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DVS helps the blind and visually impaired to get more out of movies.

October 27, 2005.
ABC7, Chicago.

Blind and visually impaired movie fans want the same anticipation and excitement as those with sight. Descriptive Video Services is giving them the same benefits.

Action, costumes, and gestures are significant aspects of all movies. Descriptive Video Service known as DVS describes these features to viewers who are blind and visually impaired. Between dialogues, a voice gives viewers a more complete image of what is happening on screen.

Jim Kesteloot is the president of Chicago Lighthouse for People Who Are Blind and Visually Impaired. He is legally blind but has some sight. Although he goes to the movies, he prefers them with descriptive narration.

"If you have some partial vision and you're watching the screen you're seeing some of the things but you can be totally unaware of things that are happening on the screen because you don't see them," said Jim. His favorite movie is "Titanic."

"There's a scene in Titanic where DiCaprio and the female star in the movie, Kate, are in the bow of the Titanic and there's no dialogue going on and it's a love screen and it's a very poetic description of what's happening& how he puts his arms around Kate and gives her a kiss," said Jim.

Carl Konrath has been blind for 35 years.

"If the theater is not full, my wife will tell me some of what is taking place on the screen," said Carl.

He prefers descriptive narrative movies, especially the ones with Julia Roberts.

"Obviously Julia Roberts is nice to look at," said Carl.

DVS movies are available by mail order and at Chicago Lighthouse. Their prices can range anywhere from $10 to $30.

"I'm actually surprised right now on the films you can get that have descriptive video," said Jim.

Lee Gilbert is giving DVS two thumbs up.

"I think it is a wonderful idea to have descriptive video as a visually impaired person I miss a lot by watching the regular movies," said Lee.

DVS are also available on some television broadcast and in some movie theaters. For more information, visit

and for DVS information

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