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Village has only blind residents.

Village has only blind residents.

October 08, 2005., India.

Residents of Alagamadai village in Tamil Nadu's Ramanathapuram District faces a peculiar problem. All of its residents suffer from some form of eye defect.

The elderly suffer from night blindness, whereas the younger generation inevitably experiences poor eyesight as they cross the age of 22. It starts whenever a person is 12.

During the day, these people have a visibility of about 60 -70 per cent. By the time it is dark they loose it completely.

Earlier, nearly 450 people lived in Ramanthapuram district. Today, they have reduced to only 50 people due to this eye-problem which has become an enigma for all.

The village was full of people living in it till recently. But the day villagers realised the problem, most of them decided to leave the village to settle in far off places in other parts of the State.

Today only a few elderly people live here.The village's only primary school till recently had 35 students but now it stands locked. People of nearby villages fear to send their wards to the school.

The village has a pond which fulfills the drinking water needs.

"Although medical teams and officials inspected the village, nothing could be discovered about the problem and subsequently the issue got buried," says Baalakarasu, a villager.

The villagers have become exhausted of visiting many Hospitals as they return disappointed every time.

"I had approached various eye institutes for treatment but where ever I go doctors say there is no treatment available for the disease. The disease occurs because of nerve disorder and there is no medicine or therapy to cure it," says Maarikannu, another villager , who has already lost his eyes. (ANI)

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