Motorola police transmitter that I moved down to 10 meters and a Gonset 10-11 converter ahead of the car radio. It was a long time before I was able to set up a fixed station and it was a surplus RU-16/GF-11, as I remember. These were followed by a succession of ARC-5 equipment, BC-348s, and finally a pair of Collins’ finest - a used but elegant 32V-1 and 75A-1!

Like many hams, I progressed through most of the stages of ham radio, SSB, SSB DX (with 2KW PEP and a beam), Oscar, RTTY (with model 15s), CW only, and finally back to what ham radio was all about in the first place - rag chewing on 75 and 160 meters AM!

Over the years I have had QTHs in many different locations, and was even DX as a KH6 (Hawaii) for six years in the late 50s, and early 60s.

I am active on 160 and 75 meters mobile AM using either AF-67/PMR-7 Elmac equipment or one of the Ray Jeffersons and home-brew mobile whips.


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