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Braille tutoring Web site launched.

March 05, 2005.

Blindness Related Learning, a Braille tutoring company based in New York, NY, today announced the development of a free online resource for businesses, non-profit organizations, and individuals interested in learning a tactile communication language, otherwise known as Braille.

The Web site, located at, provides Braille tutorials in both text only, and in image based formats. In an effort to assist as many potential members as possible in the use and implementation of Braille, the tutorials currently offered are grade one Braille, grade two Braille, slate and stylus, and peg slate.

"We wanted to create a place on the Internet, where anyone interested in learning more about Braille could go, to quickly find tutorials that would best suit his/her learning needs -- as people have their own learning styles," said S. Patrick MaGuire, Founder of Blindness Related Learning. "However, because it's strictly a blindness related Web sit, many choose to stay for a while because there are other resources on the Web site that outline other companies that offer blindness related services, such as Braille book publishers, guide dog schools, learning centers, and more."

Blindness Related Learning was founded in 1998 by S. Patrick MaGuire, a former student of the Royal National Institute for the Blind, United Kingdom, and a recent student of the Jewish Guild for the Blind, Manhattan, New York.

Blindness Related Learning's flagship product, "Communication at your fingertips," is a Web based set of manuals that provide step-by-step strategies, techniques, and tools to enable people from all over the world to learn Braille at their own pace. Additionally, experienced Braille users are always available to assist those who are new to Braille. These services are available through our company's Web site,

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