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PDAs, PCs and mobiles now deliver e-learning to the visually impaired.

September 21, 2005
AME Info (United Arab Emirates).

Nattiq Technologies announced today that it is cooperating with Universal Knowledge Solutions (UKS) to enable the visually impaired to access state-of-the-art integrated e-Learning solutions.

The visually impaired in the Arab world are now able to cross a new frontier and benefit from the same educational opportunities offered to learners with fine vision.

Integrating blind students in conventional educational environments had its share of challenges. Schools and universities had to invest in their infrastructure in order to be able to deliver quality education to blind and visually impaired students. Such investments proved to be costly which resulted in less schools and universities catering for blind students around the Middle East. Nattiq and UKS propose a more cost-effective and convenient alternative for organizations that provide education and training to the visually challenged.

UKS specializes in providing the best in integrated e-learning solutions based on a unique learning model designed by its instructional experts. It combines a profound academic background with a cutting edge technological expertise. UKS solutions provide valuable benefits such as accessing the content anytime of the day or night regardless of one's location. With interactive and adaptive learning, learners are fully engaged in the learning process. Performance tracking allow for progress to be monitored and recorded automatically. The reusability of the elements that make the learning content allow for higher cost-effectiveness. 'Working closely with a company that is practical and innovative in recognizing and delivering the needs of the visually challenged, encourages us to transform the long-established classification of being blind' explains Jawad Sebaali, UKS Country Manager in Dubai; concluding: 'We are excited about our novel product as it reflects our technological educational capability while greatly contributing to our society. We are truly committed to providing all the available learning opportunities to visually impaired and blind people in the region'. UKS is the only Arab firm with the experience of building and operating a full-fledged virtual university: the Syrian Virtual University (SVU),

Nattiq delivers the required assistive technology which enable blind learners to access to content delivered by UKS. With Hal, Pocket Hal and Talks screen readers, visually challenged learners are able to access e-learning content without having to leave their homes. UKS delivers content to PCs, PDAs and mobile phones. Nattiq's screen readers provide blind learners the opportunity to read and study content with ease and convenience. 'Most educational institutions in the Middle East show interest in providing education to blind Arabs. The challenge was the high cost associated with it', said Auda Hazeem, Nattiq's CEO, adding that 'with UKS and Nattiq teaming up to provide an accessible integrated e-learning solution, blind Arabs will realize another mile stone'.

E-learning content running on PDA and mobile phones will be demonstrated by both Nattiq and UKS at their respective stands at Gitex Dubai 2005 in stand number 809 and H8-1, both in Hall 8.

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