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Digital reading device for blind people - a new compact DAISY player.

March 16, 2005.
PR Newswire.

Today at the CSUN Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities, HumanWare is proud to officially launch Victor Reader Wave, the latest model in its popular line of Victor Reader DAISY CD Digital Talking Book Players. Based on the popular Victor Reader Vibe, the world's first mainstream MP3 player adapted to play DAISY books, the Victor Reader Wave has the same advantages of an adapted mainstream player with its portable design and affordable price, but also includes many enhancements: - The popular clam shell style lid of the Vibe remains, but has been modified to use the familiar telephone style keypad of the Victor Reader Classic+ player. - Enhanced navigation features of the Classic+ such as time jump and accelerated fast forward. - Enlarged file system to play very complex DAISY books. - Expanded memory to store hundreds of bookmarks. - Save playback position for DAISY, MP3 and music CD's. - Audio prompts have been added for MP3 CD playback. - A larger screen with text feedback for commands and display of book title and current section heading. - Learning disabled users will benefit from the screen display of graphical command icons as well as graphical display of volume/battery level, speed setting, and book position. "The Victor Reader Wave is another successful example of HumanWare's philosophy of integrating its proven and highly reliable DAISY software within a commercial off-the-shelf MP3 player" said Gerry Chevalier, product manager for the Victor Reader line. "Our customers really liked the Vibe but asked us for more choice in price and functionality in our portable players. As a companion product to the Vibe, we are confident the Wave will meet their expectations." Victor Reader Wave is a portable CD player that offers the navigation and advanced features found in the most powerful DAISY players. It is designed for students and professionals. With its tactile keyboard, audio feedback, and large display screen, Victor Reader Wave is an exceptionally accessible device for both the visually impaired and the learning disabled. Users can navigate faster and far more efficiently through reference works and complex audio textbooks. They can move forward or backward by chapter or section, go to a specific page, and even insert bookmarks. The Victor Reader Wave includes earphones, a power adapter, a carrying case and rechargeable batteries. Users can recharge their batteries directly in the unit. Victor Reader Wave's compact size and rechargeable batteries allow you to take and use it anywhere. This new player will be available in June 2005.

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