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Text-to-speech screen reading package for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs is released.

September 30, 2005.

Code Factory has released a text-to-speech screen reading package for Windows Mobile Pocket PCs, and plans to release a Smartphone version soon. Mobile Speak Pocket can provide visually impaired users access to all the functionality of mainstream PDA devices on par with their sighted counterparts, according to the company.

Mobile Speak Pocket works with popular speech synthesizers like Fonix and Acapela. The product currently supports American and British English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, Turkish, Portuguese, and Czech, with additional languages support in the works.

According to Code Factory, Mobile Speak Pocket enables users to:

Access the calendar.

Manage contacts.

Write notes and manage tasks.

Write, send and receive email messages.

Browse the internet with Pocket Internet Explorer.

Create, edit and read Word documents and Excel spreadsheets.

Access and change the device settings.

Use tools and utilities like the File explorer.

Listen to audio books and play music files.

The package can be used with an external QWERTY or Braille keyboard. Code Factory says it is working closely with several Braille device manufacturers to support their devices in Mobile Speak Pocket. The package also includes a scripting language called LUA that makes third-party applications accessible, according to the company.

Mobile Speak Pocket works with any Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition Pocket PC device. Code Factory says it has been tested on the Dell Axim Series, HP iPAQ, and Fujitsu-Siemens Pocket LOOX. A Windows Mobile Smartphone version is in process, with release expected later this year.

A demo version of Mobile Speak Pocket is available for download here.

Code Factory has also launched a website in support of the Mobile Speak Pocket user community, which can be accessed here.

Code Factory, located in Barcelona, specializes in developing software for blind and visually impaired users.

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