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Bookkeeper for Blind Men Charged with Embezzlement.

July 09, 2005.
The Empire Journal.

SCHENECTADY-- A Schenectady man who worked as a bookkeeper for three blind men who operate newsstands for the state Commission for the Blind at the Empire State Plaza in Albany was arraigned on felony forgery and larceny charges in Albany County Court on Friday, July 8.

William Plante, 39, was released on $10,000 bail pending future court appearances.

According to the Albany County district attorney’s office, Plante allegedly embezzled $126,000 from the three men over four years. Prosecutors say that Plante received a monthly fee to provide accounting and bookkeeping services for the men but instead he wrote the checks to himself and kept the money.

During a routine inspection of the newsstand by state tax agents, they found a forged cigarette and tobacco product certificate. Upon further inspection, the discovered what they say was a systematic larceny of funds that included the alteration and forging of checks that were drawn on the accounts of the newsstands.

If convicted, Plante could be sentenced up to 25 years in state prison.

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