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Copyright Notice.

The Blind World Online Magazine and website are copyrighted 2003 - 2006, by George Cassell. All rights reserved.

Articles reproduced in this online magazine and website, are published in compliance with Public Law 104 197, the Copyright Law Amendment of 1996.

This Law allows entities to reproduce or distribute copies of previously published, nondramatic, literary works in specialized formats, including Braille, audio or digital text, that are for use by blind people, or others with disabilities.

Any further reproduction or distribution of such articles, in a format other than a specialized format, is an infringement of copyright.


Blind World makes reasonable efforts to reprint only articles from reputable sources, and relies entirely on those sources to verify the accuracy of the materials they publish.

As with any information you receive, especially via the internet, you should verify, for yourself, that such information is authentic and accurate.

No warranty is made by Blind World, expressed or implied, as to the authenticity or accuracy of the contents of articles reprinted herein. Blind World, it's Editors and Webmaster, assume no liability for the contents of any articles reprinted herein.

All information reproduced herein, is for entertainment purposes only, and may have been edited for relevance.

If you encounter any item in this online magazine / website, that you believe to be inaccurate, contact the Editor. Advise him of your concerns, stating the article(s) in question, and any information you may have to support your concerns.

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George Cassell,

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