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August 28, 2005.
Press Release.

Safety and Security Source wants to be the foremost resource for the blind to find safety and security products, as well as wellness (including talking) products. Tracey Hawkins is the owner of a 10 year-old business that specializes in safety and security products ranging from pepper spray, door alarms and fire safety products. The company website,, has added a page of accessible products.

In recent years Hawkins and her husband William (who is blind) have joined organizations for the blind and saw an underserved market. "Companies were offering all kinds of technologies for the blind to be able to work, to cook, everything but offering them products to stay safe and protect themselves. That's my business." With the popularity of Universal Design, a theory that says manufacturers can produce products that work for people of all abilities, not just for the handicapped, but for the non-handicapped and the handicapped without any modifications, Hawkins stated that she looked at her products with U.D. in mind and was pleased to note that most of her products qualified at least on some level.

"The feedback from attendees at a recent national convention for the blind let us know that there was a real need for safety and security items in this community. Many blind people feel vulnerable when they are out and about and want a way to defend themselves in a non-lethal manner. They want to feel safe at home without having to buy elaborate and expensive security systems. We heard some real horror stories. There is nothing better than being able to help someone, blind or not, 'arm' themselves with products to keep them safe." Hawkins and her husband demonstrated and explained the products to consumers and rehabilitation counselors. "The counselors were excited to know about these products and the ability to share their knowledge with their clients to help make their lives easier." Hawkins states.

The website is designed for consumers to call toll-free and order the products that they need. The site has a 'text-only' page for customers with screen readers, a software program that reads the text on a page to the user. It also has a page with photos and descriptions for rehab counselors, family members and those with some vision.

"Some of the most popular products have been the talking caller i.d. units, which actually say the phone numbers out loud, a popular product for those with vision as well, if you get nighttime calls, you don't have to get up to look at the unit, you can hear it. You can also hear the unit from almost anywhere in the house." Hawkins continues, "Motion alarms that announce the presence of visitors are popular for clients who are vendors and have retail stores, as well as those who want to know when someone approaches their property before they get to the door. Door intercoms, key and remote control locators are also in big demand. We have just added talking wrist blood pressure monitors which have been popular. The existing security products like the door alarms, personal alarms and fire extinguishers have been well received. The magnetic contact alarm, which sounds when a cabinet, door or a window is opened is ideal for different applications; it let's you know when kids open cabinets or doors to the swimming pool, is a must have."

Hawkins concludes, "I am constantly seeking new products for my customers, anything that I can provide to make their lives safer and easier. I am available to speak to groups about product education because this is my passion and this information is too important to not be shared."


Tracey Hawkins
Safety and Security Source
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