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August 15, 2005.
Traveleyes (UK).

World travellers these days seldom stray far from home without an action-packed, all- encompassing travel guide such as the trusty 'Lonely Planet' guide clasped in their hot and travel-thirsty hand. These compact guides to land, culture and the unique spirit of every possible travel destination have become essential accomplices to contemporary exploration of the globe.

Until now, this world of published information remained unavailable to blind and partially sighted travellers.

Amar Latif, is the blind founder and managing director of 'Traveleyes', the first ever UK company to specialise in the provision of independent world travel tailor-made for blind and visually impaired travellers. With this company, blind and partially sighted travellers make the independent decision to browse, book and simply 'pack their bags and go'. There is no longer the need to tag dependently onto family members or friends as fellow travellers. Traveleyes provides the latter, in the form of a cohesive group of sighted co-travellers, who enjoy the same holiday, for the same sociable reasons and general camaraderie, but at a subsidised price in return for the 'use of their eyes' to describe the visual aspects of events as they unfold.

Amar has recently arranged the innovative launch of electronic text formatted versions of the original 'Lonely Planet' range of publications, specially formulated for blind people and available through 'Traveleyes' products as part of their expanding blind travel accessibility range.

Because 'Traveleyes' was set up by and specifically for blind travellers, the company is wholly accessible to anyone with a visual disability in every aspect of its structure and communications. "At 'Traveleyes', to be blind is perfectly normal, and we always try and do our very best to accommodate the requirements of our sighted customers!" quips the cheerful and seemingly hyperactive entrepreneur.

Blind people will now be able to read travel books whilst on the move. In fact, these readers will now be flicking faster through their 'Lonely Planet' guide than sighted people, in search of information on destinations, hotels, boat cruises, cultural features, or merely for pure inspirational insight. All this is now attainable using the readers' own speech programmes and magnification software on their PC computers and Portable Digital Assistants (PDAs).

With independence and accessibility being the two fundamental concepts sought by disabled people, this collaboration between 'Traveleyes' and 'Lonely Planet' makes for a truly dynamic combination. Whilst 'Lonely Planet' offers an unbeatable source of information, planning and inspiration, 'Traveleyes' perfectly compliments by being fundamentally committed to the concept of independence for its customers seeking freedom from the tiresome constraints of disability and reliance upon charitable gesture.

As the 15 returnees from the 'Traveleyes' expedition to an idyllic Andalucian Farmhouse avidly recounted their memorable experiences, the spotlight has already moved on to the next venture, which leaves on September 20th for one week on the ancient Mediterranean island of Malta. Here the 'Traveleysers', always a gregarious group of diverse ages from many backgrounds, will savour the delights of 5 star accommodation, where every room features a balcony / sun-terrace at the very water's edge of a sandy bay. All of this is well within easy reach of all of the sounds, tastes, textures, and scents of the rich local cultural experience.

Blind and sighted travellers with a thirst to see more of the world can contact 'Traveleyes' for information and availability for any of our holidays, including Malta. Call 08709 220221 or visit

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