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Blind man wants job back.

October 02, 2005.
Fiji Times.

A MAN has questioned the Government's stand on the rights of disabled people to employment.

Semiti Daunivalu, 31, who is blind, was laid off from the Water Rates office in Nausori last Thursday because his employer said he had poor eyesight.

Mr Daunivalu, a former metre reader, said he contacted a rare eye disease in his left eye which spread to his right eye and left him totally blind.

Because of his condition, he was told to work as a cleaner in the office from May.

He said his employer, the Public Works Department, had not considered his situation and that he could still do light work.

"Since I became blind last October, I was doing cleaning work. I see no reason why they have to put me off now, " a soft-spoken Mr Daunivalu said.

A consultant physician and principal medical officer at the CWM Hospital eye clinic said in a joint letter that because of his eyesight problem, Mr Daunivalu could no longer do his duty as a meter reader.

Water and Sewerage director Ram Sundil could not be reached for a comment but the letter said Mr Daunivalu could do light work. Mr Daunivalu said he needed to work to support his three children.

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