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New Reading Device for the Vision Impaired with TTS and OCR.

October 25, 2005. (technology Marketing Corp).

Plustek Inc (, a manufacturer of consumer, prosumer and professional imaging devices, announced today that the company has launched the only reading peripheral device under $700 that is devoted totally to book reading for the vision impaired. Plustek's Book Reader has both Text-to-Speech and Optical Character Recognition feature sets and can be customized to read books in several different languages.

Specifically designed for the visually impaired, the unit is competitively priced at $699, with additional fees to add more than one language. The Book Reader comes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and Text to Speech (TTS) software used with the Plustek unit to copy and "read" the documents scanned into the Plustek Book Reader. Designed for ease of use for those lacking sight, the user just simply places a book or document on the screen and at the press of one button, the book is scanned for "reading" pleasure. With a single one-touch button, the Book Reader transforms printed words into audio output, which can be saved in MP3 format for future access.

Embedded OCR allows the software to rotate disoriented text to generate a clear message for the user. The Book Reader is bundled with software to provide the highest quality of lifelike voices. In addition to OCR software, this reading peripheral comes with Plustek patented SEE(TM) Technology which uses a curved lamp to provide a clear copy of the book without distortion for big, bulky books.


The Plustek Book Reader is available by contacting Plustek's headquarters directly at -0- *T Plustek Book Reader Price: USD $699 Available: October *T

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