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June 26, 2005.
Press Release.

Today, Jiggerbug ( ), an online audio book rental service, announced a new way to deliver their extensive collection of best-selling audio book titles to subscribers - digitally!

Based on the Netflix model, current Jiggerbug subscribers enjoy quick and simple mail service delivery of their favorite book titles on either CD-ROM or cassette tape. The new service gives Jiggerbug subscribers the option to instantly download their favorite titles in an easy-to-use, take-it-with-you digital format. Powered by OverDrive technology, digital delivery is ideal for commuters, frequent gym goers or anyone who wants to create more time in their day by multitasking with an entertaining best-seller, self-help title or any of the thousands of book options available. Pricing for Jiggerbug's Digital Download service starts at $19.95 per month, and first time users can try the service for free for two weeks.

The Need.

Growing time demands make it difficult for many to enjoy the latest "must-read" titles. To bridge the gap between time and desire, Jiggerbug's audio books offer the ideal solution - allowing people to listen to their favorite book or subject during times that may otherwise be wasted ( lengthy car commutes, gym time, etc. ). By freeing-up the hands, Jiggerbug is freeing-up time for busy executives, multitasking moms and housewives or anyone who wants to make more efficient use of their day. Audio books ( available on tape, CD or Instant Download ) are also the ideal answer for the elderly, beginning readers, or anyone with sight restrictions. With the new Digital Download service option, ordering is as easy as: 1 ) choose a title and checkout, 2 ) instantly download the title for immediate playback and 3 ) at the end of the loan, the title is automatically returned to the collection - with nothing more to do.

The Technology.

Powered by OverDrive, audio titles will be available in the industry standard WMA format for easy playback on your home computer or on hundreds of portable devices, including MP3 players. The OverDrive Audio Book technology contains advanced accessibility features that make it easy for blind and visually impaired listeners to enjoy titles. Users simply choose their favorite book from Jiggerbug's expansive collection of titles, download the book for instant, on-the-go playback using an audio device or listen offline on the subscribers PC.

"With podcasting and other forms of instant digital entertainment growing at near exponential rates, we know that our new Digital Download service will be well-received by this burgeoning and savvy group of users," explains Ryan Azevedo, CEO of Jiggerbug. "We are in the process of creating the world's largest repository of best-selling audio book titles and will continue to seek out new ways and technology to make these volumes of knowledge and entertainment readily accessible. With the addition of our new all digital offering, we are one step closer to that goal."

"Our partnership with Jiggerbug brings download Audiobooks to thousands of subscribers who may otherwise not have access to the materials," says Steve Potash, CEO of OverDrive Audio Books, Inc. "It's an exciting opportunity and a perfect complement to Jiggerbug's service."

Designed to be fast, simple and efficient, Jiggerbug offers members several options depending on readers' audio rental desires. Starting at just $19.95, unlimited rentals are sent one at a time. For fast "readers" who wish two books at the same time, a $24.95 per month membership is available. Additionally, for true book aficionados ( heavy readers who want five or more at a time ) a premium membership is offered at $39.95 per month.

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