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October 03, 2005.
Deccan Herald, India.

'Would you like to know what it is to be blind?'

The offer may seem like unfriendly, but National Association for Blind (NAB)-Karnataka hopes to make the public disabled-friendly by asking them to walk through busy city roads blindfolded. The 'mobility competition', which NAB-Karnataka would conduct to commemorate world white cane day, will not, however, be restricted to the sighted individuals.

"We've the blind category, where totally blind individuals will be given the route map and asked to walk through the distance," said Gordon Faife, CEO, NAB-Karnataka. "This's simple enough, as the visually challenged will touch the Braille map and figure out the route for themselves. They're used to walking with a white cane anyway."

He said ambling blindfolded through the course of the race will be a novel experience for sighted individuals. "We would give them a white cane and conduct an orientation programme to teach them the techniques of using the cane and its significance. Participants will also have their route instruction recorded on tape," Gordon said.

Competition for the visually challenged will take place on October 6, while the race for the sighted individuals will be held on Saturday, October 15. "We've written to four blind schools and expect up to 25 participants in the visually challenged category. As for the competition for the sighted, we've invited 20 teachers from the city schools and would like the public to participate as well," Gordon said. Gordon also wants to use the occasion to request the public and BMP authorities to make the roads a convenient place for the visually challenged to walk. Registration for the competition is still open. (Call NAB at 25881590, 25881439)

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