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draft constitution and interim report denied to the blind, "seeing as the document was quite bulky."

October 28, 2005.
Zambia News Agency, Zambia.

ZANIS-Constitution Review Commission (CRC) says it is committed to ensure that all Zambians, including the blind have access to the draft constitution and interim report.

CRC Information Officer Betniko Kayaya however told ZANIS in an interview that this had proved to be difficult because of the time and resource constraint.

Mr. Kayaya added that while the CRC appreciates the need to have the two documents in Braille but that resources and time to make this a reality incapacitated the commission.

He observed that even the draft documents that the commission produced have not been enough to go round because of the above mentioned constraints.

He however assured the visually impaired that the subsequent and final document of the report would be in Braille.

Mr. Kayaya added that for now time had run out to have the draft report in Braille seeing as the document was quite bulky.

The blind in Mazabuka yesterday raised concern over the commission's failure to have the draft report in brailes so as to enable them contribute effectively to the process.

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