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Downloadable Audiobooks popular for library system.

March 05, 2005., Georgia.

GAINESVILLE - The Hall County Library System became the first library in Georgia last month to offer downloadable Recorded Books to public library patrons, and just the fifth library nationwide to provide the service.

Since the downloadable audiobook service became active, over 140 Hall County Library cardholders have registered to use the service.

"The new audiobook service is the most popular new resource I have seen in our public libraries in my 30 year career," Hall County Library Director Susan Stewart said.

for the tech-savvy patron. The delivery of downloadable audiobooks is cost-efficient and the least labor intensive method to provide access to literature in digital audio form."

Stewart said the audiobooks have been most popular with commuters, business travelers, the visually impaired, and the homebound. The books also check themselves in automatically after three weeks, which eliminates any overdue fees. Up to six books may be checked out at one time, and can be renewed for an additional three weeks.

And another good feature is that multiple users may access the same book simultaneously and waiting periods for new titles are eliminated. In order to access the downloadable audiobook service, users must have a library card issued by the Hall County Library System.

Currently, over 700 items are held in the downloadable audiobook collection and Stewart said more selections are added each month. Some popular titles currently in the collection so far include: Angels & Demons by Dan Brown; At Home in Mitford by Jan Karon; The Dark Tower by Stephen King; Dracula by Bram Stoker; Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen; Jarhead by Anthony Swofford; Trump: Think Like a Billionaire by Donald Trump; and The Pimsleur Language Learning Series.

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