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Parents told not to hide their visually-impaired children.

June 27, 2005.
Daily Express, Malaysia.

Keningau: Former Sabah Society for the Blind (SSB) President, Maraban Tungkil, urged parents not to hide their visually handicapped children from public eye for fear of shame and humiliation.

On the contrary, they should ensure these children are given formal education so that they could learn to fend for themselves once they reach adulthood, he said.

Maraban, a law graduate who is an Institute Tadbiran Awam Negara (Intan) lecturer, said visually-handicapped children should be sent to schools for special education so that they could be independent and be resilient to the challenges confronting them when they grow up.

He said this while presenting a talk on public awareness towards the function and role of the Sabah Society for the Blind, at the Teacher Education Institute, here, on Thursday.

He assured that blind children not given adequate formal education could be considered by SSB for skill training programme for brighter future prospects.

The training centres include Taman Cahaya in Sandakan, Wallace Centre in Tuaran, Gurney Centre in Kuala Lumpur, Taman Harapan in Pahang, and others, in the State as well as the country as a whole, he added.

Upon completion of their courses, they could choose three types of employment - self-employed, semi-skilled or professional.

Self-employed could consider basket making, playing music, singing, masseur, livestock breeding or business ventures.

Under the semi-skilled category, they could work in a nursery or as factory production operators, and telephone operators, stenographers, teachers, administrative officers and lecturers in the professional category.

Marabn, however, acknowledged shortage of places for blind persons in the existing training centres, with the hope that the Government would consider increasing the number of such centres.

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