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South Africa.
Talking medicine labels could soon make life a lot easier.

June 20, 2005.
Daily News, South Africa.

London: Talking medicine labels could soon make life a lot easier for the elderly. The credit-card sized invention will mean the confused and visually impaired stick to the correct doses.

Almost all medication is now supplied in blister packs and the talking labels are designed to clip on to the boxes.

Scientists developed singing greeting card technology to create the gadget that tells patients what dose they should take, and when.

GPs or pharmacists can record details on to the card and all the patient has to do is press a large button to hear the instructions.

The battery-powered devices, which cost 6.95 (R86) each and are distributed by the Royal National Institute of the Blind, can store up to a minute of advice and instructions.

Inventor Brian Stickley, who runs Talking Products in Hampshire, said: "Instructions are often hard to read and elderly people can mix up tablets. The talking labels are very simple to use and allow the person to check what pills to take." - Daily Mail

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