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Viet Nam.
HCMC gets a reading studio for the sightless.

October 27, 2005.
VietnamNet Bridge, Vietnam.

A reading studio for the sightless has opened at HCM City's Science Library with US$24,000 donated by the Force Fund.

The studio, equipped to produce digital reading books for the blind, is the second of its kind in the Science Library. The first, established in 2003, has produced 77 books. Among the collection are 11 titles in Khme languages, three in Ede and four in Xedang.

According to Nguyen Thi Bac, director of HCM City Science Library, the new studio is planning a project to produce and distribute more books in Ede and Xedang for 10 regional libraries.

For the opening, the studio offered a new Vietnamese edition of a 'Best Practices Manual' by the UK's Share the Vision. The title is available as a print book, a CD and website available to schools and libraries for sightless people.

(Source: Tuoi Tre).

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