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Music Used at the National Training Center for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

October 27, 2005.
Business Wire.

DogGone Songs Composer Thomas Schoenberger Creates Music Designed to Bring Comfort to the Canine Spirit; Used by Trainers at the National Training Center for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

DogGone Songs' Music to Soothe the Animal Spirit CD is truly a first -- a collection of music composed and performed especially to bring comfort and well-being to dogs.

"There's a myth that dogs lead lives of ease and eternal relaxation, like the old hound dog snoozing on the front porch," says Schoenberger. "The truth is they often experience bewilderment, loneliness, frustration and anxiety. This music is designed to bring comfort and a sense of calm to dogs in much the same way that music brings joy and solace to you and me."

According to Peter O'Reilly, who has trained or supervised more than 7,000 dogs at Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, Calif., Schoenberger's music works.

"We train hundreds of dogs for the express purpose of guiding people who are blind or visually impaired and we use this music to relax and calm our dogs. It really works. Our dogs are noticeably calmer and we recommend Schoenberger's music to all our dog sponsors," says O'Reilly.

Using a musical methodology shown to calm animals, this collection offers solace during times such as separation anxiety when an owner is at work, when a dog is away from its home environment, or during the rigors of training.

Designed for all breeds, sizes and personalities of dogs, this innovative CD runs for 47 minutes and includes 26 original piano melodies composed and performed by Schoenberger.

Also now available is a CD collection, Traveling Tunes for You and Your Pet. Using the Schoenberger effect, this CD is designed to reduce the anxieties a dog experiences while traveling in the car and lessens the stresses of being away from the familiar comforts of home. This innovative CD runs for 46 minutes and includes 37 original piano melodies composed by Thomas Schoenberger.

Music to Soothe the Animal Spirit and Traveling Tunes for You and Your Pet are now available nationwide in retail outlets including Petco, Skymall and on, and many more.

To sample music from these collections, please visit

Schoenberger first broke into the national music scene with a similar project designed to bring enrichment and comfort to babies. The award-winning CDs, Music for Infants and Music for Infants 2 continue to be brisk sellers throughout the U.S.


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