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Airport Opens Second Pet Park for Service Animals.

August 5, 2005.
Associated Press.

Passengers traveling with pets through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport now have another place to give them a rest and water break. The "Paw Pad" just west of Terminal 3 is officially open to the public.

This is the second such pet park at the airport. The first, next to Terminal 4, is called the "Bone Yard" and was so popular that another one was requested for those using Terminal 3.

The Paw Pad is a fenced area for dogs to stretch their legs after a long flight. It offers water spigots and bowls, paw shaped decorations, "mutt mitts" for cleaning up after the pet and of course a red fire hydrant.

The airport held a grand opening celebration with Phoenix Police and federal officials. Phoenix Vice Mayor Michael Johnson lead the ceremonies and said, "What is great about both pet parks is that they are used not only by the jet-set pet but also by the "working dogs" of the airport such as the TSA explosive detection canines."

The pet parks also make it easy for passengers to travel with service animals since they are accessible to those with disabilities.

Phoenix Sky Harbor is one of the few airports in the United States to offer such pet-friendly facilities.

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