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United Kingdom.
Sound Foresight wins 2005 Horners' award for the Ultracane.

October 02, 2005. (United Kingdom).

A mobility aid for the blind and partially sighted has won this year's Horners Award, which is presented annually for imaginative or innovative contributions to the plastics industry. The UltraCane has been developed and manufactured in the UK by Sound Foresight. It emits ultrasonic waves at all levels and these waves bounce off obstructions, causing a button within the handle to vibrate according to the proximity of the obstacle. Plastics are used throughout the product from the ABS hand piece to the folding carbon fibre cane and the nylon lower probe.

Minima, the product design consultancy responsible for the UltraCane, focused on function, feel, ergonomics and aesthetics. The structural components of the UltraCane were manufactured in a polycarbonate/ABS blend combining structural rigidity and high impact resistance and Multiflex thermoplastic elastomer was incorporated into the handle, providing a high coefficient of friction which provides good gripping and tactile properties.

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