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South Africa.
South Africa says it's not ready to integrate blind learners into the mainstream education system.

October 14, 2005.
SABC News, South Africa.

Blind South Africa says the department of education is not ready as yet to integrate blind learners into the mainstream education system. Blind SA made their submission during the public hearings into the right to basic education at the SA Human Rights Commission, today.

Various stakeholders in education including non-governmental organisations made their contribution to highlight difficulties experienced by learners in the schooling system. The three-day hearing listened to various problems experienced by the education system with the hopes of finding a solution.

The problems range from racism in schools to learners still receiving classes under trees. Blind SA say they are not against learners being integrated into the mainstream education, but there are still a lot of obstacles.

Heila De Beer, from Blind SA says the organisation does not believe the department of education knows what it entails to teach a blind or partially-sighted child. The commission is expected to make recommendations that would be put into a report due to be released in December.

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