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Hong Kong.
Blind aids set for public housing estates.

October 25, 2005.
Government of Hong Kong.

A host of improvements are set to make the lives of Hong Kong's 38,000 visually impaired public housing tenants easier. The Housing Authority has set a target of three years for the upgrades to be completed.

They include:

* tactile guide paths throughout estates, including tactile warning strips for stairs and ramps;

* voice synthesizers, tactile markings and Braille letters inside lifts;

* tactile marking, Braille letters to ground floor door-phone and combination lock panels;

* Braille letter boxes;

* enhanced illumination at specific locations and contrasting colours on bollards, thresholds and periphery walls; and,

* enhanced communication between the visually impaired residents and Estate Management Offices.

Details will be finalised between local Estate Management Advisory Committees and the Blind Union.

To address their special needs, the Housing Department will visit visually impaired residents regularly. Cassette tapes of publicity pamphlets and periodic estate newsletters will also be delivered to them.

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