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The blind guide dog leading the blind.

June 21, 2005., Texas.

DESOTO - LuLu, like most 12-year-olds, loves attention. The Labrador relishes being brushed, petted and loved by Susie Harwell.

All this attention on LuLu is a role reversal. Once a seeing eye dog, she's used to watching over others.

For ten years, LuLu was Mayna Davis' eyes

"LuLu stayed with her and by her side and helped her all those years," Harwell said.

When the Lubbock woman died in 2002, relatives made a shocking discovery.

It wasn't until Davis was very ill and in the hospital that they realized LuLu couldn't see and had been leading by memory through their house and yard. Cataracts left LuLu blind.

Harwell volunteered to keep the lab until Davis' son could take her.

LuLu now navigates her new back yard by memory and a few simple commands from Harwell.

While some might say the bond between LuLu and Harwell was formed through necessity, Harwell said it's so much more.

"She's taught me that you can get by even if things aren't perfect," Harwell said. "That you can have a real healthy, happy life even if you have a disability."

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