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Bblind honor student faces problems pursuing higher education.

July 05, 2005.
The Himalayan Times.

A blind girl student, who secured the first position in the SLC examination among all the district's community schools this year, now faces problems pursuing higher education due to lack of funds.

Rita Chaudhary, 19, a blind student of Sishaniya VDC of Dang district, despite different hurdles, was able to secure 612 marks, standing first in the district among all the community schools.

"Now, I have not been able to manage the money required to pursue higher education," she said, adding she wants to become a teacher and educate others like her who are deprived from getting the education.

Rita feels the present educational system is difficult for those who are blind. "It would be better if the textbooks, question papers and copy checking are rendered in brail script', she said. "But, I am extremely happy that I have stood first in the district despite the different challenges that I faced," she added. Recalling that villagers had told her that she, being blind, would not be able to continue with her studies, she said: "Even my parents had thought I was a burden."

Bishnu Prasad Acharya, headmaster of the Gurujajur secondary school, Rakshyachaur, said: "Any assistance for Rita would be welcome."

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